Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th March 2022 Written Update Ruhi to die

Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th March 2022 Written Update Ruhi to die

Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th March 2022 Written Update Ruhi to die Vaijayanti acts innocent and withdraws herself from fighting Prisha’s case as her lawyer. This shocks everyone. Vaijayanti apologizes and says that she doesn’t want to represent a murderer. Prisha asks Vaijayanti what she is saying, she hasn’t kill Venky. Vaijayanti asks Prisha to stop and says that Rudra was right about her. She calls Prisha a big deceiver. Judge says according the proofs presented by the opponent laywer, Prisha is Venky’s murderer. He says Prisha murdered her own brother Venky by planning it in advance.

Judge announces Prisha as Venky’s murderer. This shocks everyone, bit Vaijayanti smirks hearing this. Before the judge can announce any punishment to Prisha, GPS stops him. He tells the judge that he wants to say something. Judge asks GPS to say whatever he wants to. GPS says he wants to show something to the court. Vaijayanti asks GPS what he wants to show to the court. GPS says he wants to show everyone the video, which will reveal his son, Venky’s real murderer to the court. Court gives GPS permission to show his proof video on a big screen to everyone.

The video is played on a big screen in front of everyone present in the court. Vaijayanti gets shocked seeing the initial visual of the video. Even Rudra and Yuvraj get shocked seeing it. In this video, Vaijayanti is seen taking asleep Prisha’s fingerprints on Venky’s murder gun. This shocks everyone present in the court, especially Rudra and Vasudha. Later, GPS is shown recording Vaijayanti keeping the same gun (Venky’s murder gun) in front of lawyer Khatri’s house and ringing his house bell. Lawyer Khatri reads the note sent by Vaijayanti to lawyer khatri with Venky’s murder gun. In the note, Vaijayanti asked Khatri to use the gun against Prisha.


The video ends shocking everyone and scaring Vaijayanti. Yuvraj gets upset that even Vaijayanti failed. Prisha asks Vaijayanti how can she do this. She also asks Vaijayanti why she wanted to send her to prison forever and deceived her. The judge asks Vaijayanti what type of lawyer she is. He asks Vaijayanti how can she plot against her own client. Judge also questions lawyer Khatri that why he didn’t check the evidence immediately. Lawyer Khatri says there was no point in checking the evidence as the gun he got, its bullet matches the gun from which Venky was shot. He also says that the gun had Prisha’s fingerprints too. Lawyer Khatri further says he thought someone knew who the real murderer is and tried to help him to get justice.

He says because of all this, he presented this gun in front of the court against Prisha. GPS tells the judge that he wants the law to take Vaijayanti into trial in case of his son, Venky’s murder. This shocks Vaijayanti. Vaijayanti pretends innocence and says that she was just trying to help Prisha. Prisha asks Vaijayanti to stop her drama. She also asks Vaijayanti if she thought that they will never reach the truth. Vaijayanti asks Prisha to trust her. Prisha tells Vaijayanti that she knew her reality, that she was fighting this case to get her to go behind the bars for whole life. She tells Vaijayanti that all the time, she was just acting to save her.

Saaransh comes and says that it’s true that Vaijayanti was acting good and innocent all the time. Yuvraj understands that Saransh actually heard his and Vaijayanti’s conversation earlier. He thinks that now no one can save Vaijayanti. Saaransh reveals that he heard Vaijayanti and Yuvraj’s conversation earlier. He says he understood Vaijayanti’s further evil plans. Saaransh tells Vaijayanti that he used to think that she is a good person. Vaijayanti tells Saaransh that he is thinking wrong about her. Prisha slaps Vaijayanti and asks her to not try making false relations with her son Saaransh. She tells the court that Vaijayanti has been fooling everyone for a long time.

Prisha says how Vaijayanti got to know that her gun’s bullet doesn’t match with Venky’s murder gun bullet. She says Vaijayanti knows all this because it was Vaijayanti who shot Venky dead. This information shocks everyone. Prisha says Vaijayanti is trying to frame her in the crime she committed. Rudra asks Prisha what is all this going on. He asks Prisha, if it was really Vaijayanti, who killed Venky. Rudra says how this can happen. The judge asks Saaransh to say whatever he wants to say by standing in the witness box. Saaransh does as the judge says. He tells the judge how he heard Vaijayanti and Yuvraj’s conversation and got suspicious.

Saaransh also tells the judge how he, Prisha and GPS started searching for proof against Vaijayanti. He says unfortunately they didn’t get any proof. Saaransh tells the judge that last night he saw Vaijayanti mixing some pills in Prisha’s food bowl. He says Vaijayanti wanted to make Prisha fall into a deep sleep. Flashback shows Saaransh seeing Vaijayanti’s evil plot. He plans to fail Vaijayanti’s evil plan without letting her doubt him. Saaransh smartly diverts Vaijayanti’s attention and changes the food bowl she prepared for Prisha. He then takes the changed adulterated bowl in his room. After this, Saaransh texts Prisha to aware her about how he spoiled Vaijayanti’s evil plan. Prisha reads that Saaransh is asking her to act feeling dizzy/sleepy after eating the payasam made by Vaijayanti.

