Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th March 2022 Written Update Rudra stranded

Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th April 2022 Written Update Rudra's fury

Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th March 2022 Written Update Rudra stranded Sharda agrees to go to the Mall with Ruhi and Saaransh. Saaransh tells Sharda that they can’t go to the mall today. Sharda asks why. Ruhi blurts out that the work has been done. Sharda asks what work? Ruhi asks Saaransh to tell what work. Saaransh tells Sharda that Ruhi means that she hasn’t completed her homework yet. Ruhi says she has no homework today. Saaransh tries to make Ruhi understand and signs her to say that she has homework left to complete. Innocent Ruhi keeps on saying that she doesn’t have homework, because of not understanding Saaransh’s plan.

Later, Ruhi understands Saaransh’s plan and says she forgot that she actually has homework left to complete. Sharda looks at both kids confusingly. Saaransh thinks it’s good that Ruhi remembered their plan otherwise they would have got caught. Ruhi and Saaransh leave. Sharda smiles and asks them to finish homework quickly. Saaransh tells Ruhi that she will get both of them caught (in trouble) some day. Ruhi apologizes to Saaransh saying that she is a fledgling. Saaransh tells Ruhi that it’s fine. They get happy discussing that their work is done. Saaransh tells Ruhi that to complete their work he asked her to hug Sharda as Rudra was calling. Ruhi asks Saaransh what if Rudra will call Sharda again.

Saaransh says he switched off Sharda’s phone. Ruhi asks Saaransh what if Rudra will call someone else for help. They decrypt that Rudra can call Vaijanti next for help. They run to switch off Vaijayanti’s phone before Rudra could call her. Vaijayanti’s phone rings. Saaransh asks Ruhi to distract Vaijayanti till he handles her phone. Ruhi runs to Vaijayanti and asks her to not look there. Vaijayanti asks her why? Innocent Ruhi again blurts out that the plan will get ruined. Vaijayanti asks Ruhi what plan? Ruhi tells Vaijayanti that she is feeling hungry. She requests Vaijayanti to cook something delicious. Vaijayanti tells Ruhi that she will cook something delicious and asks her to let her check first, who is calling her.


Ruhi stops Vaijayanti and tells her that her belly is rumbling mad. With cuteness Ruhi says that her stomach is screaming for food. Till Ruhi keeps Vaijayanti busy, Saaransh switches off Vaijayanti’s phone. Rudra wonders what is happening as Vaijayanti’s phone is also coming switched after one call, just like Sharda. Ruhi and Saaransh don’t let Vaijayanti doubt them and ask her to give them food. Vaijayanti takes Ruhi to feed her. Ruhi turns and signs victory to each other. Saaransh thinks he and Ruhi got saved from getting caught. His eyes go on the landline and disconnects it’s wire so that landline also comes unreachable to Rudra.

He thinks now Rudra won’t be able to talk to anyone. Saaransh thinks as Rudra troubled his mother (Prisha), Rudra deserves what he and Ruhi are doing to him. Rudra feels irritated because of not being able to contact anyone for help. He wonders how Saaransh’s phone came to him. Rudra understands that it’s Ruhi and Saaransh behind what is happening with him. He thinks that kids don’t understand that this can cause big trouble. Rudra wonders how he will reach the concert now. Later at the venue of Rudra’s concert, village head goons can be seen waiting for Rudra to arrive. Yuvraj and the village head also come there and meet their goons. The goons say that Rudra didn’t arrive till now.

Yuvraj wonders why Rudra didn’t reach for such a big concert. Agent worries on finding Rudra’s phone switched off. Investor comes and asks the agent about Rudra’s whereabouts. He says the whole auditorium is filled with people and all tickets have been sold at double and triple the original price. Investors say everyone is waiting for Rudra where he is, call him. The agent tells investors that he is trying to call Rudra. Investors remind the agent that he already told him that a large amount of money is invested in this concert. Agent tells the investors that Rudra knows about the investment. Investors ask the agent to tell them where Rudra is right now.

They ask the agent to bring Rudra from anywhere, as otherwise Rudra will have to pay for the loss. He says he will take every cent back from Rudra. Investor also threatens the agent. Agent asks the investor to not be angry as he is calling Rudra. On the other hand, Rudra’s car runs out of fuel. He wonders where he got stuck as he can’t see anything or anyone here. Rudra gets more irritated on finding the phone out of battery. He walks forward to search for help. At the Khurana Mansion, Saaransh tells Ruhi that he emptied fuel from Rudra’s car. Ruhi says that it means that Rudra’s car would have stopped in between. She discusses with Saaransh that Rudra won’t be able to reach his concert and his reputation will get tarnished.

