Fanaa 13th April 2022 Written Update Agastya’s confession

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Fanaa 13th April 2022 Written Update Agastya’s confession Agastya keeps on hitting the main door of Pakhi, Ishaan and Virat’s secret place with a rod in order to break it. Ishaan goes outside and screams Agastya’s name. Both Agastya and Ishaan glare angrily at each. They walk towards each other. Agastya again and again asks Ishaan, where Pakhi is. Ishaan asks Agastya to first tell him why he didn’t confess his crimes. He asks Agastya to confess all his crimes, if he wants to save Pakhi. Agastya grabs Ishaan’s collar and reminds him that he asked him to not dare do anything to Pakhi.

Ishaan pushes Agastya away. Both Ishaan and Agastya start fighting with each other. In between, Agastya overpowers Ishaan in the fight. He beats Ishaan badly and asks him how dare he try separating Pakhi from him. Before Agastya could hurt Ishaan more, Virat comes and kicks Agastya making him fall down. Agastya gets angrier and takes out his gun. He points it towards Ishaan and Virat. At Raichand house, Sameer reveals if Pakhi is in danger then it is only from Agastya. He tells Neelima that she didn’t stop Agastya, even after knowing his reality. When Neelima doesn’t say anything, Sameer says he will reveal Agastya’s reality to the media. Neelima stops Sameer and requests him to not do this. She tells Sameer that Aagstya is behaving childish but he is mature and elder.

Neelima requests Sameer to understand her. She says she believes that Agastya may have gone to find Pakhi. Neelima requests Sameer to forgive Agastya for once. Sameer asks Neelima, if she would have forgiven Aagstya, if she would have been in his place. Everyone hears Neelima and Sameer’s conversation with shock and confusion. Sameer says he will kill Agastya, if something happens to Pakhi because of him. Everyone gets stunned hearing this. Mohit says he knows where Pakhi is. Everyone gets shocked again. On the other hand, Agastya laughs madly and evilly.


With a gun in hand and a villainous attitude, Agastya asks Ishaan and Virat about Pakhi’s whereabouts. He threatens Ishaan and Virat, saying that he will kill them if they don’t reveal Pakhi’s whereabouts to him. Ishaan moves forward towards Agastya and confidently asks him to shoot. He tells Agastya that he has already ruined their life and they have nothing to lose now. Ishaan also tells Agastya that he and Virat will die, but he (Agastya) won’t ever be able to find Pakhi. He further tells Agastya that Pakhi will die suffocating at their secret place but he won’t be able to find Pakhi in this life. Agastya gets angry and tells Ishaan and Virat that he won’t spare them, if anything happens to Pakhi.

Ishaan tells Agastya that he is not in the condition to threaten them. He asks Agastya to confess his crimes peacefully. Agastya asks Ishaan if he thinks he will easily accept anything. He threatens Ishaan to tell him where Pakhi is. Ishaan keeps Agastya’s gun on his forehead and says the person, who really has to kill someone, doesn’t speak much before pressing the trigger. He shouts and asks Agastya to shoot. Ishaan tells Agastya that they know that he won’t press the trigger as he won’t find Pakhi, if they will die. Ishaan tells Agastya that for the last time, he is asking him if he will confess or not. Agastya tells Ishaan that he too for the last time is asking him about Pakhi’s whereabouts.

Some boxes’ voices can be heard, Agastya runs towards it. From outside the window, Agastya sees an injured Pakhi tied to a chair. He asks Pakhi to not be scared as he is coming. using the opportunity, Virat snatches the gun from Agastya. Agastya gets shocked. Pakhi opens her taped mouth and screams. She requests Agastya to save her and get her out of here. Pakhi pretends to be sacred, making Agastya worried. Agastya turns back and sees Virat with two lit matchsticks. He recalls the horrific incident of his childhood. Flashback shows Agastya’s step-mother’s trial to burn him alive in his childhood.

Agastya feels scared. He gets more scared and worried, when Virat throws the matchsticks inside the window. Pakhi screams as the whole room, where she is held captive, starts burning. She screams and seeks help from Aagstya. Seeing Pakhi stuck in the burning room and screaming for help, Agastya recalls himself screaming for his mother and grandmother’s help in childhood. He keeps on asking, “mother why you did this, mother it’s burning, help me mother”. Flashback shows Virat narrating his plan to Ishaan and Pakhi to make Agastya confess his crimes by using his fear of fire (Pyrophobia). Pakhi rejects this plan. Flashback ends.

Pakhi keeps on screaming for Aagstya’s help. Agastya asks Ishaan to do anything with him and requests him to save Pakhi. He says that Pakhi will burn. Ishaan says it’s good that Agastya loves Pakhi but he (Ishaan) will have to go save her. He asks Agastya to go inside and save his love, Pakhi himself, nobody is stopping him. Agastya tells Ishaan that he won’t be able to tolerate if something happens to Pakhi. He keeps on requesting Ishaan to save Pakhi.

