Kundali Bhagya Prithvi returns 1st April 2022 Spoilers

Kundali Bhagya Prithvi returns 1st April 2022 Spoilers

Kundali Bhagya Prithvi returns 1st April 2022 Spoilers Prithvi conspires with his lawyer and asks him if it is possible for any person to disguise himself and go inside the party and get a hold of the papers. His lawyer asks that if any of their men go there and is not able to open Mahesh’s Luthra basement lock then what to do. Prithvi’s jail inmate volunteers to help. Karan teases Preeta lovingly. Karan convinces Kritika to play Holi as it is the festival of happiness. Natasha affectionately stares at Karan. He tells that they all are happy because Prithvi has finally gone away. Kritika feels bad. How will Kritika react to Karan’s comments? Is Natasha gearing up to lay a trap for Karan?

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na episode spoiler – Krisha tied with a bomb:
Devraj Singh Rathore calls Major Raman and tells him that someone forcefully planted a human bomb in their hotel. He asks for help or all will die. Krisha has been the victim of it and cries in fear. She is tied to a chair with a bomb. Devraj tells him that only one minute is remaining and asks him to do something. Major Raman tells Devraj to cut a wire carefully. Devraj asks him which one to cut but the call gets disconnected. Devraj closes Krisha’s eyes and goes to cut one wire. Devraj closes his eyes and goes to cut a red wire. Will Devraj be able to save Krisha by defusing the bomb?

Anupama episode spoiler – Baa’s curse:


Anupama pours out her heart and tells that she will marry Anuj at any cost. Samar, Kinjal, Mamaji, and Bapuji appreciate Anupama’s decision. Bapuji says that Anupama will get married and go to her own house. He says that Anupama will go to Anuj’s house in a Doli. Baa is shocked. Bapuji lights a diya, applies kumkum on a betel nut and blows the conchshell while Anupama prays. Vanraj gets angry. Baa curses Anupama that there will be a mishap at her wedding. What will Anupama do now? Will Anupama and Anuj get married without any more drama?

Yeh Hai Chahatein episode spoiler – Ruhi’s Holi with Khuranas:
Ruhi and Saransh sleep in Preesha and Rudraksh’s room. Saransh tells Ruhi that they must have a lot of fun on Holi. Ruhi tells that she will first apply color to Preesha and Rudraksh. Preesha gives the challenge to apply color to each other. Saransh splashes water on Preesha and Rudraksh while Ruhi throws color on them. Ruhi’s college seniors enter their Holi party to teach a lesson to Ruhi. They apply color on themselves and get ready with a special ballon to hurt Ruhi. How will Rudraksh save Ruhi from getting hurt? Will this Holi prove terrible for Ruhi?


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