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Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th March 2022 Written Update Prisha accused Prisha and Saaransh return to Khurana Mansion. Vaijayanti asks Prisha where she was. She tells Prisha that she got her court hearing postponed. Prisha asks Vaijayanti what is the new date of hearing. Vaijayanti shocks Prisha and Saaransh by revealing that she has got tomorrow (next day’s) date for her hearing. Seeing Prisha and Saaransh tense, Vaijayanti asks what happened. She asks Prisha to not worry as she will get proved innocent tomorrow. Vaijayanti tells Prisha that she will be able to start her new life after tomorrow as everything will get better.

She leaves saying that she has to prepare for tomorrow’s case. Saaransh asks Prisha what will they do now as they didn’t have any proof against Vaijayanti till now. Prisha worries and says Vaijayanti is preparing to send her to prison. Rudra and Ruhi return home after shopping. She asks Ruhi what is all this. Ruhi tells Prisha that Rudra bought her all this as he took her shopping. Rudra asks Saaransh to take Ruhi to her room. Saaransh leaves with Ruhi and her shopping stuff. Rudra asks Prisha to not say anything to Ruhi as she is his daughter too. He tells Prisha that he lost Ruhi’s 5 years and didn’t know anything for her till now.

Rudra tells Prisha that she will not stop him from doing anything for Ruhi. Prisha asks Rudra if he means that she should forget that Ruhi is her daughter. Before Rudra could say anything, he receives lawyer Khatri’s call. He thanks his lawyer Khatri for giving him good news that Venky’s case’s next hearing is tomorrow. Rudra asks Prisha to forget that Ruhi is her daughter as tomorrow she will go to prison forever. He tells Prisha that after tomorrow she will be out of his and his family’s life forever. Rudra also tells Prisha that now she or no one won’t be able to stop him from doing anything for his daughter. He leaves telling Prisha that he will have to tolerate her in this house only for tonight.


Saaransh overhears Prisha and Rudra’s whole conversation. Worried, Saaransh runs to Prisha. Worried Prisha hugs Saaransh tightly. At the dinner table, Vaijayanti tells Prisha that tomorrow’s day is very important for them and thus she has made her favorite payasam for her. Sharda feels happy seeing the sisters bond. Vaijayanti spikes Prisha’s payasam using some pills. She thinks that this way Prisha will be asleep whole night and she will trap Prisha in Venky’s murder. Vaijayanti thinks that this way Prisha will suffer in prison for whole life and will get out of her and Khurana’s life forever. She serves payasam to everyone. Vaijayanti gets scared seeing Saaransh taking the bowl she got ready for Prisha.

Suddenly, Saaransh changes his choice and leaves for his room with another bowl of payasam. Vaijayanti gets relaxed and looks at Prisha evilly. Prisha takes payasam from Vaijayanti. Vaijayanti asks Prisha to have payasam as she made it especially for her. Prisha praises payasam’s taste. Suddenly, Prisha feels heavy-headedness. She leaves to have a rest. Vaijayanti feels happy thinking that now she will execute her plan to trap Prisha in Venky’s murder. At night, Vaijayanti takes out Venky’s murder gun from a book. She self talks and reveals that it was she who killed Venky in reality. Vaijayanti says she hid the murder gun from the whole world in this book.

She says now she will get asleep Prisha’s finger prints on Venky’s murder gun and prove her Venky’s murderer in the court tomorrow. Vaijayanti carefully walks to Prisha’s room and confirms if she is sleeping or not. After confirmation, she wears gloves and takes Prisha’s finger prints on Venky’s murder gun. She puts the murder gun inside a zipper bag after taking Prisha’s finger prints on it. Later, Vaijayanti drives to Rudra’s lawyer Khatri’s house and puts Venky’s murder gun outside his door. She rings the bell and hides a little far. Khatri opens his door and finds a parcel with a note on it. The note reads that the parcel contains Venky’s murder gun with Prisha’s finger prints on it.

Khatri gets shocked reading that the sender asked him to use this as the proof against Prisha by getting this gun’s report ready till tomorrow. Khatri reads the sender’s name written as, “his well-wisher”. He wonders who is his well-wisher. Khatri checks the gun and goes inside. Vaijayanti feels happy thinking that her plan is getting successful. She thinks now no one can save Prisha. Next morning, Rudra asks Sharda to feed curd and sugar to Vaijayanti today as they need it more today. He says his lawyer called and told him that today he is going to win the case. Rudra says the guilty will get punished today and justice will be served.

