Yeh Rishta 22nd March 2022 Written Update Aarohi guilty

Yeh Rishta 22nd March 2022 Written Update Aarohi guilty

Yeh Rishta 22nd March 2022 Written Update Aarohi guilty Abhimanyu reaches hospital with injured Manjiri in his arms. He screams for a stretcher 2-3 times. Ward boys come with a stretcher. Anand and Harshvardhan also reach there. Abhimanyu instructs the ward boys to prepare OT as well as 3-4 units of blood. Ward boys take Manjiri. On Anand’s questions, Abhimanyu explains that Manjiri has lost much blood, multiple fractures are also possible and organ failure is also possible. Mahima also reaches the hospital behind Anand and Harshvardhan. She says by seeing cruor (clotted blood), it seems that Manjiri was injured for a long time.

Another doctor tells Birlas that she wants to perform Manjiri’s surgery because they cannot, being Manjiri’s family members. Mahima and Anand together refuse another doctor’s request and say that they will perform Manjiri’s surgery. Abhimanyu says he will perform Manjiri’s surgery. On the other hand, worried, Akshara asks Kairav to drive fast. She recalls her Valentine’s with Manjiri. Akshara says Manjiri is her mother too and the most lovely gift given by Abhimanyu to her. She says nothing should happen to Manjiri. Kairav tells Akshara that nothing will happen to Manjiri and asks her to calm down.

Later, Vansh receives Kairav’s call. After disconnecting the call, Vansh informs Goenkas that Manjiri met with an accident. This news shocks everyone, especially Aarohi. Goenkas decides to visit Manjiri in the hospital. They take scared Aarohi with them. Akshara reaches the hospital with Kairav. She gives courage to Abhimanyu by telling him that she believes that he won’t let anything happen to their mother (Manjiri). Parth comes up in a surgeon’s uniform. He tells Abhimanyu that he wants to assist him in Manjiri’s surgery. Everyone feels proud of Parth. Akshara requests Parth and Abhimanyu to not let anything happen to Manjiri.


Inspector arrives and stops Abhimanyu from going inside OT. Harshvardhan requests the inspector to question him and let Manjiri’s operation start. Abhimanyu goes to the inspector and requests him to catch the culprit. He says he understands that accident may have been caused by mistake but the culprit shouldn’t have left his mother behind in an injured condition. He says his mother was unconscious and injured for a long time at the accident place because of which her life is in danger now. Abhimanyu says he will not let the criminal go easily and get him/her punished. Saying all this Abhimanyu leaves for OT with Parth and Anand.

Akshara prays to God to make Manjiri alright. Inside Operation theater, Anand and Parth suggest Abhimanyu to let Mahima and Anand operate Manjiri as he hasn’t handled such a case beforehand. Parth tells Abhimanyu that he is not even in state/condition to operate Manjiri. Abhimanyu says it’s not worth being a doctor if he leaves his own mother in this state. All four Birla doctors start operating Manjiri. Outside, Akshara prays to God to help them in catching Manjiri’s culprit. She says that the person who left their mother in such a critical condition should get punished for sure. Aarohi feels regretful and reaches the hospital with Manish.

Akshara hugs Aarohi and tells her that someone left injured Manjiri behind after hitting her. She also tells Aarohi that Manjiri lost a lot of blood being left behind injured for a long time at the accident place. Akshara scares Aarohi more by saying that Manjiri’s culprit will get punished for sure. While operating on Manjiri, Abhimanyu recalls his past memories with her. In his thoughts, Abhimanyu requests Manjiri to not leave him behind. Manjiri’s heart condition worsens. Anand says they will need to take care of Manjiri very carefully in future.

Aarohi asks Neil what police said, if they found any proof of who hit Manjiri. She gets shocked when Neil tells her that Manjiri was found injured near the temple. Aarohi recalls her and Akshara’s car accident. Manjiri’s condition worsens, which scares everyone in OT. Abhimanyu gets determined that she will not let anything happen to his mother. At Goenka house, Suhasini tells her family that she is feeling that something very bad has started. She says that she is feeling that something very big and bad is going to happen. Family tries to calm and console Suhasini. Some kind of fear is seen on Akhilesh and Aarohi’s face.

