Banni Chow Home Delivery Gud Se Mitha New shows Upcoming

Banni Chow Home Delivery Gud Se Mitha New shows Upcoming

Banni Chow Home Delivery Gud Se Mitha New shows Upcoming Banni Chow Home Delivery – Banni’s service of love Banni sets on her bike with tiffins to deliver her orders. Two men traveling in a jeep are in a hurry and drop Banni’s whole order. They start laughing when they get to know that Banni is a girl. She corrects them and tells that she is not a girl but Banni Chow Home Delivery service. The two men tell her to come to their mansion and take the money. Banni tells them that they dropped 150 kids’ food and are ready to pay the amount. She tells them that she makes food with love and that there is no calculation for it. People come forward to help Banni. The two men feel ashamed. Banni leaves with pride.

Mika Di Vohti – Mika’s hunt for a wife:

Mika tells his horse that it has become fat by eating a lot. He shares his feelings with his horse. Mika tells it that he can no longer ride alone on it. He goes on to tell that in India 1000 marriages take place daily and many alliances are united by his songs. Mika feels that he never thought about his own connection. He decides to search for a beautiful girl and make her his life partner. Mika expresses that he wants to sit on a horse quickly. The horse neighs and runs away. How will Mika finish his loneliness? Will Mika find the one who will keep him happy?


Choti Sardaarni – Zoravar-Mannat’s arguement:

Seher finds a heart on Mannat’s hand. On asking Mannat tells Seher that she carries her heart in her hands. Mannat says that her heart beats for her family. Zoravar Singh Gill overhears their conversation and says that her heart will definitely break. Mannat tells him that he doesn’t know the value of family love. Zoravar reveals that he has suffered a big loss by staying connected with his family. Zoravar and Mannat fight. Seher stops them and says that Zoravar and Mannat are connected by destiny. Zoravar and Mannat will start the new chapter in Choti Sardaarni.

Gud Se Meetha Ishq – Kaju-Neel’s Grih Pravesh:

Pari is playing with her dolls when Kaju and Neel make an entry into the house. Neel’s family members refuse to accept their marriage. Pari takes her dolls in front of Kaju and Neel and checks the similarities. She says that the bride and groom are looking good together. Pari makes Neel’s parents bless the couple and declares that the marriage is now over after seeking their parents’ blessings. Kaju becomes emotional seeing Pari’s gesture. Pari also blesses Kaju and Neel. Will Pari’s innocence help Kaju and Neel to form a connection?


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