Vaijayanti pretends innocence and asks Prisha to not worry, hearing Rudra’s words. She says they will win as they are honest. Vaijayanti asks Sharda to feed curd and sugar to her and Prisha as she will surely get Prisha released with full respect. Sharda feeds curd and sugar to Vaijayanti. Prisha stops Sharda from feeding curd and sugar to her. She requests Sharda to take care of Ruhi. Sharda tells Prisha that she will pray to God to take away all her problems. She also tells Prisha that she will surely get justice today. Sharda asks Prisha to go and return quickly. She feeds curd and sugar to Prisha. Prisha reaches court with Vaijayanti.

Rudra also reaches court with his lawyer Khatri. He signs something to Prisha. Prisha asks Vaijayanti if she missed any proof which lawyer Khatri got as he looks very confident. Vaijayanti tells Prisha that she didn’t miss any proof. She asks Prisha to not take tension, as for sure, she will today. Vaijayanti changes her words and tells Prisha that they will win for sire today. Vasudha and GPS overhears Prisha and Vaijayanti’s conversation. Vasudha ignores Prisha in front of Vaijayanti. GPS also pretends and apologizes to Prisha for Vasudha’s behavior. Vaijayanti smirks. Yuvraj enjoys Khuranas drama and praises Vaijayanti’s acting. He decides to see what will happen at the end.

GPS tells Vasudha that her anger for Prisha looked real. Vasudha prays for Prisha. Venky’s case hearing starts. Vaijayanti starts her pretense of fighting in Prisha’s favor. She asks the judge to release Prisha of all the charges with respect as per the proofs she submitted in the last hearing. Vaijayanti rests her case. Lawyer Khatri tells the judge that he has solid proof against Prisha. He tells the judge that this proof will prove that Prisha murdered Venky. Yuvraj thinks poor Prisha got trapped and didn’t let Prisha doubt her. Prisha asks Vaijayanti if she knows about the proof lawyer Khatri is going to show. Vaijayanti tells Prisha that she would have stopped Khatri if she would have known about this proof.

She tells Prisha that Khatri is fooling everyone and has no proof. Vaijayanti also tells Prisha that she will start her arguments once Khatri shows proof against hef. Lawyer Khatri shows Venky’s murder gun. He tells the court that he has got Venky’s murder gun with his killers fingerprints on it. Khatri says that fingerprints on Venky’s murder gun matches Prisha’s fingerprints. He says he confirmed all this with forensic experts. This shocks everyone. Vaijayanti raises objections. She asks how another gun came in this case as Prisha had only one gun at the time of Venky’s murder.

Khatri says there was another gun from which Prisha killed Venky. He tells the judge that it was all pre-planned. Khatri says that as per the plan, police were given the wrong gun and the real gun was hidden to fool the law. Vaijayanti says that Khatri is making stories. Khatri says he is not making any stories. He shows forensic reports to the judge. Yuvraj enjoys the ongoing drama. Judge reads the forensic reports. Prisha says that she didn’t kill Venky. She asks Vaijayanti to say something. Vaijayanti angrily asks Prisha how another gun came in Venky’s case. She tells Prisha that she made a mistake by trusting her.

Vaijayanti apologizes to Rudra and tells him that he was absolutely right about Prisha. She says Prisha lied to her and she came under Prisha’s influence. Vaijayanti seeks apology from Rudra. Prisha tells Vaijayanti that she knows the truth. Vaijayanti asks Prisha how the gun with her fingerprints came into light, if she didn’t kill Venky. She tells Prisha that she lied to her and now nothing is in her hands. Vaijayanti tells the judge that after seeing this proof against Prisha, she doesn’t want to fight in Prisha’s favor. She says that she wants to stand with the truth, not lie. Vaijayanti withdraws herself from fighting Prisha’s case. Vaijayanti’s words shock everyone. Yuvraj smirks.

In the upcoming Mahaepisode, a bomb blast will take place in Khurana school. Prisha and Rudra will break down seeing Ruhi’s burning identity card. They will recall their moments with Ruhi and scream Ruhi’s name. Rudra will keep a supporting hand on Prisha’s shoulder. In the next episode, the judge will announce Prisha, Venky’s murderer. GPS will stand up and tell the judge that he wants to say something. This will shock Rudra. An evil elder boy in school will intentionally make Ruhi fall. Ruhi will ask the boy why he made her fall. She will notice the elder boy’s bracelet. The elder will smirk. Later, Saaransh will reach court with Vaijayanti’s book in which she hid Venky’s murder gun since years. Vaijayanti will get scared seeing this.

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