Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th April 2022 Written Update Surprised Rudra

Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th April 2022 Written Update Surprised Rudra

Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th April 2022 Written Update Surprised Rudra Ruhi instructs servants to place cushions where she asked them to. She also asks them to clean the sofa properly. Another servant asks Ruhi what else she wants him to cook other than fries. Ruhi innocently asks the servant to keep fries, smiles, a lot of chocolates, mango juice and ice cream. She says Mango juice is her favorite. Prisha comes and smiles watching Ruhi’s innocence. She gets a call from someone. Prisha asks the person on the call to keep it outside with the guard. She says her husband shouldn’t know about it as it’s a surprise for him.

Sharda comes and tells Ruhi that Samosas are ready as she asked to prepare. She asks Ruhi to reveal what is so special today and is someone special coming today. Prisha asks the same question from Ruhi. Ruhi says she has invited her very special friend for a tea party. The bell rings. Aaliya arrives and hugs Ruhi. Prisha recalls that it’s the same girl who saved and helped Ruhi in school. Ruhi reveals that Aaliya is her special friend. She says she invited Aaliya to her house, as she helped her a lot in school. Prisha tells Ruhi that she did good.

Prisha welcomes Aaliya. Aaliya thanks Prisha. Saaransh comes downstairs and gets shocked as well as surprised seeing Aaliya at his home. Aaliya says hi to Saaransh. Sharda makes Aaliya sit in her home with love. In a low voice, Ruhi asks Saaransh to talk to Aaliya, instead of staying silent. Saaransh says no. Rudra also comes there. Aaliya gets surprised seeing Rudra. Ruhi asks Aaliya if she knows Rudra. Aaliya hugs Rudra and reveals that she is a big fan of him. Aaliya separates from Rudra and apologizes to him, saying that she got over excited.


Rudra says it’s fine. Aaliya tells Rudra that she couldn’t express her excitement when she first met him, because of the situation. She also tells Rudra that she loves him as well as all his songs. Rudra thanks Aaliya and tells her that he also loves his cute and sweet fans like her. Saaransh gets upset. He tells Ruhi that now Aaliya will only talk about Rudra, forgetting him. Ruhi asks Saaransh to see her magic. She grabs Saaransh and takes him forward towards Aaliya. Ruhi tells Aaliya that Rudra is her and Saaransh’s father. Aaliya says that’s so cool.

Aaliya tells Rudra that she is a big fan of him and got so inspired by him that she learnt to play guitar by watching him. She requests Rudra to play guitar for her once. Ruhi sees Saaransh’s chance of impressing and befriending Aaliya going to Rudra. To help her brother, Ruhi lies to Aaliya that Saaransh plays guitar even better than Rudra and sometimes corrects his mistakes too. This shocks everyone. Rudra asks when this happened. Ruhi hits Rudra’s foot with her foot to shut him down. Sharda and Prisha enjoy all this. Shocked Aaliya says what?

Ruhi tells Aaliya that when Rudra goes out of tune, Saaransh corrects him. Nervous Saaransh says yes. Ruhi asks Aaliya to come to Saaransh’s room, he will play it for her. Aaliya says now she wants to listen to Saaransh only. Ruhi takes Saaransh and Aaliya with her. Rudra asks Sharda what is happening, when did Saaransh learn to play guitar. Prisha tells Rudra that Ruhi is doing all this to bring Saaransh and Aaliya together. Sharda and Rudra smile. Rudra says Ruhi’s brain works just like him. Prisha says a lot like him. Sharda says Ruhi joined Rudra in fooling everyone.

Inside the room, Ruhi makes Aaliya sit. She gives a guitar to a nervous Saaransh and asks him to play it even better than Rudra. Saaransh starts playing and his music sounds good. Ruhi and Aaliya enjoy it. Saaransh completes his performance. Flashback shows Saaransh telling Ruhi that she got him in a mess as he just knows to play basic notes, not full songs. Ruhi asks Saaransh to chill and pretend playing Guitar. She tells him that she has made all the arrangements. Ruhi reveals to Saaransh that she has hidden a music system behind the curtains. She tells Saaransh that the music system will play the music and he just has to pretend like playing Guitar.

Ruhi says Aaliya won’t realize the truth and will get impressed by him. Flashback ends. Aaliya says she was impressed by Saaransh’s guitar playing skills. Seeing the time, Aaliya says she is getting late and wants to reach home soon. Ruhi asks Aaliya to ask her driver to follow them as she and Saaransh will drop her home and have ice-cream together in between. Saaransh also requests Aaliya for the same. Aaliya agrees. Aaliya and Saaransh discuss their favorite ice-cream flavors. Ruhi smirks, seeing her plan of bringing Aaliya and Saaransh closer, working. She calls herself awesome.

Prisha takes Rudra inside their room and gets romantic with him. She surprises Rudra by presenting him Ruhi’s life’s initial 5 years through a video, which he missed. Video starts with baby Ruhi playing in her swing. “Teri Laadki Main” plays in the background. Rudra starts feeling emotional seeing Baby Ruhi playing with her toys. Prisha feels emotional and guilty. The video further shows Prisha swinging baby Ruhi. In the video, Ruhi slowly grows step by step and turns into a cute and naughty 5 year old girl. The video also shows Ruhi learning Sitar and singing from a teacher. Emotional Rudra hugs Prisha.

