Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th April 2022 Full Written Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th April 2022 Full Written Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th April 2022 Full Written Update Agastya runs to the fallen Pakhi. He worriedly asks Pakhi to open her eyes. Agastya watches the biker who shot Pakhi running away. His guards fail to catch the biker. Pakhi wakes up scared. She asks Agastya what is going on, how blood came on her when nothing happened to her. Agastya also gets shocked and confused seeing all this. He tells Pakhi that someone pranked her by shooting her with a paint gun. He sees a letter below Pakhi’s bag and picks it up. Through the letter, the threatening person tells Agastya that only 48 hours are left with him.

The threatening person tells Agastya if he won’t confess his crimes to police before the remaining time left, the next bullet will be real. Agastya angrily crushes the letter and harshly scolds his hired guards for not being able to do their work properly. He hugs Pakhi and tells her that nothing will happen to her as he is there with her. In her thoughts, Pakhi asks Agastya to live his life’s last 48 hours as he has not much time left with him. Agastya seems very angry while hugging Pakhi tightly. At night, Agastya asks Pakhi what was the need to run on the road, when she knows that her life is in danger.

He tells Pakhi that he can lose her. Agastya asks Pakhi if it is paining her somewhere. Pakhi tells Agastya that nobody gets hurt by a paint gun. She tells Agastya that she fell down by getting scared seeing the gun. Pakhi tells Agastya that there is no need to call a doctor and says that he is getting unnecessarily worried. Agastya tells Pakhi that she is the most precious thing in the world for him. He tells Pakhi he himself is at fault and should have arranged more security for her. Agastya hugs Pakhi telling her that he can’t lose her and won’t let anything happen to her.


Agastya kisses her hair. Pakhi recalls how she got to know Agastya has been keeping a watch on her for many years. She also recalls Agastya throttling her father. She angrily clenches the bedsheet in her fist. Pakhi thinks the person, who ruined her and her family’s life, how can he love her. She thinks she can’t let Agastya’s madness go on. Later, Agastya goes to Neelima and closes the door. He lies in Neelima’s lap and tells her that he felt like his life was leaving him when he saw Pakhi getting shot. Agastya says he got very scared for some time, even when Pakhi was telling him that nothing is paining her.

Agastya tells Neelima that he isn’t able to forget the attack on Pakhi and the pain he suffered witnessing it. He asks Neelima to think what would have happened if the gun would have been real. Agastya says his reason to live would have ended. Neelima asks Agastya, if now he understood the pain of seeing loved ones in trouble or pain. She tells Agastya that no one ever gets behind anyone without any reason. Neelima also tells Agastya that he knows better what and how much wrong he has done to whom. She advises Agastya to accept the crime that the threatening person is asking him to, if he really loves Pakhi and wants to save her life.

Neelima tells Agastya that by accepting his mistakes, he won’t get smaller but instead he will become bigger in Pakhi’s eyes. She also tells Agastya that Pakhi will initially be angry with him but will forgive him seeing his love for her. Agastya tells Neelima that he knows Pakhi better. He says Pakhi won’t ever forgive him on knowing his reality. Agastya says his doubt on Sameer got cleared, Maya won’t dare to go against him and moreover he is keeping a watch on her. He also says that Inspector Virat can’t threaten him from inside the prison and even Ishaan is in a coma and can’t threaten him. He gets determined on finding out who is actually threatening him.

Next morning, Ishaan is seen meeting Inspector Virat. Virat asks Ishaan to get him bailed out by any means. He says he is a threat for Agastya and thus the latter won’t let him get bailed out easily. On the other hand, Agastya reaches outside the police station to meet Virat. He calls Yug and asks him to keep a proper watch on Pakhi and not let any harm reach her. Ishaan tells Virat that they are trying to get him bailed out as soon as possible. He also tells Virat that they have scared and troubled Agastya so much that he may not be able to hide his reality for a long time. Ishaan takes a leave from Virat and walks outside the police station.

At Raichand house, Pakhi thinks that now they will have to be very careful as Agastya has got cameras attached everywhere inside and outside the house. On the other hand, Ishaan collides with Agastya outside the police station. He apologizes, unaware of the fact that it’s Agastya. Agastya finds the voice suspicious and looks back to confirm. Shocked, Ishaan turns and starts walking fastly, ignoring Agastya asking him to stop. Agastya sees Ishaan’s face in the rear mirror of the two wheeler. Ishaan starts running. Agastya also runs behind Ishaan getting more suspicious. He keeps following Ishaan.

Ishaan also keeps running to not let Agastya know that he is not in a coma anymore. Agastya collides with a man and loses Ishaan’s track. He wonders if that person wasn’t Ishaan, why he ran away from him. On the other hand, Pakhi finds a corner to escape cameras and calls Mohit. She tells Mohit about the cameras Agastya has fitted all over Raichand house. She requests Mohit to try hacking them all. Agastya again finds Ishaan and follows him to a small closed factory. Ishaan hides himself from Agastya. He gets shocked when Agastya calls Yug and asks him to alert security at the house and reach Ishaan’s house quickly.

Agastya locks the factory door from outside and leaves. Ishaan gets shocked and worried on knowing this. He calls Pakhi and tells her that Agastya might have seen him and thus locked him in a factory. Ishaan also tells Pakhi that suspicious Agastya went to check on him at his house with Yug. Pakhi gets shocked. Later she seeks Neelima’s permission to go to the temple. She makes excuses that she wants to pray for the house, her and Agastya’s safety. Sacred and worried Neelima allows Pakhi to go to the temple. Pakhi tracks Agastya’s location on the tracker on her phone. She says that she is sure that Agastya would have left for Ishaan’s house.

On the other hand, Agastya recalls seeing Ishaan outside the police station. Later, Pakhi reaches the temple and scares the guards with Agastya’s name to escape them. She finally gets alone time inside the temple. Agastya says he won’t repeat his mistake of leaving Ishaan alive like before, if it was really him who collided with him outside the police station. Pakhi on the other hand, dodges the guards by escaping on a bike in front of them in a biker’s get up. At the red light, she throws iron nails in front of Agastya’s car. The red light turns to green. Pakhi on bike leaves to rescue Ishaan.

Here Agastya gets angry seeing his car’s tyre punctured. He calls Yug to pick him up from his location as they need to go to Ishaan’s house. Pakhi reaches the factory and opens the lock. Ishaan gets surprised seeing Pakhi in a biker’s look. Flashback shows how smartly Pakhi got biker’s outfit from Mohit and asked him to stay in the temple with her ring as Agastya tracks her every movement. Pakhi tells Ishaan that she has punctured Agastya’s car tyres and will tell him everything else later on. She confirms from Ishaan, if he is sure that Agastya really saw him. Ishaan tells Pakhi that he is sure that Agastya saw him as he wouldn’t have followed him, otherwise without getting suspicious.

They leave from there. Later, Shubham opens the door for Agastya and asks him if he had some important work from him. Agastya angrily pushes Shubham aside and forcefully enters his house and Ishaan’s room. He gets shocked seeing Ishaan lying unconscious on his bed with an oxygen mask on. Pakhi is seen hiding behind a curtain. In the next episode, Agastya will pour water in a glass. He will then break it and pick up a glass shard. Pakhi and Shubham will look on. Agastya will walk forward towards Ishaan and will stab him near the feet. Ishaan will clench his both fists on the bedsheet. Pakhi and Shubham will get worried.

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