Kumkum Bhagya Spoiler 29th March 2022 Top Updates

Kumkum Bhagya Spoiler 29th March 2022 Top Updates

Kumkum Bhagya Spoiler 29th March 2022 Top Updates Kumkum Bhagya Episode Spoiler – Rhea seeks Pallavi’s help Rhea informs Aaliya that Prachi got to know that she spiked Ranbir’s drink with a tablet. Rhea tells that Prachi also got to know that nothing happened between her and Ranbir that night. Aaliya gets shocked. Rhea sees Ranbir pampering Prachi and gets disturbed. Rhea goes to Pallavi for help and she promises her that she will not let anything happen again. Pallavi demands Rhea to come along with her. What will Pallavi do now? Will Prachi and Ranbir separate even before patching up?

Meet Episode spoiler – Mrs. Meet’s master plan:

Mrs. Meet and Mr. Meet fight purposely and loudly so that Masoom hears their conversation. Mrs. Meet tells Mr. Meet that they should leave the house and run away. Masoom listens to this and waits to listen to the whole conversation. Mr. Meet agrees with Mrs. Meet’s decision. Mrs. Meet tells that due to Rajvardhan’s fear she cannot leave her dream of becoming a police. Mrs. Meet asks Mr. Meet to meet her at the back door so that they can leave immediately. Mr. Meet agrees to do as she wishes. Masoom runs to inform about Mr. Meet and Mrs. Meet’s conversation. Mrs. Meet hopes that Masoom makes their plan successful by informing everything to Rajvardhan. Will Masoom inform the right person or will Meet’s plan fail?


Yeh Hai Chahatein Episode spoiler – Mrs. Ahuja’s explosive device:

Preesha saves Ruhi from the bathroom but she escapes to save Saransh. Mrs. Ahuja comes with an intention to blast the whole following the death of her son. Preesha tries to stop her and snatches the remote from her. She pushes Mrs. Ahuja down and she has a nasty fall. Mrs. Ahuja says that they thought they won but her last scheme is remaining and shows a huge bomb attached to her body. Preesha, Ruhi, Saransh, and Rudraksh are scared to see this. Mrs. Ahuja says that the bomb will blast in the next 3 minutes and everybody along with the school will finish. Rudraksh is in a fix and unable to think of anything. Will Preesha, Ruhi, Saransh, and Rudraksh come out safely or will Mrs. Ahuja kill everyone?

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain Episode spoiler – Ram’s ex-girlfriend:

Priya and Ram are in a happy mood during the Holi celebration. Ram sings for Priya but Neeraj interrupts and says that everything is fake. Priya tells Neeraj that if he has any problem then he should leave. Neeraj tells Priya that even she should leave as Ram has betrayed her as he has an ex. Ram asks Neeraj to stop or else he will break his face but he doesn’t stop. Neeraj is about to name Ram’s ex-girlfriend but Ram pushes him into the pool. Ram is about to explain Priya but she goes missing. Will Ram be able to clear Priya’s misunderstanding? Keep reading.


  1. This blasted serial going in facking circles.only conspiracies n criminal planning by rhea alliya.pallavi only praising criminal rhea.ranbir like an arse with no balls spine or backbone to stand to pallavi.Ranbir like he still breastfeeding so he cant tell mummy dearest he dibt want or consider rhea his wife or expose thw condition he got married to other.
    n prachi is juzt one big facking arse who only arguing with Ranbir he doh love she his love is pretence .ranbir needs to prove his love.
    prachi forget she was in bed with she brother in law sid too n she aint prove jack shit or clear her name so way she wants ranbir to prove.Jackarse story.


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