Anupama Swaran Ghar Thapki Fanaa Upcoming Spoilers

Anupama Swaran Ghar Thapki Fanaa Upcoming Spoilers

Anupama Swaran Ghar Thapki Fanaa Upcoming Spoilers Anupama upcoming track – Mamaji curses Baa Anupama is broken after Baa’s curse. She cries in Bapuji’s arms. She feels that how can any mother curse her own daughter. Baa says that Bapuji’s boon may not blossom but her curse will definitely destroy Anupama. Mamaji goes to Baa and curses her so that she can feel the pain of a curse given by loved ones. Bapuji tells Anupama that his house has insulted her and has committed a huge sin by kicking her out of the house. Bapuji feels that he will get relieved from the sin only after respectfully getting her married. Anupama is overwhelmed. Will Baa’s curse destroy Anupama’s happiness or will Bapuji’s love act as a shield for her?

Swaran Ghar upcoming track – Ajit confronts Vikram:

Ajit confronts Vikram and Nakul. He asks them whether they posted Swaran’s news in the papers. Vikram asks Ajit to take off his name from the will. Ajit gets angry and holds Vikram’s collar. Vikram pounces back on Ajit and tells him to take his name from the will and then they will take off Swaran’s news from the papers. Ajit tells Swaran to talk to her sons but she refuses. Swaran informs Ajit that it is not just a house for her but her and Kanwaljeet Bedi’s heartbeats. Swaran tells Ajit that she has a lot of happy memories in the house. Ajit understands her feelings and promises to not take off his name from the will at any cost. Vikram and Nakul are listening from outside and get angry. Ajit assures Swaran that he is with her. With Ajit’s support will Swaran be able to save Swaran Ghar from her sons?


Thapki upcoming track – Purab-Thapki’s happy ending:
Purab tells Thapki that one must have a partner who always supports, motivates, and guides one another. Thapki nods her head. Purab says that they are each other’s support system. Thapki thanks Purab for supporting her during every crisis. Purab says that he has learned it from her. Thapki tells that she has also learned from him. Purab asks her what did she learn from him. Thapki answers romance. Purab and Thapki smile and hug each other. Will Thapki and Purab fight all the problems of their life together and be happy always?

Fanaa upcoming track – Threat for Agastya:
Agastya is sleeping. Pakhi screams loudly and Agastya comes running to check on her. Agastya pacifies Pakhi and asks her what is wrong. Pakhi points her finger to the mirror in fear. A note is written with lipstick for Agastya warning him to confess his crime to the police as he has only 72 hours for it. A photograph of Pakhi with bloodshot on her forehead is also attached. Agastya is shocked to read this. Pakhi understands that Agastya has got scared. Will Agastya confess to all his crimes? Will Ishaan and Pakhi be able to do justice to themselves?


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