Prisha calms emotional Rudra. She tells Rudra that Ruhi has always been just like him. Prisha tells Rudra that Ruhi’s interest in music is also just like him. She also tells Rudra that talent is in Ruhi’s blood as she is his daughter. She apologizes to Rudra for making him miss Ruhi’s life’s initial 5 years. Prisha tells Rudra that she recorded every moment as she had the hope that he would surely come to her and Ruhi one day. She asks Rudra if he understood now, how much she had missed him. Rudra tells Prisha she thought so much for him that now he has no complaints against his luck even.

He points towards Ruhi’s life video and tells Prisha that he lived all the lost moments today. Rudra tells Prisha that she gave him everything that he had lost. He further tells Prisha that she gave him back all the memories and her love as well. Rudra says no surprise can be bigger than this. He tells Prisha that she returned him all the 5 years of his life, which were due. Rudra hugs Prsiha tightly and thanks her. On the other hand, Aaliya thanks Saaransh for dropping her home and for the ice-cream too. Saaransh says welcome. Ruhi and Saaransh say bye to Aaliya. Aaliya and Saaransh shake hands. Dev gets angry seeing Aaliya befriending Ruhi and Saaransh.

Before he could go to Aaliya, he gets Vicky’s call. Vicky tells Dev that it was Saaransh who sat with Aaliya in the school cafeteria. He also tells Dev that Saaransh is their school’s trustee and recently took admission here. Saaransh tells Aaliya that he is glad that she came to his house. He says they will meet again soon. Aaliya says yes as she wants to play guitar with him. Nervous Saaransh says okay. Ruhi and Saaransh leave. Dev runs to teach a lesson to Saaransh and asks Aaliya where Saaransh went. Aaliya says Saaransh left for his home with Ruhi. She asks Dev why he is asking all this.

Dev grabs Aaliya’s hand and starts taking her inside forcefully. She makes Dev leave her hand and asks him what he is doing. Dev asks Aaliya what she was doing with Saaransh. Aaliya asks Dev how does it concern him. She tells Dev that she doesn’t have to tell him everything. Dev tells Aaliya that being her elder brother, he should know whom she is spending time with. Aaliya tells Dev that he can’t control her, just because he is her elder brother. She also tells Dev that what she does with her friends is her personal matter and he doesn’t need to interfere.

Angry Dev raises his hand on Aaliya calling her insolent but confident Aaliya stops and shoves him. She asks Dev to mend his ways before pointing fingers at her. Aaliya tells Dev that she knows everything that he does at school. She says she stays silent just because she doesn’t want to bother their parents. Aaliya warns Dev to behave and not interfere in her personal matters. Dev asks Aaliya to not cross her limits. Aaliya asks if she is crossing her limits. She also asks, who raised his hand first. Aaliya further asks Dev to act like her brother only, don’t try to become her father. Dev yells at Aaliya. Aaliya asks Dev to stop yelling as she isn’t a little kid.

Aaliya warns Dev to not try anything wrong as otherwise, she will reveal all his wrong actions to their parents. She tells Dev that he does everything except studying in school. Aaliya leaves telling Dev that she will reveal to their parents that he troubles people in school. Dev wonders if the whole Khurana family is bad news for him. He says the whole Khurana family is tussling with him and making his own sister (Aaliya) against him. He resolutes that he won’t spare Khuranas. On the other hand, Yuvraj feels very hot in his car without AC, as petrol is finished. He blames Rudra and Prisha for making his condition and life worse. Yuvraj swears to take revenge from Rudra and Prisha, no matter what.

He decides to use his trump card against Rudra and Prisha, even if he has to sacrifice himself for it. He thinks this way he will end but will leave creating a big rift and conflict between Rudra and Prisha, which will never end. Yuvraj decides to tell the truth to Rudra. At Khurana Mansion, Rudra gets romantic with Prisha. He starts combing Prisha’s hair. Ruhi comes there and alerts Prisha to not let Rudra comb her hair. She tells Prisha that Rudra made a very funny pony out of her hair, in Rohtak. Ruhi says she became a laughing stock in the whole school. Rudra reminds Ruhi that he already apologized to her for that as he doesn’t know how to make ponies.

Guard catches Yuvraj trying to enter Khurana Mansion secretly. He runs behind Yuvraj but the latter runs away scared. Yuvraj still remains adamant on separating Rudra and Prisha. In the next episode, Dev and Vicky will overhear Aaliya telling Saaransh that they will perform together. Aaliya will tell Saaransh that she will dance and he will play guitar. Dev will then decide to do something to not let Saaransh perform with his sister Aaliya. A police officer will be seen trying to arrest Rudra and Prisha. Saaransh will get injured badly while performing an experiment in the school lab. Dev will smirk seeing all this. Rudra and Prisha will get shocked and worried seeing Saaransh injured.

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