Kumkum Bhagya 13th April 2022 Written Update Major twist

Kumkum Bhagya 13th April 2022 Written Update Major twist

Kumkum Bhagya 13th April 2022 Written Update Major twist Ranbir vents out his anger on the punching bag. Prachi tells him that he is burning in the fire of passion. He tells her that the day he gets that culprit who tried to harm her, he will burn that person in that fire of passion. He adds that he will not let anyone harm her again. He is ready to hurt himself until he finds the person who had tried to hurt his life, Prachi. Ranbir’s true emotions makes Prachi cry. She emotionally hugs him. He promises to secure her. Later, Nick arrives home to get the money from Rhea and Aaliya. He feels threatened by Ranbir, when he gets caught. He angrily takes Prachi at the point of his knife. He threatens of killing her if Ranbir comes ahead. What will happen? Will Nick harm Ranbir and Prachi? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Shahana looks for her earring that fell around. Aaliya and Rhea don’t see Shahana there. Rhea unlocks the cupboard. Nick sees Shahana. He takes the money bag from Rhea and shuts the door. Rhea asks Shahana why is she still here. Nick gets happy seeing the money. Aaliya asks Dida to come with her and talk. Dida tells that she has knee pain, she can’t get up. Dida asks Aaliya to call the doctor. Rhea and Aaliya go away for some time again. Nick keeps patience and stays locked in the cupboard. Ranbir doesn’t want to take much stress. He vents his anger. He recalls Nick’s words that someone from Kohli family planned that attack. Prachi finds Ranbir hurting himself in rage. She grows worried for him.


Kumkum Bhagya 13th April 2022 Written Update Major twist:

Ranbir vents his anger on his failure to fight Nick. He asks Prachi to leave. She asks him to talk to her well. He asks her why did she come to talk, when she doesn’t know to talk well. She asks him not to risk his life by finding the attacker. Ranbir tells her that he wants to find the attacker to punish him. He is scared that anything could have happened to Prachi. He tells that he wanted to love her typically, he wanted to please her and become her bodyguard, he wanted to become a romantic hero, but he has become an angry young man. He doesn’t know how to love her when it got too tough. He tells that he doesn’t want to love her, he is tired of loving her.

He adds that he is helpless to love her. He confesses his love to her. He tells that he helplessly loves her. Prachi cries seeing him cry. Ranbir tells that Prachi doesn’t listen to his heart, which beats for her. He adds that he wants to kill the attacker, who wanted to make Prachi away from him. He tells that she is the person for whom he can do anything, he had left his family for her sake before and now he doesn’t know if he should free her or not, he has gone mad in her love, but maybe they have united just to get away. He tells that she is the only thing that matters to him. He feels he has become a big man, but he has no identity, she has snatched everything from him. He asks her to confess that she loves him. He hates her that she has made him hate himself. She cries profusely.

He tells her that he wants to live his life his way, she shouldn’t stop him. She tells that he will burn in the fire of passion. He tells that he will burn that culprit in the same fire once he finds him. He promises Prachi. She melts her heart and hugs him. They shed tears and have an emotional moment. Thankfully, this moment isn’t of their dream. Aaliya and Rhea go to their room and talk. Shahana hears them. She is shocked to know Rhea’s plan of getting Prachi killed by hiring Nick. She angrily goes in front of them to hire them. She tells them that she got to know the truth, she will go to Ranbir and tell him.

She tells that she had seen them bringing the money from the bank locker. She reminds that the family will believe her after seeing the evidence, the cctv footage. She threatens of exposing Rhea, that she wanted to kill Prachi. Ranbir and Prachi have a prolonged hug filled with emotions. Prachi wants to tell him. She tells that she hugged him, he shouldn’t derive any wrong meaning from it. He tells that he has understood her feelings. He tells her that he has forgotten whatever she said, but she shouldn’t forget, he will not leave the culprit when he finds him. Rhea and Aaliya run after Shahana and catch her.

Prachi tells that she doesn’t know what Ranbir will do now. She doesn’t want bad to happen with anyone. he tells that he is the person whose life got ruined, his dreams also got ruined. He reminds his dreams. She feels guilty that she is lying to him about their baby. He tells her that he has thought a lot about his third dream, so he used to dream of it, that she is pregnant. He tells that he had dreamt once that she had given him a letter and wrote that he is going to become a father. He tells her that he was actually looking for that letter in reality, he is so stupid. Prachi loses out to her emotions in this weak moment. Ranbir tells that he has explained himself by much difficulty. He asks her not to give him any false hopes now.

Shahana shouts to Ranbir and Prachi. She finally reaches him. Rhea and Aaliya hide. Shahana tells that she got to know that…. They hear Dida screaming and run to see. Aaliya tells that they have to do something before Shahana tells the truth to Ranbir. Dida catches Nick and asks Ranbir to catch him. Nick loses the money. Ranbir tries to catch him. Shahana reaches there and sees Nick. Rhea and Aaliya get worried. Nick catches Prachi at the knife-point and threatens the Kohlis to let him leave. Ranbir asks Nick to leave Prachi, he can take the bag if he wants.

He picks the bag and finds the cash dropping down out on the floor. Vikram and family can’t believe the sight. Shahana tells that Aaliya and Rhea got the cash home. Pallavi asks why did they get it. Aaliya attacks Nick and gets into a fight with him. Prachi falls down. Ranbir cares for her. Nick hurts Dida and tries to run away. Aaliya faints down Nick in time. She tells them that she angrily killed Nick, because he was going to kill Prachi. Vikram tells that Nick is alive. Ranbir removes the fake beard off Nick’s face and tells that he is Nick, he is the attacker, who tried to kill Prachi.

Dida asks him if he has come to steal the cash. Ranbir tells that Nick had come to complete his work, and then might have thought to steal the cash. Rhea faints down Shahana, while everybody is looking at Nick. Rhea asks Ranbir to check Shahana. Ranbir and Prachi worry for Shahana. Aaliya tells that maybe Shahana fainted by heat stroke. Prachi asks them to call a doctor. Ranbir lifts Shahana and takes her to the room. He asks Prachi to take care of Shahana well. Dida asks Prachi what does Ranbir mean. Ranbir tells her that Shahana is pregnant. Dida didn’t know this. She thinks Rhea was saying the truth, but Ranbir tried to save her name. He tells that Shahana is comfortable with Prachi. Dida asks them to not worry, and take rest, she will sit with Shahana. Ranbir asks Prachi is she okay. She replies yes.

Dida thinks that they both don’t want anyone to know that Shahana is pregnant. Aaliya tells Rhea that they have managed the matter well. Rhea tells that Nick will get conscious and angrily blast the truth against them. Aaliya doesn’t think he will go against them. Rhea asks her not to have overconfidence. Aaliya tells that Nick is unconscious now, she got him caught, she will explain him everything when he gets conscious. Rhea thinks they are finished, they have no way to save themselves. Aaliya tells that she will get Nick out of the house. She asks Rhea not to worry about Shahana. Pallavi hears the last line of their conversation and questions them.

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