Ishaan asks Agastya to confess all his crimes, if he wants him to save Pakhi. Pakhi keeps on screaming for help. Ishaan and Virat keep on asking Agastya to confess his crimes. Ishaan asks Agastya to not be stubborn, otherwise Pakhi will die. Pakhi will pretend to be scared and stuck. Agastya says he accepts all his crimes. Virat starts recording Agastya’s confession on his phone. He says he will confess everything and requests Ishaan to save Pakhi. Agastya reveals that he has loved Pakhi endlessly for many years. He says he wanted to become Pakhi’s land, sky and solution to all her problems. Agastya says he kept a watch on Pakhi for many years, so that nobody could trouble her.

He reveals that he had got hidden cameras fitted all over Pakhi’s house. Agastya says he even got Pakhi’s all family members and friends set up, so that he could keep track of Pakhi’s location. He also says that Pakhi didn’t know that it was him, who solved all her problems secretly, for many years and became her universe. Aagstya says he saved Pakhi from all evil eyes/sight as he loved her endlessly. He reveals that he made a mistake as he never confessed his love to Pakhi. Agastya angrily says that when he planned to confess his love to Pakhi, Pakhi told him that she loves Ishaan. Pakhi recalls that moment. Agastya says his world ended that day and he got shattered.

He says he loved Pakhi truly and that is why he couldn’t have seen Pakhi loving a wrong person. Agastya reveals that this is why he tried to get Ishaan killed. Flashback shows Yug stabbing Ishaan. Flashback ends. Agastya says to make Pakhi realize her mistake, he had sent her to the prison. Flashback shows the same. He says Pakhi got bailed out easily without any scratch, because he was behind all this. Agastya tells Ishaan that he got him trapped in the organ trafficking case, to make Pakhi realize that loving him was her biggest mistake. Agastya madly says that nobody in this world would have loved Pakhi in this way, more than him.

He reveals that after all this Pakhi’s father (Sameer) got to know his reality. Agastya says if Sameer would have revealed his reality to Pakhi, Pakhi wouldn’t have talked, loved or married him. He says it may seem and sound wrong, but he had no other option left, other than to hold Sameer captive. Agastya says no one would have understood that whatever he did, he did it to get his love, Pakhi. He says he knows this is madness, but everything is fair in love. Agastya asks Virat what he got by coming in between his motives. With attitude and anger, Agastya reminds Virat that he got him arrested in a fake case. He says no one will ever understand his love for Pakhi. Agastya says he never wanted to hurt anyone, it was just his madness.

Virat and Ishaan sign Pakhi to come outside. Agastya requests Ishaan to save Pakhi as now he confessed all his crimes. Pakhi comes outside and screams Agastya’s name. She walks towards Agastya. Agastya asks Pakhi if she is feeling pain anywhere and cares for her. He hugs Pakhi tightly. Virat points a gun towards Agastya. Agastya snatches the gun from Virat and points it back at him. He laughs madly and evilly and asks Virat to try leaving alive from here. When Agastya points the gun towards Ishaan, angry Pakhi makes it fall from his hands and kicks it away. This shocks Agastya.

He asks Pakhi what she is doing. Pakhi asks Agastya to end his drama. She tells Agastya that his reality is revealed to her. Pakhi reveals to Agastya that it was actually she who planned against him with Ishaan and Virat’s help. She gives a tight slap to Agastya, telling him that she hates him. Agastya gets shocked. Pakhi tells Agastya that his deception gave her the strength to expose him. She also tells Agastya that she won’t get peace, till she gets him punished. Pakhi cries and asks Agastya why he deceived her. She tells Agastya that it was not his love but deception. Pakhi says she never knew that her best friend would be her biggest enemy.

She asks Agastya what he achieved by controlling her life and keeping a watch on her. Pakhi explains to Agastya that a person makes sacrifices for whom they love, not plays with their lover’s life. She asks Agastya if he wanted to become God of her life. Pakhi asks Agastya if he didn’t feel ashamed by fitting hidden cameras in her home. She asks Agastya how he could ruin other’s lives or hurt them for getting her. Pakhi makes Agastya count his crimes, how he tried killing Ishaan, held her father captive, snatched Virat’s life and reputation by getting him arrested in a false case. She asks Agastya how he is living peacefully by committing so many crimes/sins. Pakhi asks Agastya if his conscience died.

Agastya grabs Pakhi’s cheeks and tries to make her understand that he has always loved her. He requests Pakhi to try understanding him and his love for her. Pakhi pushes Agastya away and asks him to stay away. This shocks Agastya. She tells him that a word like, “love” doesn’t look good coming out from his mouth. Pakhi tells Agastya that it’s his stubbornness, not love. She says Agastya Raichand wants to get what he starts liking once. Agastya requests Pakhi to understand that he even made impossible things possible for her, one smile. He tells Pakhi that he loved only one girl in this whole world and that is she. Agastya tells Pakhi that his reason to live will die, if he won’t get her. He tells Pakhi that he will die without her. Agastya further tells Pakhi that he did all this, only to get her, there wasn’t any other reason. Both Pakhi and Agastya cry profusely.


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