Udaariyaan 31st March 2022 Spoilers Fatejo enemy

Udaariyaan 31st March 2022 Spoilers Fatejo enemy

Udaariyaan 31st March 2022 Spoilers Fatejo enemy Udaariyaan upcoming track – Jasmine-Angad join hands Fateh and Tejo enjoy Punjabi actress Sunanda Sharma’s dance performance. Later, they start playing Holi together by splashing colors on each other and running around. Angad mixes a powder in Fateh and Tejo’s thandai. Angad seems to have vicious plans just like Jasmin, who can’t stand seeing Fateh and Tejo together. Fateh and Tejo turn romantic and get close to each other, while being in an intoxicated state after consuming the spiked thandai. Jasmine promises that Fateh and Tejo will never forget this year’s Holi surprise. Jasmine takes out a knife and looks at it. What is Jasmine and Angad’s plan? Will it prove disastrous for Fateh and Tejo? Keep reading.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 upcoming track – Priya is heartbroken
Neeraj is about to tell Ram’s ex-girlfriend’s name when Ram pushes him into the pool. Ram turns to Priya and tells her not to listen to Neeraj but she goes missing. Everyone starts searching for Priya. Brinda asks Ram to recall any place where Priya might have gone. Ram says that he knows one such place and leaves. Priya says that Ram made her meet his ex-girlfriend but did not clear that he will never love her again. Priya blames Ram for dishonoring her and breaks into tears. Ram also gets emotional. How will Ram prove his love to Priya? Will Vedika create a rift between the couple?

Fanaa upcoming track – Pakhi meets Ishaan:


Pakhi gets to know Agastya’s evil truth and fumes with anger. After realizing that Agastya tried to hurt her family members and kept a watch on her she feels betrayed. Pakhi is determined to confront Agastya and lecture him left and right. Pakhi goes to talk to Agastya when the lights go off and Pakhi shouts in fear. Ishaan requests Pakhi to not confront Agastya without any planning. Pakhi agrees to teach a lesson to Agastya and bring his true face in front of the whole world. Will Pakhi be able to defeat the cunning Agastya or get lost in his trap?

Meet upcoming track – Hawa Singh’s academy:

Mrs. Meet packs her bag, seeks the blessings of her family members, and leaves for the training. Ram tells that Mrs. Meet must have taken her first step towards becoming a police officer but she doesn’t know that it will be her last step. Mrs. Meet introduces herself to her mentor and complains that she has been given a boy’s uniform by mistake. Hawa Singh shows his face and declares that nobody can mistake recognizing her. Hawa Singh laughs loudly leaving Mrs. Meet in a shock. How will Mrs. Meet tolerate Hawa Singh’s crafty ways? Will she be able to smoothly may a way out of his catch?


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