Fanaa 8th April 2022 Written Update Revenge track

Fanaa 8th April 2022 Written Update Revenge track

Fanaa 8th April 2022 Written Update Revenge track Pakhi asks Agastya in how much time will the security check happen. She also asks Agastya to let’s go shopping as she finds Airports boring. Pakhi thinks what to do as she doesn’t have her phone to call Ishaan for help. She hopes that Mohit listens to her words and understands what she wants to inform him. Agastya takes Pakhi for shopping. Mohit feels shocked on learning that Agastya took Pakhi to the airport and maybe leaving somewhere away. Shanaya asks Mohit whom he has been talking to for so long. Mohit says that some recharge schemes sellers call up again and again.

Sameer and Shanaya are seen calling here and there to get to know Pakhi’s whereabouts. Outside Ishaan’s home, Yug finds someone getting out of Ishaan’s home’s back side. He thinks it’s Ishaan only and he was pretending to be in a coma. He follows and stops the look alike of Ishaan. But the look alike doesn’t stop and starts running away. Yug runs behind him and after some time and some distance away he catches the look alike. The look alike turns out to be Shubham. Yug asks Shubham about Ishaan’s whereabouts. Shubham asks Yug who he is. Yug gets angry and grabs Shubham’s shirt.

He asks Shubham to not act and tell him that Ishaan really got out of coma and is pretending now. Shubham pretends to be angry and asks Yug who he is and what he is doing outside his house. He also asks Yug if he is keeping a watch on his house. Yug in a negative way tells Shubham that he will give an oscar to Ishaan if he finds him out of coma. At Raichand house, finding Neelima alone, Sameer requests her to tell him where Agastya took Pakhi. He tells Neelima that he did everything Agastya asked him to. Sameer says he is even going to London with Prema as Agastya asked him to.


Neelima understands Sameer’s worry and tells him that she honestly doesn’t know where Agastya and Pakhi are at present. Shanaya comes and tells Sameer and Neelima that she called Pakhi’s all friends. She says Pakhi didn’t go to any of them. Neelima says it means that Pakhi lied to her. After all this, Yug lets Shubham go as Shubham says he got out of the backdoor to have cigarettes. In the meantime, Shubham texts Ishaan that he distracted Yug, now he can leave secretly. Ishaan leaves outside on the bike. He goes to the place from where Virat is being taken to the court for hearing. He throws a smoke bomb and takes Virat away with him on his bike. “Allah Duhai Hai” plays in the background.

Constables fail to stop Virat and he runs away with face covered Ishaan. At Airport, Agastya asks Pakhi to not take tension as they will buy winter clothes after check-in and security check. Pakhi feels worried thinking how she will escape from Airport. She hopes that Mohit understands her message and sends help. Agastya gets worried seeing that the women security check line is small and he may again get separated from Pakhi. He thinks that he can’t take the risk of leaving Pakhi alone but his men’s security check line will take time. Pakhi crosses the security check before Agastya and while leaving asks him to not worry as she will be fine.

On the other hand, Yug goes to check on Ishaan through his room window. He finds Ishaan missing. Yug says Agastya was right that both brothers, Shubham and Ishaan are fooling them together. At the same moment he receives news informing that Inspector Virat ran away from police custody. He calls Agastya and wonders why Agastya isn’t picking up his call. Agastya phones ring inside the security check tray. After the security check, Agastya picks up Yug’s call. He gets shell-shocked when Yug informs him that Ishaan is not at his home and Virat ran away from police custody.

Agastya asks Yug what is this happening, how Virat and Ishaan both went Miss. He asks Yug to find out both Ishaan and Virat’s whereabouts by any means as soon as possible. Agastya disconnects the call asking Yug to keep updating him. He turns and gets shocked seeing Pakhi missing. On the other hand, Mohit is seen trying to call/contact Pakhi on the number from which she called him. He walks worriedly on the road and keeps trying to call Pakhi. Mohit wonders where Agastya is taking Pakhi from Airport. On the same road, Yug is seen showing people Ishaan and Virat’s photographs and asking about him.

He gets alerted on hearing Pakhi’s name from Mohit’s mouth. Yug even recognizes Mohit as Pakhi’s cousin. He wonders how Mohit is talking to Pakhi as he knows that Agastya won’t let Pakhi call anyone this time. From the other side of the call, the security personnel asks Mohit if he knows whose phone is this as this phone is kept in Delhi Airport’s lost and found section. Hearing this, Mohit disconnects the calls. Yug grabs Mohit and takes him aside. He asks Mohit to honestly tell him if he was talking to Pakhi. Mohit asks Yug who he is and is this a way to talk to anyone.

Yug asks Mohit, whom he was talking to. Mohit understands that Yug is involved with Agastya. He secretly switches off his phone with a trick that it cannot be switched on. After this, he starts pretending to be helpless and unaware of everything going on. Mohit lies to Yug that his parents are for the first time coming back from a flight from pune and he is going to pick them up. He says his cousin Pakhi also wanted to come with him but failed to come. Mohit tells Yug that he was trying to call Pakhi but his phone got switched off beforehand. He says that he thought Pakhi picked up but the phone went off. Mohit asks Yug why he is getting angry at him like this. To check Mohit’s honesty, Yug tries switching on his phone but it doesn’t work.

