Anupama Upcoming News 25th March 2022 Maan Wedding

Anupama Upcoming News 25th March 2022 Maan Wedding

Anupama Upcoming News 25th March 2022 Maan Wedding Anupama dances superbly without Anuj’s presence but not without his thoughts and words. Anupama is not able to see Anuj in the audience and dances painfully. Vanraj is happy to see Anupama depressed. Samar and Devika are devastated when they receive a call from the police stating that nobody is left alive in the accident. Anuj comes into the auditorium lamely saved from the accident. Anupama makes a grand announcement of her wedding with Anuj after the dance performance. Vanraj, Kavya, Rakhi Dave, and Baa are stunned. Bapuji and Samar cry out with joy. Anuj comes on the stage and holds Anupama’s hands. Anupama declares that she is going to marry Anuj Kapadia. Anuj goes crazy listening to Anupama’s words. Vanraj and Baa furiously look at Anuj and Anupama. Will Anuj and Anupama clear the obstacles and tie the knot or will Vanraj and Baa plot to separate the couple? Keep reading.

Swaran Ghar upcoming track – Vikram’s change of heart:

Yug, Nakul, and Vikram ask apology from Swaran for their harsh words. Vikram calls up Ajit and asks forgiveness from him for his rude behavior the other day. Ajit forgives Vikram. Vikram declares that he along with Yug and Nakul will respect and accept their late father’s wishes. All the family members gather to perform havan and pray for Kanwaljeet’s deceased soul to attain peace. What is cooking in Yug, Nakul, and Vikram’s minds? Will Ajit be able to save Swaran from her evil sons? Keep reading.


Parineetii upcoming track – Rajeev becomes unconscious:

Rajeev saves Parineetii from fire. Rakesh asks Rajeev if he knows Parineetii already to which Rajeev says that he fell madly in love with Parineetii when he saw her for the first time. Rakesh is shocked. Rakesh asks Rajeev if he lied to him about letting go of Parineetii for him. Before Rajeev can say anything Rakesh starts bashing him. They both get into a fight but Rakesh hits Rajeev with a vase and he falls down unconscious. Parineetii is frantically looking out for Rajeev all over the house and sees him fallen down among the fire in a room. Parineetii tries to wake Rajeev and bangs on the door but cannot go inside due to fire. Will Parineetii be able to save the love of her life or will Rakesh get married to Parineetii? To find out stay tuned and keep reading this space for more such upcoming tracks.


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