Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th April 2022 Written Update Prisha confronts

Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th May 2022 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th April 2022 Written Update Prisha confronts Looking at holi party footage in laptop, Ruhi says she knows these boys. She tells Saaransh that these are the same boys whom they met in school, the bracelet boy. Saaransh recognizes Dev and his friends and asks what they are doing at their holi party as they didn’t invite them. Sharda says she didn’t find these liars good. This shocks Rudra and Prisha. Prisha says maybe Dev made her drink hemp. Rudra says he should talk to the principal about this matter. Prisha convinces Rudra to let her handle this matter and talk to the principal.

Next morning, Rudra gets romantic with Prisha. Prisha asks Rudra what happened to his voice. Rudra tells Prisha that he may have caught the cold because of being in water for a long time, yesterday. Prisha says she will get him medicines. Rudra tells Prisha that he will get better after taking rest. He requests Prisha to stay at home with him to take care of him. Ruhi comes and tells Prisha that she has caught a cold and requests Prisha to take leave and stay with her to take care of her.

Prisha understands Ruhi’s drama and asks her to wait till she brings bitter kadha to make her feel better. Ruhi climbs the bed and tells Prisha that she is absolutely fine and doesn’t need bitter kadha. Prisha asks Ruhi to go and get ready for school. Before leaving, Ruhi advises Rudra to run away as bitter kadha is actually very bitter. Prisha stops Rudra and holds his ears to scold him for his acting. She leaves Rudra’s ears, when ends his unwell acting. Prisha asks Rudra how she will teach discipline to Ruhi if he will also do childish things like her. Rudra tells Prisha that he and Ruhi won’t ever stop acting as they want her attention.


In a cute and polite manner, Rudra requests Prisha to stay home with him today. Prisha reminds Rudra that she has to get information on the child who crashed their party and did cheap things. Rudra asks Prisha if he should accompany her for this. Prisha tells Rudra that she will handle this matter and will call him if she will need his help. Later, at school, Prisha asks a peon if he knows the boy in the picture. Peon stutters and lies that he doesn’t recognize the boy. Prisha tells the peon that he is lying and it can be seen through his behavior. Peon asks Prisha why she is getting involved in all this. He tells Prisha that Dev belongs to a rich and influential family.

The peon also tells Prisha that Dev has failed two times in school and nobody says anything to Dev because everyone fears his influential parents. Prisha says it’s their responsibility to correct Dev, if he is a student of their school. She asks peon the name of Dev. The peon tells Prisha that this boy’s name is Dev Choudhary. Prisha asks the peon to send Dev to her cabin. The peon requests Prisha to not tell anyone that he gave her information about Dev. Prisha asks peon to not worry about it. Prisha wonders who Dev is, whom even school peon fears. Later, Ruhi gets scared seeing a fake snake in the school corridor. Aaliya comes and calms Ruhi.

She goes to drop a scared and crying Ruhi to her class. Dev’s friends feel angry knowing that Aaliya ruined their plan to scare Ruhi. Vicky says he will teach a lesson to Aaliya. This angers Dev and he grabs Vicky’s collar. Dev warns Vicky to not say anything against Aaliya as he won’t tolerate it. Vicky apologizes and Dev forgives him. The peon informs Dev that Prisha has called him to her cabin. Dev enters Prisha’s cabin without permission and whistling. He even sits on the chair without Prisha’s permission. Dev tells Prisha that she doesn’t know him properly. Prisha tells Dev that his insolence gave his introduction to her already.

She doesn’t let Dev leave and asks him to answer her questions. Dev obligies. Prisha asks Dev why he came to her house yesterday. Dev pretends innocence. Prisha shows Dev his photograph from her house’s CCTV footage. Dev gets shocked. Prisha tells Dev that she knows that he is the same boy who hit a dirty water balloon on her father, which could have almost hurt his eye. She also tells Dev that she doubts that he is the one who made her drink hemp without letting her know. Prisha asks Dev if her doubt is right or not. Dev remains silent. Prisha tells Dev that she will complain against him to the principal and then his parents will be called. She also tells Dev that she will complain about his actions to his parents too.

