Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd March 2022 Written Update Prisha in danger

Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd March 2022 Written Update Prisha in danger

Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd March 2022 Written Update Prisha in danger Seeing Prisha sad, Vaijayanti asks Prisha if she is fine. Prisha thinks that she can’t let Vaijayanti get any doubt. She tells Vaijayanti that she is absolutely fine. Prisha asks Vaijayanti why she is asking such questions from her. Vaijayanti tells Prisha that her facial expressions seemed sad. She says to Prisha that she is sure that Rudra must have said something hurtful to her. Vaijayanti asks Prisha to not take tension as after one week, she will get proven innocent. She requests Prisha to handle herself until then.

Prisha thanks Vaijayanti for helping her so much. Vaijayanti says to Prisha that sister’s love each other and they don’t do any favors to each other. She asks Prisha to come outside with her. In her thoughts, Prisha says Vaijayanti’s truth is going to come out soon in front of everyone. She thinks soon it will be revealed if it’s Vaijayanti’s love or betrayal. Saaransh sees Vaijayanti coming outside with Prisha. As soon as Vaijayanti goes another way, Saaransh takes Prisha aside. He asks Prisha to stay away from Vaijayanti as she can mess up their plan.

Prisha asks Saaransh to not worry as she has more pills to fulfill their plan. She goes to Vaijayanti and asks her about dinner preparations. Prisha fills juice for everyone and secretly puts a pill in Vaijayanti’s drink. GPS notices this and signs Prisha that he is ready for the plan. Prisha serves drinks to everyone and Vaijayanti too. Vaijayanti seems suspicious of Prisha but she is shown drinking the juice served by Prisha. She stands up with an empty juice glass and falls down. Everyone runs to Vaijayanti. Prisha and GPS take Vaijayanti to a room. Rudra gets busy on a call. Saaransh uses the opportunity and goes to Prisha.


Inside the room, Vaijayanti tells Prisha that her head is spinning. Prisha, GPS and Saaransh think that the pill is working on Vaijayanti. Prisha asks Vaijayanti her name. Vaijayanti tells her, Prisha and GPS name. Next Prisha asks Vaijayanti if she did some tampering with her case reports. Vaijayanti tells Prisha that she didn’t tamper any reports as she already knew that her gun’s bullet and the bullet shot to Venky doesn’t match. This information shocks GPS, Prisha and Saaransh. Prisha asks Vaijayanti if she knows who killed Venky. Vaijayanti tells Prisha that she knows everything. This shocks everyone.

Prisha asks Vaijayanti who killed Venky. Vaijayanti falls unconscious before revealing Venky’s real murderer. Saaransh asks Prisha to wake up and question Vaijayanti. Prisha tells Saaransh that they can’t wake up Vaijayanti as by this way she will recall that they were asking her about Venky’s murder. She tells Saaransh that they will need to find another way to reach the truth. GPS says that it’s for sure now that Vaijayanti is some or the other way involved in Venky’s murder. Prisha says that Vaijayanti even confessed that she knows who is the murderer. GPS says how is this possible as Vaijayanti was with him and Vasudha at Venky’s murder time. He says Vaijayanti witnessed whatever he and Vasudha witnessed.

Prisha says Vaijayanti knows the whole truth as she knew that the gun and bullet won’t match. She also says that Vaijayanti bailed her out on the basis of the unmatched bullet and gun. Prisha further says that she can’t understand how Vaijayanti knows that it was a 0.357 caliber gun? GPS recalls seeing a gun with Vaijayanti and how the latter told him that she kept it for her safety being a criminal lawyer. Flashback ends and GPS tells Prisha that as far as he remembers Vaijayanti was carrying a 0.357 caliber gun/revolver with herself. This information shocks Prisha and Saaransh. Prisha asks GPS if he is sure about what he is saying.

GPS replies yes. Saaransh says it means that Vaijayanti is Venky’s real murderer. GPS and Prisha gets sure of Vaijayanti’s involvement in Venky’s murder. GPS says that Vaijayanti may have hidden the gun somewhere. Prisha, GPS and Saaransh decides to follow Vaijayanti everywehre to reach some clue or the gun from which Venky got murdered. Prisha says that they need to reach the truth before her next hearing, which is scheduled after one week. Next morning, Prisha stops Vaijayanti and asks her about her health. Vaijayanti tells Prisha that her head is feeling heavy till now and she slept a lot last night.

Prisha tells Vaijayanti that she is feeling all this as she is working very hard for her case. Vaijayanti tells Prisha that she can’t let her go to prison at any cost now. She leaves saying that she is getting late. Prisha and Saaransh stars following Vaijayanti. They inform GPS about it. Ruhi, dressed up in her school uniform, searches for Prisha. Sharda tells Ruhi that Prisha has asked her to drop her to school as she has gone out for some work. Rudra comes and offers to drop Ruhi to school. Ruhi tells Rudra that she is waiting for him in the car. Rudra leaves telling Sharda that this way he will get some time to spend with his daughter.

GPS, Prisha and Saaransh reach a bank following Vaijayanti. GPS tells Prisha that this bank’s manager knows him very well. Vaijayanti comes out of the bank and goes somewhere in the car. Prisha asks GPS to go inside the bank with Saaransh to know what Vaijayanti came for. She says she will follow Vaijayanti. GPS and Saaransh visit the bank’s manager and ask him about Vaijayanti. Manage tells them that Vaijayanti came to check her locker. GPS and Saaransh lie to the manager that Vaijayanti sent them to collect jewelry for the wedding happening at their house. They request the manager to get Vaijayanti’s locker opened.

Manager apologizes and tells GPS and Saaransh that according to bank’s rules he can’t get Vaijayanti’s locker opened for them. GPS and Saaransh tells the manager that they are Vaijayanti’s family members and need to collect her jewelry. They ask the manager for some solution. Manager tells GPS and Saaransh that they can get Vaijayanti’s locker opened for them if she herself instructs them. Saaransh tells the manager that he will call Vaijayanti and ask her to permit him. He goes aside and texts Prisha that he is going to call her and she will have to ask the bank manager to open Vaijayanti’s locker pretending to be Vaijayanti. Prisha reads Saaransh’s message.

Saaransh pretends to be talking to Vaijayanti and instead makes Prisha talk to the manager. Prisha tells the bank manager that she has sent her uncle to collect her jewelry from the locker as she had to go for some urgent work and failed to inform him (bank manager). Bank manager says he will get the locker opened. He apologizes to Prisha’s father (GPS) and says that he has to follow the bank’s procedures. Prisha hopes that GPS and Saaransh gets Vaijayanti’s gun inside Vaijayanti’s locker. She continues following Vaijayanti. On the other hand, Rudra drops Ruhi to school.

In the bank, GPS and Saaransh checks Vaijayanti’s locker but doesn’t find the gun. On the other hand, Prisha reaches Vaijayanti’s office following her. She receives Saaransh’s call and gets to know that he and GPS didn’t find the gun or any clue in Vaijayanti’s locker. Prisha tells Saaransh that she is watching Vaijayanti working in her office cabin. She says Vaijayanti is not doing anything that makes her a suspect or they find any clue. Prisha says she can’t understand what she should do now. Saaransh asks Prisha to stay outside Vaijayanti’s cabin as he and GPS are coming to her.

Saaransh and GPS leave for Vaijayanti’s office. In the next episode, Vaijayanti will make Prisha dizzy by making her eat the payasam she made. According to her plan to trap Prisha, Vaijayanti will take out Venky’s murder gun to get unconscious/asleep Prisha’s finger prints on it.

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