Kundali Bhagya 21st March 2022 Written Update Plan finale

Kundali Bhagya 21st March 2022 Written Update Plan finale

Kundali Bhagya 21st March 2022 Written Update Plan finale Sherlyn tells Prithvi that the papers aren’t important for him, but the papers are really important for her. She asks him to please steal the papers for her sake. Preeta pretends to sleep. She waits for Prithvi to come to the room. Kareena and Bani try to steal the papers. They sneak inside Preeta’s room at night. They see Preeta sleeping. They proceed towards the cupboard locker to get the papers. They find someone coming next, and hide inside the room. Who will be the one stealing the papers? Who will fall into Preeta’s trap? Keep reading.

Natasha wants to prove it that Sherlyn is mad for money. She also thinks of stealing the papers and becoming the new boss of the house. She wants to show Sherlyn her right place. Kareena gives the medicines to Bani. She tells that Rakhi is hurt, they should give her time. Bani asks Kareena why didn’t she take medicines. Kareena tells that she feels sleepy when she takes medicines. Bani asks the truth. She makes her swear. Kareena tells her plan of stealing the property papers from Preeta.


Bani asks will she steal it. Kareena tells that she can go to any extent to remove Preeta from the owner’s position. Bani tells that even she was thinking to do the same for the sake of the family. Natasha tries to make Karan against Preeta. She knows that it won’t be easy. She wants Preeta to go against Luthras, then Karan will hate her. Natasha, Sherlyn and Kareena attempt to steal the papers. Preeta waits for Prithvi to come to her room and steal the papers.

Kundali Bhagya 21st March 2022 Written Update Plan finale:

Natasha meets Karan. She tells that she wants to talk to him, but he shouldn’t suspect her intentions. He asks her to tell him. She asks him to get the papers and snatch the ruling powers from Preeta. She tells that if he steals the papers, then he will get the ruling powers than Preeta and Prithvi, he can become the saving son of Mahesh. Sameer overhears them. He thinks Preeta has got the papers home just to frame Prithvi. He doesn’t want Karan to steal the papers. Natasha thinks Karan will agree to steal the papers. Karan refuses to steal the papers. Sameer asks Natasha to go to her room, than being in Karan’s room. He accuses Natasha for flirting with Karan knowing he is married.

He makes her leave the room. Karan asks Sameer to keep his manners. Natasha angrily leaves. Sameer tells Karan that he is just of Preeta. Karan knows it. He asks Sameer to go and sleep. Preeta goes to her room. She informs Shrishti that the entire family members have slept, but just Prithvi is awake. Shrishti tells that Prithvi would be so wanting to steal the papers. She asks Preeta to switch off the room lights and then see Prithvi coming to steal the papers. Preeta tells that she has to use the property papers as a weapon to tackle Prithvi. Shrishti asks her to relax, and be alert that she is putting the property papers at stake. She explains the consequences to Preeta.

She tells that the family doesn’t know about her good intentions. She warns Preeta. Preeta asks her not to scare her. Shrishti wishes her all the best. Preeta thanks her. She lies down on the bed and pretends to sleep. Shrishti prays that Preeta doesn’t lose out. Preeta wonders why didn’t Prithvi come till now. She doesn’t want to keep the papers openly. She hears someone coming and gets back to her bed. Sherlyn enters Preeta’s room to get the papers. Even Bani and Kareena come there to steal the papers.

Sherlyn hides from Bani and Kareena, who check the cupboard for the papers. They don’t see the papers kept on the table openly. Preeta gets to see Bani and Kareena. She thinks they are really poor in robbery. Sherlyn gets to see the file kept on the table. She thinks she wanted the property papers and its easily accessible to her. Preeta sees Sherlyn crawling on the ground and reaching the papers. Karan arrives there. Preeta sees Karan and thinks if he also wants to steal the papers. Karan finds Sherlyn, Bani and Kareena in the room, when they come to steal the papers.

Natasha also arrives with the same intention. Preeta wakes up by Natasha’s scream. She questions them about their presence in the room. Bani lies to Preeta about Karan’s sleepwalking. Kareena tells that she came following Bani. Sherlyn tells that she came to see what work Bani and Kareena have with Preeta. Preeta finds their excuse really funny. Natasha tells that everyone was coming to the room. Preeta asks them to stop giving lame excuses. She tells that she has to sleep. She asks them to leave from her room. Nobody gets the papers. They leave. Bani takes Karan with her.

Karan asks them what were they doing. Kareena tells that he refused to steal the papers, so she had gone there. Karan tells her that he didn’t come there to steal the papers, but just wanted to catch them. Kareena tells that she is helpless to steal the papers for Karan and family’s sake. Karan thanks them. Preeta quickly keeps the file in the cupboard. She tells that Prithvi will attempt to steal the papers now. Sherlyn meets Prithvi. He asks her what is she doing in his room at night. She tells that she doesn’t have any fear to get caught with him. She asks him what does he want.

He tells that he isn’t stupid like Luthras, he has seen everyone attempting to steal the papers. He finds it sad that they all failed in their task. She asks who told him. He tells that he didn’t learn this from anyone, but saw this himself. He laughs at their failed attempt. She asks him if he had also gone to steal the papers. He tells that he is smart, unlike them. She asks him to steal the papers, nobody can catch him. He tells that his sleep is more important than the papers. She requests him to steal the papers for her sake. He tells that he will get the papers for her later, but not today. He makes her leave his room. Preeta wakes up in the morning by Shrishti’s call.

Shrishti tells that she was awake all night. She wants to know what happened at night, if anyone has stolen the papers or not. Preeta gets reminded about the papers. Shrishti asks Preeta if Prithvi has come to steal the papers or not. Preeta checks the papers. She tells Shrishti that the file is still with her. Shrishti advises her to open the file and check the papers. Preeta checks the documents. She finds everything at its place. She tells that Prithvi didn’t steal the papers. Preeta tells her that the entire family had come to steal the papers. She narrates the funny incident. Shrishti can’t believe it. Preeta tells that their plan has failed, Prithvi didn’t come to steal the papers. Preeta hears Rakhi screaming. Stay tuned.

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  1. dr preeta you keep somewhere in your cupboard lock the cupboard properly don’t remove that what i am saying for you dr preeta you can do it.
    dr preeta please you open your eyes this kareena bua she will come to remove the paper you see properly you come to know that dr preeta if you do mind you inform karan he will gets upest for kareena bua now see what i will happen.
    dr preeta you have key keep it with you don’t give keep the pillow cover inside you can do it.
    karan this kareena bua she went to your room karan please you don’t sleep go slowly see the kareena bua face properly you come to know that.
    prithvi malthora if you do like this plan to dr preeta now see what i will do now prithvi malthora you out form there Luthra house be ready sherlyn you must go out form Luthra house you pack your dress go out and don’t waste the time
    natasha if you talk like this to dr preeta she will gets upest because of you natasha you don’t come Luthra house stay there only for you natasha no entry form Luthra house stay away from there.

  2. This all backwas idea belongs to phektha Kapoor there is no climax in the episode every time new twist and tale please stop this torture from phektha Kapoor production.


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