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Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th March 2022 Written Update Upcoming Seeing Saaransh calling Vaijayanti, Prisha requests her to not tell Saaransh about her bail. Vaijayanti picks up Saaransh’s call and apologizes to him for not being able to bail Prisha out. Saaransh asks Vaijayanti what does she mean, if Prisha didn’t come out of prison till now. Vaijayanti again apologizes to Saaransh telling him that the court didn’t give her permission. Saaransh reminds Vaijayanti that she promised to bring Prisha back. She tells Saaransh that she is driving and will talk to him after returning home.

Vaijayanti asks Prisha can’t she hear sadness in Saaransh’s voice. Prisha reminds Vaijayanti that Rudra doesn’t want her to be near their kids. She says Saaransh and Ruhi will either call her to Khurana house or will come running to meet her outside, if they will get to know about her bail. Prisha tells Vaijayanti that Ruhi and Saaransh won’t be able to live without her if they get to know about her bail and will come to her. She also tells Vaijayanti that she won’t be able to provide anything to her kids and says at least they are getting everything in Khurana house. Prisha requests Vaijayanti to understand her. Vaijayanti understands Prisha.

Ruhi and Saaransh get sad on knowing that Prisha didn’t get free from prison. Ruhi blames Rudra for her and Prisha’s misery. She gets determined to trouble Rudra. Saaransh and Ruhi overhears Rudra’s concert conversation with his investors. Rudra promises and assures his investors that there won’t be any issue in the concert. Investors leave telling Rudra that they have planned a press release for this concert and will send the concert to the media with complete promotion. Ruhi gets more determined to ruin Rudra’s concert. Saaransh supports Ruhi in her plan.


On the other hand, Vaijayanti gives some money to Prisha to find a place to stay and to purchase some clothes. She also asks Prisha to inform her about her stay details as she will arrange a phone for her. Prisha refuses to take the phone from Vaijayanti and tells her that she doesn’t want to be in touch with anyone for some time. She tells Vaijayanti that she will call herself after finding a place to stay. Prisha assures Vaijayanti that she will handle herself and asks her to not worry about her. As Prisha takes a leave from Vaijayanti, Yuvraj comes in Vaijayanti’s way. Vaijayanti asks Yuvraj what is this behavior. Yuvraj tells Vaijayanti that she is becoming her own enemy. He asks her why she bailed Prisha out when he asked her not to.

Yuvraj reminds Vaijayanti that he told her that Rudra will calm down in some time and will run back to Prisha. He tells Vaijayanti that she will lose everything and will come on the road. Yuvraj asks Vaijayanti that if she is happy with Mrs. Vaijayanti Rudraksh Khurana’s tag, then let Prisha suffer/rot in prison. He tells Vaijayanti that she can live in Rudra’s life forever. Yuvraj asks Vaijayanti if she wants people to see her and talk rubbish like, “Look, that’s the girl Rudraksh Khurana left”. Vaijayanti slaps Yuvraj and asks him to be in his limits. She asks Yuvraj to remember to not interfere in her and her sister’s matters. Vaijayanti also asks Yuvraj to dare not talk rubbish about her again. She leaves asking Yuvraj to get lost.

He thinks his fate is bad as he thought that he would separate Rudra and Prisha using Vaijayanti as the ace of his game, but failed. Yuvraj receives a news notification reading that tomorrow is Rudra’s concert at pragati maidan. He also gets determined to teach a lesson to Rudra. Vaijayanti returns home and Ruhi-Saaransh runs to her. Kids ask Vaijayanti why she failed to get Prisha out on bail. Vaijayanti tells the kids that she thought she would be able to get Prisha free but failed as Prisha ran away from law years ago. Seeing Ruhi and Saaransh upset, Vaijayanti promises them that she will try her best to get Prisha released from prison soon. She requests the kids to not be sad. Rudra overhears everything and walks to Vaijayanti as the kids leave.

He tells Vaijayanti that she proved that she is really Prisha’s sister as they have lying and deceiving people in their blood. Vaijayanti tells Rudra that she lied to kids because of him. She reminds Rudra that he banned Prisha from his house and their kids. Vaijayanti tells Rudra that kids would have ran to Prisha if they would have known that Prisha has got bailed out and living outside. She says Prisha didn’t want this and that’s why she lied to the kids. Vaijayanti tells Rudra that it would be better if he would tell the same to the kids. Both Rudra and Vaijayanti walk their separate ways. Rudra decides to focus on his concert for now. He picks up the guitar to practice but finds it’s wires broken. Rudra understands that Ruhi and Saaransh would have done it in anger.

He takes out another guitar from his cupboard and starts practicing. Ruhi and Saaransh get upset seeing their plan fail. They start thinking of some out of the box ideas to trouble Rudra. Both of them decide to not let Rudra reach his concert venue. At the bar, Yuvraj is seen drinking in a bar. Rohtak village head comes there and meets Yuvraj. Yuvraj tells the village head that Rudra is their common enemy and they can together exact their revenge from Rudra. He shows Rudra’s concert poster to the village head. Yuvraj angers the village head by lying to him that Prisha is living happily with Ruhi and Rudra in Delhi after ruining his reputation in Rohtak.

He succeeds in provoking the village head against Rudra. Village head tells Yuvraj that he will get Rudra kidnapped by his men and then will leave him next morning when his reputation would have been ruined. Yuvraj praises the village head for his brilliant idea. Next morning, Saaransh exchanges Rudra’s phone with his. He thinks this way Rudra won’t reach the right venue for his concert at the right time. Later, Rudra comes to the dining table and tells her that he will get more famous, once this concert of his gets hit. Sharda asks Rudra if he is feeling nervous. Rudra blurts out that he is nervous as Prisha is not with him. He changes his words and says that he won’t feel alone if his family would be around. Sharda tells Rudra that he won’t be alone as she will go with him.

She goes to bring curd sugar for Rudra. In the meantime, Rudra tries to convince Ruhi and Saaransh to attend his concert as it would make him happy. Both kids ignore Rudra and his words. Sharda feeds curd and sugar to Rudra, blesses him and wishes him luck for his concert. Rudra decides to drive on his own knowing that his driver is on leave. As per, Ruhi and Saaransh’s plan Rudra to receive the wrong location (Gurugram) for his concert. After driving for some time, Rudra finds his way and location weird. He checks it and gets to know that he brought Saaransh’s phone instead of his own. Rudra decides to call Sharda and ask her to call him on Saaransh’s phone.

At Khurana Mansion, Ruhi and Saaransh keep Sharda busy in their conversation. They don’t let Sharda know that Rudra is calling her for help. Ruhi diverts Sharda’s attention and asks her to come to the mall with her and Saaransh. In the meantime, Saaransh shuts down Sharda’s phone. Rudra thinks Sharda’s phone battery would have ended. After this he thinks of calling Vaijayanti. As Sharda agrees to accompany Ruhi and Saaransh, Saaransh tells her that they can visit the mall today. Sharda asks why. Ruhi blurts out that their work has been done. Saaransh tells Sharda that they can’t visit the mall today as Ruhi has not completed her homework. Ruhi ruins Saaransh’s plan of saving their plan by blurting out that she has no homework.

In the next episode, Ruhi and Saaransh will stop Vaijayanti from receiving Rudra’s call. Ruhi will be seen almost revealing her plan to Vaijayanti. Saaransh will take out the landline’s wire too. On the other hand, Rudra’s car will run out of fuel. Ruhi and Saaransh will give each other a high five on completing their mission of troubling Rudra. Rudra and Prisha will get shocked to see each other staying in the same lodge, same bedroom and on the same bed. They will together ask each other what they are doing here.

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