Udaariyaan 30th March 2022 Jasmin caught Spoiler Update

Udaariyaan 30th March 2022 Jasmin caught Spoiler Update

Udaariyaan 30th March 2022 Jasmin caught Spoiler Update Udaariyaan upcoming spoiler – Angad catches Jasmine Fateh, Tejo, Jasmine, and Amrik perform the pooja of Holika along with their family members. Angad calls Jasmine a very good actress as she found a fake pandit and created the misleading events in Tejo and Fateh’s horoscope. Angad informs Jasmine that after doing all this drama she sent the fake horoscope results to Rupy. Angad makes fun of Jasmine and tells her that her luck is rotten as usual. Angad smiles and Jasmine gives a deadly stare to Angad. Was Jasmine acting all along? What will be her next step to separate Tejo and Fateh?

Swaran Ghar upcoming spoiler – Swaran’s move:
Yug, Nakul, and Vikram leave the Swaran Ghar with their respective wives with anger and humiliation. Swaran asks them to stop and walks towards them. Vikram and his wife feel happy that Swaran might have changed her mind. Vikram’s wife tells Nakul’s wife that she knew Swaran is emotional and now she will hug everyone and call them inside. Swaran stares at Yug, Nakul, and Vikram with teary eyes. How will Swaran behave with her selfish sons?Thapki Pyar Ki episode spoiler – Veena Devi begs Jaya:
Veena Devi goes to Jaya and requests her to allow Thapki to come back to Singhania house. She cries in front of Jaya and makes an appeal as a mother seeking something from another mother. Jaya becomes emotional. Veena Devi asks Jaya to return back her home’s treasure. Veena Devi pleads with folded hands in front of Jaya to not turn her away. Purab also reaches there and tells Jaya that he had promised Thapki that he will not take her home without Jaya’s permission. But due to Thapki’s absence in his house, he is not able to live peacefully. Purab requests her to agree as he cannot live without Thapki. He falls on Jaya’s legs. Veena Devi starts crying looking at Purab.

Meet upcoming spoiler – Mrs. Meet’s new challenge:
Mr. Meet informs his family members that soon Mrs. Meet will start her training in the academy. Masoom says that Mrs. Meet will train 6 days a week and on the 7th day will she be able to fulfill the responsibilities of those missing days. Babita informs Masoom that there are many daughters-in-laws who get only one day to carry out their responsibilities and they do it beautifully. Babita says that to prove this Mrs. Meet will cook for the whole family. Mr. Meet and Mrs. Meet are stunned. How will Mrs. Meet prove her worth?



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