Fanaa 7th March 2022 Written Update Agastya in trouble

Fanaa 31st March 2022 Written Update Agastya Exposed

Fanaa 7th March 2022 Written Update Agastya in trouble Naveli’s mother asks Pakhi how she is feeling by entering such a big house. She asks Pakhi to not fear the changes as she won’t need to do any work here. Naveli’s mother shows off that they have servants. Naveli laughs hearing and seeing insulting Pakhi indirectly. Neelima brings Agastya to Pakhi for the ring finding ritual. She warns Agastya to not get busy with office work for the next 2-3 days. Neelima asks him to give his time and attention to Pakhi in upcoming days.

Agastya smiles looking at Pakhi. Pakhi and Agastya start performing the ring finding ritual. Agastya holds Pakhi’s hand inside the milk bowl. Pakhi gets awkward with Agastya’s action. Agastya takes out the ring and says he won the ritual. Neelima tells Pakhi that Agastya has the habit of winning. She takes Pakhi to her new room. Agastya receives Yug’s call. Yug tells Agastya that he tried to gather information but nobody saw anyone putting the threatening letter in the letter box. Agastya asks Yug to anyhow get to know who sent him that threatening letter. Yug disconnects the call saying okay boss.

Pakhi enters her and Agastya’s room with Neelima. She feels awkward seeing all the first night decorations. Neelima asks Pakhi to get anything changed which she will not like in her and Agastya’s room. She tells Pakhi that before this she came as Agastya’s friend but now is his wife and Raichand’s daughter-in-law. Neelima also tells Pakhi that now everything like Raichand house, business and wealth belongs to her too. She tells Pakhi that she understands her discomfort with the big change. Neelima explains to Pakhi that every girl/woman faces this change after marriage and takes a little time to accept it. She tells Pakhi that soon all this will become her life.


Neelima leaves the room asking Agastya to take care of Pakhi. Agastya starts wiping the flower petals. He tells Pakhi that he asked his family to not do all this. Agastya tells Pakhi that Neelima told him that a groom gives some gift to his bride on their first night. He gifts all their past memories to Pakhi that he kept safely till now. Agastya tells Pakhi that nothing is more important/precious to him than her. Pakhi gets shocked seeing and hearing all this. Agastya tells Pakhi that he just wants to see her smiling like old times as it gives him the energy to live. He calls Pakhi his strength. Pakhi wipes the tears coming out of her eyes but doesn’t let Agastya touch her.

Agastya tells that he may have won the ring in the ring finding ritual but won’t let his love get defeated ever. He makes Pakhi wear the ring in her engagement ring finger. Pakhi recalls Ishaan making her wear the engagement ring. Pakhi asks Agastya to sleep and says she will sleep on the couch. Pakhi falls down while walking towards the couch. Agastya asks Pakhi if she is fine. Pakhi replies that she is fine. Agastya picks up Pakhi in his arms and makes her lie on the bed. Pakhi feels awkward in Agastya’s arms. He offers to sleep on the couch instead of Pakhi. When Pakhi shows reluctance, Agastya tells Pakhi that this used to happen in old hindi movies. He says they can’t change the ritual. Agastya asks Pakhi to smile as his jokes haven’t gone that bad.

Pakhi fakes a smile. Agastya sits on the sofa and asks Pakhi to not feel conscious. He promises Pakhi that they will always be each other’s best friends. Agastya asks Pakhi to take as much time as she needs to accept their marriage and relationship. He wishes Good Night to Pakhi and sleeps. Pakhi also lies down on the bed to sleep. Later, Pakhi wakes up hearing knocking sounds. She ignores the knocking sound initially but gets scared later on. Pakhi wonders from which room the knocking sound is coming. She continuously hears the knocking sound and follows it. Pakhi wakes up Agastya and tells him about loud knocking voices she heard. Agastya tells Pakhi that it’s just their room on this floor. He says Neelima, Naveli and aunt (Naveli’s mother) rooms are on the floor below them.

