Fanaa 10th March 2022 Written Update Proof for Pakhi

Fanaa 24th March 2022 Written Update Pakhi suspicious

Fanaa 10th March 2022 Written Update Proof for Pakhi Naveli returns home with her friend. She gets confused seeing dark in her house. Naveli says Neelima may have been busy with some work. As lights arrive Naveli gets happy and surprised seeing the decorations made. She assumes that Agastya might have done this to cheer her up and make up for scolding her. Agastya apologizes to Naveli for scolding her earlier. She tells Agastya that she likes all the decorations made by him. Agastya reveals to Naveli that not him but Pakhi did all the decorations. Naveli says that’s why she found all the decorations down market.

This angers Agastya. Everyone feels weird. Naveli’s mother in a low voice tells Neelima that she already told her. Agastya is about to scold Naveli but Pakhi stops him. He thus asks Naveli to behave. Naveli smiles and says she likes the party. Everyone wishes Naveli on her birthday. Pakhi hugs Naveli to wish her. Naveli tells Pakhi that she can’t impress her by doing all this. Pakhi tells Naveli that she did this to see her smiling, in which she got successful. Naveli dances happily with her friends. Shubham (Ishaan’s brother) arrives at the party. Agastya gets shocked seeing Shubham at his house. Naveli walks to meet Shubham. She thanks Shubham for coming. Agastya walks to Naveli and Shubham. He asks Naveli if she knows Shubham. Naveli tells Agastya that she met Shubham at Pakhi and Ishaan’s marriage. She stops talking, realizing what she said. Agastya and Shubham feel awkward.

At the same time, Pakhi comes with cake and asks everyone to come for the cake cutting ceremony. Shubham gets shocked seeing Pakhi decked up as a newly wedded woman. He understands that Pakhi married Agastya. Shubham feels angry and glares at Pakhi. Pakhi feels guilty seeing Shubham. Naveli asks Shubham to come for her cake cutting ceremony and party. Shubham tells Naveli that he will come some other time. He leaves angrily making an excuse. Naveli gets a little upset. On the other hand, Yug calls someone and asks the person on the call to find out if Maya confessed the truth to police or not. The cake cutting ceremony starts. Naveli cuts the cake, everyone claps and sings a birthday song for her. Happy Naveli makes her family and friends eat cake by her own hand.


Her mother goes funny with her in the cake ceremony. Agastya gets angry when Naveli doesn’t feed cake to Pakhi. Before he could scold Naveli, Pakhi stops him. She signs Agastya that it’s fine. Naveli goes aside to read a disturbing message she received. She thinks about why this boy is harassing her on her birthday too. Pakhi finds Naveli tense and asks her if she is fine. Before Naveli could talk to Pakhi, her friend takes her for the game. Naveli and her friends announce that they are planning to play a paper dance game. Neelima asks Naveli and his friends what a paper dance game is. Naveli and her friends explain to Neelima that in a paper dance game two people dance together and the paper gets folded by every new song played and the last one wins the game. Neelima tells Naveli and friends that Agastya and Pakhi are amazing dancers. Naveli’s friend gets excited.

She brings Agastya and Pakhi closer to each other and requests them to dance and play the game. Pakhi says she can’t. She asks Agastya to let Naveli and her friends play. Agastya convinces Pakhi to play the paper dance game with him. After a lot of insistence from Agastya, Pakhi gets finally convinced. On the other hand, Yug tries calling Agastya to inform him that Ishaan’s nurse is missing. Agastya, being busy in Naveli’s birthday party, fails to see and picks up Yug’s call. He dances happily with Pakhi. One by one all players get eliminated from the competition except Pakhi-Agastya and another couple. For the next round, Agastaya lifts Pakhi in his arms. At the same time, Virat and Pandey arrive at the party to take Agastya for investigation. He accuses Agastya for deadly attacking Ishaan.

Pakhi gets angry hearing this. She asks Virat if he is putting false accusations on Agastya like he put on her earlier. Virat replies to Pakhi that Ishaan can only tell what happened to him. Neelima asks Virat what is Agastya’s connection with Ishaan. She gets angry hearing that Virat is accusing Agastya for the attack on Ishaan. Neelima tells Virat that he is lying. Agastya feels good when Pakhi comes in his support and says that she trusts Agastya. Agastya asks Pakhi to not worry. Virat starts taking Agastya away but Neelima stops him. She asks Virat to show the arrest warrant of Agastya. Virat explains to Neelima that a warrant is needed for arresting but he is taking Agastya for questioning and investigation.

Pandey says maybe Agastya will get arrested by night. Agastya convinces Virat to let him make a call to the commissioner. He gets shocked seeing Yug’s multiple missed calls. Later, Agastya finds the commissioner’s phone switched off. Next he calls the home minister. Home minister’s secretary/assistant informs Agastya that the home minister is busy in an important meeting. Naveli’s mother offers money to Virat. She says she knows that Singhas might have tried to trap Agastya. Virat refuses to take a bribe. He says he is an honest officer. Pakhi tells Virat that he can’t take Agastya with him. Virat reminds Pakhi of her prison experience. This angers Agastya and he warns Virat to not say anything against Pakhi.

He agrees to go to the police station with Virat for investigation and questioning. While leaving, Agastya asks Neelima to call the lawyer. At the police, Agastya questions Virat why he thought that he tried to kill Ishaan. Suddenly, he gets shocked seeing Ishaan’s nurse hired by him at the police station. At Raichand house, Neelima and Pakhi try calling Agastya’s lawyer, but find him unreachable. Naveli’s mother says Agastya is getting suspected in Ishaan’s case as he married Pakhi just after Pakhi got accused of Ishaan’s murder. Pakhi asks Naveli’s mother to focus on helping Agastya instead of screaming out her hatred for her. Naveli’s mother gets angry and shouts calling Pakhi middle class.

Neelima asks Naveli’s mother to shut her mouth. At the police station, Virat asks Agastya to confess the truth as soon as possible as he can’t fool him. As Virat leaves, Agastya gets tense. In the next episode, recalling Naveli’s words, Pakhi will search Agastya’s cupboard and will go through the files kept in it. Threatening notes will fall down. Pakhi will pick them up and will wonder what the notes say.


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