Prisha does the same and Vaijayanti smirks seeing this. She goes to rest in her room. Prisha meets Saaransh and both of them plan to fool Vaijayanti to know her plan against Prisha. Saaransh tells Prisha about his plan to catch Vaijayanti red handed. He hides Prisha’s phone in her room, with its camera switched on, to record Vaijayanti’s moves against Prisha. Saaransh asks Prisha to act till he informs GPS about what is going on. He asks Prisha to not feel tense as now she is not alone, he is with her. Prisha hugs Saaransh with love. Yeh Hai Chahatein title song plays in the background. Saaransh leaves Prisha’s room but hides somewhere outside, seeing Vaijayanti coming towards Prisha’s room.

Vaijayanti enters Prisha’s room with a big bag. Saaransh informs about this to GPS. GPS asks Saaransh to keep a watch on Vaijayanti, till he reaches him. He leaves from his house informing Vasudha about what is going on. Vaijayanti comes out of Prisha’s room. Saaransh informs GPS that Vaijayanti left Prisha’s room and home with a big bag in her hands. GPS starts following Vaijayanti. Flashback ends. GPS tells the court that after this he followed Vaijayanti and made a video when Vaijayanti kept Venky’s murder gun outside lawyer Khatri’s house. Saaransh shows the book in which Vaijayanti kept Venky’s murder gun since many years.

Judge checks the book page torn in the shape of a gun. He checks the shape by putting Venky’s murder gun inside it. Saaransh says he got this book from their house’s garbage. GPS says this book is an evidence of Venky’s murder weapon. The judge asks Vaijayanti what is all this, if she wants to say anything about all this. Vaijayanti says she didn’t do anything and everything is false/fake/a lie. Prisha asks Vaijayanti how she can lie after all proofs are presented against her. She tells Vaijayanti that only because of her, 5 years of her life got ruined, her parents started hating her, Ruhi lived 5 years without her father. Prisha asks Vaijayanti how she became so selfish.

Vaijayanti cries and says that she never really wanted to kill Venky. She says that she was trying to save Prisha and Rudra. Vaijayanti says she helplessly had to shoot Venky, who was trying to kill Rudra and Prisha. Flashback shows Vaijayanti reaching the forest behind Venky with Vasudha and GPS. Police stopped GPS and Vasudha to go inside as Venky went mad and took little Saaransh with him. Seeing police diverted in stopping Vasudha and GPS, Vaijayanti finds an opportunity and smartly walks forward towards the murder spot with police’s gun. She thinks of using the gun to stop Venky if he refuses to understand Vasudha and GPS words to not harm Saaransh, Rudra and Prisha.

Vasudha goes inside the forest by convincing the inspector. Her breath goes heavy. She makes GPS sit with Vasudha and says that she is going to bring water. Vaijayanti hears Prisha’s scream and thinks that Prisha and Rudra failed to stop Venky. She runs and sees that Venky has kept Mishka at gunpoint and is threatening Rudra and Prisha. She takes out the gun she stole and thinks of saving everyone from Venky. Rudra makes Venky leave Mishka. A storm starts and Rudra and Venky are seen fighting with each other. Venky hits Rudra. Seeing Venky about to shoot Rudra, Vaijayanti shoots Venky. Vaijayanti gets shocked, scared and guilty after realizing that she killed Venky to save Rudra.

To not let anyone know that she killed Venky, Vaijayanti hides the gun in her bag and runs away. Later, she returns and tells GPS and Vasudha that she didn’t find water. Flashback ends. The judge announces Vaijayanti as Venky’s and the court’s culprit. He orders lawyer Khatri to prosecute Vaijayanti. Khatri agrees and the judge requests a 20 minute break/time to announce Vaijayanti’s punishment and Venky’s case verdict. Vaijayanti cries and Rudra grows angry.

In the next episode, the evil elder/older students will ask the injured boy who complained against them to the school authorities. The injured boy gets scared and reveals to the elder students that it was Ruhi who complained against them to the authorities. The older students get determined to teach a lesson to Ruhi. Ruhi leaves for the washroom in her school. At Khurana Mansion, Rudra says to his family that he wants to tell Ruhi that he is her father. Whole Khurana family wonders why Ruhi didn’t return from school till now. Khurana’s driver informs the Khurana family that Ruhi didn’t come out of school like other children. Khuranas gets worried for Ruhi. Ruhi will fall unconscious inside the school washroom full of smoke.

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