Agastya further tells Pakhi that hearing such sounds isn’t possible. Pakhi tells Agastya that she has really heard knocking sounds. Agastya tells Pakhi that she must have heard knocking sounds in her dreams. He goes to check their room’s main door with Pakhi. They find no one outside. Agastya asks Pakhi to sleep now. Next morning, Pakhi is seen sitting near the dressing table, confused with an open box of vermilion in her hand. Agastya comes and fills Pakhi’s hairline with vermilion. Pakhi feels awkward. Agastya tells Pakhi that Anup and Mohit have arrived to take her for the Pag Phera ritual and she should go with them. He tells Pakhi that he will come to pick her up in the evening after his meetings.

In the mirror, Pakhi sees a doll house in her room and asks Agastya who is making it. Agastya tells Pakhi that he is fond of making things from wood as his father taught him. He gets quiet suddenly and wipes his tears. Pakhi notices this. She tells Agastya that they have known each other since long and shared everything about themselves with each other. Pakhi says to Agastya that he never told her about his father. Suddenly Neelima calls Pakhi downstairs. Pakhi leaves, saying to Agastya that maybe someday he would be able to share about his father with her.

At the hospital, Ishaan gains consciousness once again. Nurse looks at the camera fitted by Agastya in the plant pot and pretends to apply injection to Ishaan. She changes her side and apologizes to Ishaan for doing wrong with him in a low voice. Nurse tells Ishaan that she is helpless to do this and can’t even help him. She also tells Ishaan that he won’t be able to get out of here forever as per the situation. Nurse apologizes to Ishaan and guiltily puts the injection medicine in Ishaan’s IV drip bottle. Ishaan also feels helpless. Later at Pakhi’s home, Prema asks Pakhi why she is sitting silent.

Pakhi tells Prema that she has nothing to say. Prema tells Pakhi that it would be better for her if she accepts her life as soon as possible. She is seen packing her and Shanaya’s stuff. Prema asks Pakhi to not feel worried. She tells Pakhi that she and Shanaya are shifting to her (Pakhi) maternal grandmother’s house as Anup’s new 2bhk would not be able to accommodate everyone. Pakhi’s aunt overhears it and blames everything on her. She tells Pakhi that marrying Agastya didn’t give her family any benefit. Pakhi’s aunt asks Pakhi what would have happened if Agastya would have talked to their house’s landlord. Pakhi tells her aunt that she never knew that marriage is done for benefits.

Pakhi tells her aunt that she has already told her that she won’t take any help from Agastya. Landlord comes and Prema asks him why brought the house leaving notice today, when their exit was decided for tomorrow. Landlord tells Prema that now he can’t make her leave the house as it’s on her name now. Pakhi’s aunt calls Anup. Pakhi, Prema and Anup and Pakhi’s aunt reads the house papers. Everyone gets shocked knowing that the Srivastava house is now in Prema’s name. Agastya comes there and tells everyone that it is true. Landlord tells everyone that Agastya purchased the Srivastava house in Prema’s name at four times the actual price.

Landlord apologizes for his hurtful words in the past and leaves. Prema tells Agastya that they can’t take such a big favor from him. Agastya tells Prema that he is just fulfilling his duty as her son-in-law. Pakhi tells Agastya that she also can’t accept such a big help from him. Agastya convinces Pakhi to accept his help as his duty. He puts Sameer’s photograph with garland back on the wall. Pakhi tells Agastya that she will work and return his money within some time. She also tells Agastya that he will have to accept it. Agastya agrees for Pakhi’s happiness. Prema gets emotional and thanks Agastya for not letting Sameer’s memories get homeless. Agastya goes to bring sweets for everyone. He reads another threatening letter kept inside the sweets box. The letter reads that the sender knows whatever Agastya did with Ishaan. Agastya gets shocked reading this.

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