They give each other a high five saying that their mission to trouble Rudra got completed. Village head asks Yuvraj why Rudra didn’t come till now. Yuvraj says he is wondering the same. Village head calls himself a fool for again coming in Yuvraj’s words. He reminds Yuvraj that earlier his image got tarnished in the village because of him. Yuvraj tells the village head that he is blaming him and he has no mind of his. Village head threatens Yuvraj of killing him for his nonsense. Yuvraj wonders where Rudra went leaving such an important concert. On the other hand, Rudra meets Diya from “Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar”. She offers him help on knowing that his car broke down.

Diya asks Rudra to take shelter in Hotel Zen Plaza nearby, where she works. Rudra tells Diya that he wants to avoid a bigger and known place like Zen Plaza. Diya asks Rudra if he doesn’t want to stay in a big hotel being a celebrity? Rudra says he doesn’t want anyone to see him in a situation like this. Diya tells Rudra about a small hotel nearby whose manager is her good friend. She takes Rudra to the small hotel. Rudra indirectly discusses his and Prisha’s life situation with Diya. Diya tells Rudra that she never had someone who loved her so dearly and accepted her however she is. She also tells Rudra that she might not be able to understand his feelings and troubles so deeply.

Diya further tells Rudra that he is fortunate that he got someone who loves him so much that she even lied to protect him. Rudra says Prisha deceived him and took away all the happiness from him. He says he can only see Prisha’s betrayal now. Diya explains to Rudra that people can’t understand what troubles women face all alone in their everyday life. She gives an example of herself to Rudra. Diya tells Rudra that in 2022 too she hears people’s superstitious comments on her complexion. Rudra says it’s really unfair. Diya says not being fair is the biggest problem.

Diya leaves asking Rudra to try understanding what Prisha is going through. Rudra asks the person on reception to help him with his broken car. Receptionist asks Rudra to take shelter in his hotel as the mechanic will return tomorrow morning. To pay for his stay at the hotel, Rudra calls at Khurana mansion landline and Saaransh picks up. Rudra tells Saaransh whatever happened to him. He asks Saaransh to help him reach his concert as investors may get angry otherwise. Saaransh thinks what he should do as doesn’t want to help Rudra. He pretends that he can’t hear anything and disconnects the call. Rudra understands that Saaransh was pretending. He thinks Saaransh and Ruhi have gone out of the line to irritate him.

Saaransh again takes out the landline’s wire once again. Rudra’s agent angrily comes to Khurana Mansion. He tells Sharda that Rudra didn’t come for the concert and calls Rudra careless. Sharda tells the agent that Rudra left early in the morning for the concert. Agent asks Sharda why Rudra didn’t reach the concert then. Sharda says if Rudra would have been any problem, then he would have called her but he didn’t. She says she thought Rudra would be in his concert. Agent tells Sharda that investors are going mad in anger. Sharda gets worried and thinks to file a missing complaint with the police.

Saaransh asks Sharda to calm down as Rudra does this every time. He says Rudra will return home soon. Hearing this agent angrily leaves saying that he won’t work with irresponsible Rudra. Ruhi and Saaransh laugh thinking that their plan went successful. On the other hand, Manager shows a room to Rudra and then he takes him to a nearby dhaba to have food. Vaijayanti worried about Prisha. At the same time, Prisha receives a call from Prisha. Prisha tells Vaijayanti that she is calling her from the place she got to stay. She asks Vaijayanti to not call her till it’s something important. Before Vaijayanti could ask something from Prisha, the latter disconnects the call.

Prisha feels apologetic towards Vaijayanti. She thinks that she can’t tell the hotel name to Vaijayanti as she can bring kids to meet her on getting emotional. In the dark only, Prisha enters a room and sleeps on the bed. Rudra also enters the same room and sleeps on the bed. They collide and get shocked to see each other. Both of them together ask each other what they are doing here. She asks Rudra if kids are fine. Rudra asks Prisha if she took bail to follow him and his kids. Prisha sarcastically says that the judge is her kin and granted her bail to chase him. She tells Rudra that she is being reasonable to him and he is being rude. Rudra asks Prisha what she is doing in his room.

Prisha asks Rudra if everything belongs to him, house, kids and now this room too. She tells Rudra that she booked this room and he is chasing her. Prisha also tells Rudra that being a big Rockstar why he will take shelter in such a small hotel. Rudra says it’s his choice wherever he wants to stay. Both Prisha and Rudra fight and ask each to leave. Prisha reminds Rudra that he was mad behind her earlier. Rudra tells Prisha that he is still mad for old Prisha.

In the next episode, Ruhi and Saaransh will get worried about Rudra. Prisha won’t let Rudra leave the hotel. At Khurana mansion, Sharda and Vaijayanti will be seen talking to police about missing Rudra. Inspector will show a contact number which called on Khurana Mansion’s landline number last. Prisha will tie Rudra forcefully on the hotel bed.

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