Kundali Bhagya 14th April 2022 Written Update Twisty

Kundali Bhagya 14th April 2022 Written Update Twisty

Kundali Bhagya 14th April 2022 Written Update Twisty Karan romances Preeta. He romantically shows his rights on her. He tells himself that Preeta is his wife and he has all the right on her, even she won’t mind if he romances her. Karan corrects her bindi and holds her close, saying the bindi wasn’t in the center, so he had to fix it right. He tells her that he had a special time with her which he will always remember. Preeta collides with him and ends up falling in his arms. She thanks him for saving her from the fall. They get into their happy zone. Sherlyn and Natasha conspire once again. Sherlyn tells that she will separate Karan and Preeta, she is waiting for a right chance. To Preeta’s gratitude, Karan replies that he will always save her, as he has promised her. They stand near the mirror and see themselves, smiling and appearing really happy together. What will Sherlyn do now? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, He asks constable to leave him alone. Constable calls him a headache. Naagre and Pradeep wake up. They face Prithvi and also his anger. Prithvi rebukes them for losing out on the perfect plan. He tells that they could have kidnapped Preeta, but they lost terribly. Naagre assures that he will bail out himself and also Prithvi and Pradeep. Prithvi asks him not to lose this time. Karan tells that Preeta is his wife, its his right on her. Preeta gets ready and comes to him. She asks Karan what is he saying about his rights. He gets speechless.

Karan tells Preeta that he was talking about his rights. She asks him what does he mean. He tells that he was just telling about his rights. He doesn’t answer her and goes away. Preeta recalls whatever happened at night. She thinks Karan is her official husband, he has a right on her. She cleans the bed. She remembers their crazy moments. She gets a broad smile on her face. Preeta goes out of the room. On the other hand, Sherlyn and Natasha wake up and try to know what is going on. Natasha tells that her life is ruined, she had planned many things, but Karan and Preeta got united, they will always be together, they can never get separated. Sherlyn tells that their relation can turn weak.


She is sure that she will win. She tells that she always gets saved after getting trapped in big problems. She reveals that Mahesh knew her truth and even then he couldn’t cause any harm to her. She boasts of herself that she got rid of Rishabh as well. She wants to separate Karan and Preeta. She understands that its too tough to intoxicate someone and get them for their purpose. Natasha tells that Karan and Preeta got united again. Sherlyn hopes that their closeness doesn’t create any problem for them. Karan falls for Preeta. He corrects her bindi and tells her that it wasn’t properly placed. They get into a romantic moment. He makes her wear the bangles. She smiles by his romantic gestures.

Elsewhere, Shrishti waits for Biji and Janki to wake up. She asks them if they got sober up or not. Shrishti tells that they had many fights in the Luthra house. They don’t believe her. They doubt that Shrishti is fooling them by stories. Preeta thanks Karan for saving her from falling. He tells that he will always save her as he promised her. He gets hurt by the door. She runs to see him. She cares for him. He asks her to come downstairs, he has to show her something important. Sameer wakes up and gets a hangover. Karan meets her. Sameer recalls the night and tells that he has done something wrong. Karan jokes on his reactions. Sameer tells that he has told his feelings to Shrishti.

Karan tells that its good that Sameer didn’t do anything in drunken state. Sameer tells that a person can tell his feelings in drunken state. Karan remembers the night. He tells that he was feeling confident in the drunken state. Sameer asks him what did he do. Karan tells that he didn’t do anything. He asks Sameer to come downstairs, there is a good news, its not about Prithvi. Prithvi gets the bail. He argues with the Inspector. He tells that he didn’t steal those papers. Inspector tells that Karan got the papers from his stick. Prithvi asks if he is Karan’s fan. He gets into an argument with the Inspector. He tells Naagre that he has to go to Luthra house first and find out the papers kept safely.

He scolds Naagre for ruining his plan. He leaves from there. Naagre finishes the bail formalities. Karan tells Preeta that he was waiting for her. The entire family comes. Karan tells that he is awaiting a call, and then they can check the news. He gets a call. He asks then to check the news. The family finds Karan back in the news. They like Karan’s BCL auction. Karan tells that his family will be proud of him. Preeta tells that she is also proud of him. He tells that she will get her money and his family will get their happiness. She gets upset hearing him. Prithvi makes an entry home. He is shocked to see Karan’s success news and the family happily celebrating. Prithvi shocks the family with his return. He gets ignored by the joyful family.

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