Udaariyaan Fateh drastic move 4th April 2022 Spoilers

Udaariyaan Fateh drastic move 4th April 2022 Spoilers

Udaariyaan Fateh drastic move 4th April 2022 Spoilers Udaariyaan upcoming track – Fateh breaks engagement Fateh says that this engagement cannot happen. All the family members are shocked. Fateh fumes in anger and is about to leave the Venue. Jasmine tries to stop him but he pushes her and warns her that he will speak to her later. Fateh is at the top of his rage. Tejo is shaken up by seeing Fateh’s exceptional outrage. Why has Fateh gotten so angry that he cancels his engagement with Tejo who is the love of his life? Is Jasmine behind Fatejo’s separation?

Parineetii upcoming track – Parineet overhears Gurinder:

Chachi is not able to tell the truth to Parineet. But she silently curses that when Parineet will come to know the truth then she herself will divorce Rajeev. Rajeev finds a clip on Parineet’s hair and removes it. He questions Gurinder about what was it doing on Parineet’s hair. Gurinder feels that it was for Parineet but realizes that Rajeev had bought it for a girl he wishes to marry. Gurinder is happy that Parineet’s parents handed her such a big land. Parineet hears this and Rajeev is shocked. What decision will Parineet take after getting to know Gurinder and Rajeev’s intention?


Swaran Ghar upcoming track – Swaran’s harsh decision:

Swaran declares that she is divorcing Vikram, Nakul, and Yug Bedi. All three of them are shocked. Swaran decides that from now on she will do tit for tat. Swaran goes to her son’s house and returns the wheelchair and rupees 4800. She handover the last favor done to her by her kids. Vikram calls Swaran mummy but she warns him to not call her mummy. Will Vikram, Nakul, and Yug keep quiet after Swaran’s abandonment?

Thapki upcoming track – Purab’s gift to Thapki:

Thapki goes to her room and finds rose petals being showered on her. Purab picks her up in his arms and swings her around. He tells her that he is so happy for her and is not able to control his happiness. Purab declares that finally Thapki got the credit for her songs. Thapki feels happy. Purab says that her guru also accepted her. He gifts Thapki a watch and also gets a similar watch for himself. This watch can measure their heartbeats and will beat simultaneously. Purab and Thapki romance. Finally things are getting right for Purab and Thapki will they have a fairytale ending?


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