Dev pretends to cry and bends down at Prisha’s feet. Prisha asks Dev to stop as it won’t help him now. Dev ends his drama and shows his real colors to her. He tells Prisha that her complaint won’t affect him. Prisha tells Dev that she will get him severely punished, which will surely affect him. She asks Dev how dare he enter her house. Dev asks Prisha to not make it a big issue as it is said “bura na mano holi hai”. Prisha tells Dev that he doesn’t respect elders and even doesn’t have basic manners. She also tells Dev that he is wrong, if he thinks no one will say anything to him for his evil actions.

Dev tells Prisha that she is new in this school and he has been here since this school started. He also tells Prisha that he is her senior, this way. Dev challenges Prisha to make a complaint against her as even the principal knows her. Prisha goes to the principal and asks him who Dev Choudhary is. She tells the principal that Dev Choudhary is a very mannerless child. Prisha tells the Principal everything that Dev did at her holi party. She also tells the Principal that even now, Dev behaved very badly with her in an ill mannered way. Prisha asks the Principal why he didn’t do anything against insolent Dev till now.

Prisha says she knows that Dev comes from an influential family but it doesn’t mean he can be insolent. Principal asks Prisha to relax as he will now himself handle Dev. Prisha asks the principal to punish Dev, so that other children could learn a lesson from this. She sends Dev’s photograph from the holi party to the principal. Dev overhears the principal and Prisha’s whole conversation. As Prisha leaves the principal’s cabin, Dev enters the principal’s cabin and says Prisha talks a lot. He deletes his Holi party picture from the principal’s phone and says that he is deleting proofs against him. Dev tells the Principal that he won’t take any action against him.

Principal tells Dev that this case won’t end here as he has crossed his limits this time. He says even Prisha is very serious about this matter. Dev says no one can do anything against him till his influential parents are with him. On the other hand, Prisha asks Ruhi about her day at school. Ruhi tells Prisha about how Aaliya saved and helped her. Prisha says Aaliya is very sweet. Both mother and daughter start buying vegetables for home. A woman tells Prisha that she gave 4 rupees extra to the vegetable seller. Prisha says it’s fine as it’s 4 rupees only. The woman tells Prisha that 4 rupees matters a lot as it can someday become 4 lakh rupees. She scolds the vegetable seller and makes Prisha take 4 rupees coriander. Prisha thanks the woman.

Both of them introduce each other. The woman introduces herself as Premvati. Both say bye to each other. Prisha finds Premvati weird but good. She returns home. On Rudra’s question, Prisha tells him everything about Dev and his insolent behavior. She also tells Rudra that she talked to the principal about Dev. She says the Principal told her that he will take strict action against Dev. Rudra calls Prisha, super smart. At school, Dev takes Prisha’s cabin key from a scared peon by bribing him. He gets determined to make Prisha’s life hell. Next morning, Sharda tells Prisha that Rudra ousted her from the kitchen to cook a special breakfast for her. She says according to the burning smell, she is worried about her kitchen.

Prisha asks Sharda to not worry as she will get Rudra out of the kitchen. Prisha gets shocked on seeing the kitchen’s dirty and messy condition. Rudra tells Prisha that he is making a special breakfast for her. Ruhi and Saaransh start shouting, saying that they are hungry. Saaransh worries about what type of food they will have to eat. Rudra, Prisha and maid bring and serve food at the dining table. Sharda, Saaransh and Ruhi get shocked seeing a yummy looking breakfast at the table. They refuse to believe that Rudra prepared such yummy looking food. Rudra says he cooked all this yummy food by reading a book. Sharda says it’s surprising how Rudra made so many dishes without burning it.

Flashback shows Rudra requesting Prisha to help him save his image and reputation in front of Sharda and kids. Prisha thanks Rudra for thinking about her and helps Rudra correct his burned food. Flashback ends and Rudra asks his children to never underestimate him. Prisha coughs and warns Rudra about his show off. In a lower voice, Ruhi and Saaransh tell each other that they recognised that Prisha actually cooked the breakfast. They decide not to hurt Rudra by exposing him and praise his cooking skills. Rudra thanks everyone for appreciating them.

In the next episode, Prisha will give her student patient a chocolate to eat after getting well. Later, the same student will be seen unwell. She will say that at last, she ate only the chocolate given to her by Prisha. Principal will call the police according to protocol. He will tell the inspector that they found drugs in the chocolate that Prisha gives to school students, which Prisha accepted herself. Police will be seen arresting Prisha. Dev will smirk seeing all this, while Rudra and Saaransh will get worried for Prisha.

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