Abhimanyu comes out of OT. Akshara questions Abhimanyu if Manjiri is fine. Abhimanyu shocks everyone by telling that Manjiri has a rare heart disease and Anand is treating her. He cries and tells Akshara that he failed to do anything to save his mother. Akshara asks Abhimanyu to not say like this as he is trying his best. Abhimanyu says he is not capable and specialist of this rare heart disease to save his mother. He says Anand is a specialist of this rare heart disease and is operating Manjiri. Abhimanyu calls himself useless seeing in Harshvardhan’s eyes. Harshvardhan handles as broken Abhimanyu. He tells Abhimanyu that he isn’t useless.

Harshvardhan explains to Abhimanyu that no son can do something for their own mother, which he did. He tells Abhimanyu that he is the best doctor and best son that can ever be. Abhimanyu blames himself for Manjiri’s present condition. Harshvardhan hugs Abhimanyu and tells him that it’s not his fault. Aarohi grows regretful. Akshara tells Abhimanyu that Manjiri won’t like seeing him in this condition as he is a hero for his mother. Abhimanyu angrily asks the inspector, who is responsible for his mother’s critical condition. He says he will kill the person responsible for his mother’s critical condition. Everyone gets shocked by Abhimanyu’s anger. Aarohi gets scared.

Inspector asks Abhimanyu to calm down. Abhimanyu says he will explain the culprit what is hit and run. He says the culprit should atleast have called an ambulance or dropped Manjiri to the hospital. Aarohi feels guilty while unaware Akshara feels angry like Abhimanyu. Inspector asks Abhimanyu to calm down as they will soon catch the culprit. Abhimanyu asks the inspector to catch the culprit quickly as he will kill the culprit. Kairav calms Abhimanyu. Inspector asks Birlas permission to question both families. Birlas and Akshara permit the inspector for questioning. This scares Aarohi.

Inspector starts his questioning with Akshara. He asks Akshara how she is related to Manjiri. Akshara recalls her Valentines with Manjiri. She tells the inspector that Manjiri is her mother-in-law but like a mother to her. Inspector asks Akshara when she talked to Manjiri for the last time. Akshara replies in the temple with everyone. Inspector asks Akshara where she was the whole day after her exit from the temple. Scared Akshara looks at Aarohi. Aarohi signs Akshara to not say anything. Suddenly a nurse arrives and Akshara fails to answer the inspector’s questions. Nurse is seen running with a blood packet for Manjiri. Akshara, Neil and Harshvardhan request Abhimanyu to stop going inside OT as Anand and Mahima will not let anything happen to Manjiri.

Akshara calms Abhimanyu and tells him that nothing will happen to Manjiri. Inside the OT, Mahima and Parth encourage Anand that he can save critical Manjiri. Outside OT, a scared Aarohi tries to make herself believe that it may be some animal’s blood on her car. To confirm the truth, Aarohi goes to Neil. She offers water to Neil and tries to know where Manjiri was found injured. Unaware of the truth, Neil tells Aarohi that they found injured and unconscious Manjiri inside the fodder kept outside Shiv Shakti Temple. He unintentionally scares Aarohi by telling her that according to Manjiri’s wounds, the car that hit her would also have scratches of damage.

Aarohi recalls cleaning the blood on her car. Neil tells Aarohi that Abhimanyu will not leave the culprit of Manjiri once he/she gets caught as it’s a clear hit and run case. Parth calls Abhimanyu for some urgent procedure in Manjiri’s surgery. Akshara wishes “All the best” to Abhimanyu and asks him to bring Manjiri back safely. Abhimanyu walks inside the OT and starts operating on Manjiri. On finding Aarohi scared, Akshara asks her what happened. Scared Aarohi hugs Akshara. Akshara consoles Aarohi by telling her that everything will get alright. In her thoughts, Aarohi tells Akshara that nothing right will happen and she is feeling very scared.

Manjiri’s condition worsens inside the OT. Her heartbeat stops shocking everyone inside the OT. Parth and Anand come outside. Everyone looks at Parth and Anand for some answer. Akshara wonders where Abhimanyu is. In the next episode, Akshara will wear an OT/surgeon uniform. She will run inside the OT to see Abhimanyu and Manjiri. Manjiri’s heartbeat will be seen working properly. Akshara will put her hand on Abhimanyu’s shoulder and take his name. Abhimanyu will look at Akshara and Manjiri with worried expressions.

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