He gives Mohit’s phone back to him and pushes him, asking him to leave. Yug wonders where Virat and Ishaan are hiding. He says Agastya won’t spare him, if he fails to find Ishaan and Virat. Mohit stops an auto and leaves for the airport. At the airport, worried Agastya relaxes seeing Pakhi sitting. He walks towards her saying that he got worried, on not seeing her for a minute. Agastya gets shocked seeing some other woman sitting in a saree just like Pakhi was wearing at present. He apologizes to the woman and starts shouting Pakhi’s name to search for her.

Hearing this, the woman wearing saree just like Pakhi’s saree, asks Agastya if he is Agastya Raichand. Agastya says yes. The woman gives black rose, Pakhi’s engagement ring and a letter to Agastya saying that someone gave this to her for him. Agastya gets shocked and starts reading the letter. Through the letter, the blackmailer asks Agastya to accept all his crimes within 2 hours, if he wants to see Pakhi alive. This worries Agastya. On the other hand, Mohit tries running inside the airport but a police official stops him. Mohit tells the official that one of his relatives is inside and it’s important for him to meet him urgently.

The official asks Mohit what important work he has with his relative. Mohit says he can reveal that to him. The official pushes Mohit outside, telling him that it’s not a garden, where he can wander without a ticket. Worried, Mohit walks outside. Inside the airport, Agastya tries searching Pakhi everywhere. He gets shocked seeing the woman wearing Pakhi’s saree missing. Agastya thinks now how he will find Pakhi. He seeks airport security’s help. Security official asks Agastya to call his wife and find out. Agastya threatens the airport security officers by telling them that they will be responsible, if anything happens to his wife.

He shows them Pakhi’s photograph and requests them to search and find his wife. Agastya also requests the airport security to find out the woman who gave him this letter and flower. Everyone leaves to search Pakhi. Agastya also tries searching Pakhi. In a black, fully covered dress, with a face mask on, Pakhi crosses/passes from in front of Agastya. Mardani Anthem, plays in the background. She opens her mask and walks out of the airport with confidence and anger. Outside the airport, Pakhi once again covers her face. Agastya also comes out of the airport. Pakhi runs after seeing him.

Due to the air, Pakhi’s mask falls down. Before Agastya sees her, she turns her face to the other side. Agastya feels suspicious and follows her. Due to heavy traffic, Agastya fails to follow her ahead. At the same time, Mohit grabs Pakhi inside the auto. Mohit asks the auto driver to drive ahead. Seeing Agastya near them, both Pakhi and Mohit turn their faces. The auto driver drives ahead, leaving Agastya behind. Agastya wonders what is this happening, first Virat and Ishaan vanished and now Pakhi got kidnapped. He feels both of these things are surely connected.

Airport security comes and tells Agastya that Pakhi can’t be found anywhere. Agastya tells airport security that he is Agastya Raichand and asks them to inform their seniors that he wants to talk to them and also wants to check this airport’s whole CCTV footage himself. Airport security officers leave to follow Agastya’s orders. A woman wearing a green ring (suspected to be Agastya’s step-mother) is seen watching worried and troubled Agastya from behind a tree. At Raichand house, Agastya’s lawyer shocks Neelima by informing her that they lost the long running case against Agastya’s step mother, even after all their efforts. Neelima asks how this happened.

The lawyer tells Neelima that the proof they presented in the court wasn’t enough according to the court and thus the court dismissed this case. He also shows Neelima the copy of the court’s decision. Neelima asks the lawyer if there is any way left to get Agastya’s stepmother punished as Agastya still has a phobia because of her. The lawyer leaves telling Neelima that this case has already run long in the court and they don’t even have any proof to present in court, that is why court announced a decision in favor of Agastya’s step-mother. Neelima asks the lawyer if Agastya’s step-mother would be wandering outside free and without any fear. Lawyer leaves asking Neelima to inform Agastya as soon as possible.

Neelima worries, thinking that a new trouble has come to the already troubled Agastya. She recalls Agastya’s painful past and says that by a lot of effort, she deleted his evil step-mother’s memories from his mind. Mona comes and tells Neelima that the lawyer told her everything. She tells Neelima that she is sure that Agastya’s step-mother will return and do something against them. Mona says maybe Agastya’s step-mother will try to ask her child’s rights on their property and house. She also tells Neelima that maybe Agastya’s step-mother is behind Pakhi and Agastya’s disappearance.

On the other hand, Pakhi hugs and thanks Mohit for saving her on time. She tells Mohit that Agastya wasn’t listening to her requests of not leaving the country. Pakhi also tells Mohit that how he helped her escape is the sign of God that they are doing everything right. She asks the auto-driver to drop them at Malakpur. Mohit asks Pakhi why they are going out of the city. Pakhi gets determined to make Agastya accept his crimes.

In the next episode, Pakhi and Agastya will be seen separated by fire. Scared of fire, Agastya will tell Pakhi that he accepts that he kept a watch on her for years, held her father captive and tried to get Ishaan killed. Pakhi will switch off the electric fire and slap Agastya. In the background, Pakhi’s voice will ask Agastya to get ready to be caught in the fire of revenge/vengeance.

Reviewed Rating for Fanaa 8th April 2022 Written Update Revenge track: 4/5 This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your own take on the show in the comment section below.


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