Kundali Bhagya 18th April 2022 Written Update Preeta best move

Kundali Bhagya 18th April 2022 Written Update Preeta best move

Kundali Bhagya 18th April 2022 Written Update Preeta best move Karan tells Preeta that he is the Karan Luthra, the best, she shall see the best of his talents when the match day comes. He is sure to perform the best in the match. He doesn’t know what is Prithvi planning against him. he tells that he will play the second innings with so much swag that everyone will be left awestruck. Preeta is really happy to see Karan’s confidence and happiness. She wants Karan to progress in his life and never look back at his depressing phase of life. Karan goes for the match practice. Prithvi sends his hired goon there and asks him to appear close to Karan. Prithvi asks him to pretend as Karan’s fan. The man meets Karan and appreciates his batting skills, revealing that he is his ardent fan.

He asks Karan for a selfie and then hugs him. Prithvi clicks their pictures from far, while sitting in his car. Prithvi wants to frame Karan in match fixing and get a closure to his career. The man asks Prithvi when should he meet Karan next. Prithvi asks him to keep meeting Karan until the BCL tournament starts. He wants to defame Karan so that the latter never gets back into his cricket profession. On the other hand, Preeta gets irritated by Sherlyn who constantly supports Prithvi. She angrily questions Sherlyn what is she is Prithvi’s life, is she also his wife that she is taking his side in the house. Preeta makes the best move to confront Sherlyn about her madness for Prithvi in front of the family. Sherlyn gets tensed by her question, while Kritika and the entire family are left shocked by the unexpected question.

Earlier in the show, Prithvi tells Sherlyn that he isn’t going anywhere. She wants to know his plans. She tells that he isn’t in her control, she is still the old Sherlyn, she didn’t lose her mind after marrying Rishabh. He asks her to understand him. She threatens to hate him if he doesn’t share his plan. He tells that he was in the jail since two days. He shares his feelings. He tells that he was really angry seeing Karan and Luthras happy, he is going to hunt down Karan, who is the heir of the Luthra family, he has become a weakness for the family now, Karan shouldn’t get famous, else the entire family will reap benefits. He plans to defame Karan in a way that the entire family suffers. She asks him if he will get Karan killed. He tells that he won’t kill Karan, he will keep Karan alive and torture him.


Kundali Bhagya 18th April 2022 Written Update Preeta best move:

Prithvi tells Sherlyn that he will keep Karan alive so that he can torture him every day and kill him. He wants the family to insult Karan and assume him dead, they should also die by the disgrace that Karan gets for them. She asks him if he will put molestation charges on Karan. He tells that he wants to harm him in a bigger way, he wants to do something that ruins him completely. She asks him to come to the point and stop irritating him. He asks her to smile and hear out his plan. He tells that Karan will play cricket in the BCL, if he frames Karan in match fixing then Karan will be ruined.

Sherlyn tells that it’s a bad idea, Karan plays cricket for passion, not for money, he can’t get blamed for match fixing. He tells that he will ruin Karan’s career, he will use his aide Sandesh into framing Karan, he will create such a situation that Karan takes money from Sandesh’s hands, that picture will prove Karan as a match fixer. She asks him why will Karan take money from Sandesh. She calls it his imagination. She tells that his imagination can turn into reality. He goes to chase Karan. Karan reaches the cricket club. Prithvi follows him. Sandesh meets Karan and tells that he is his big fan. Karan likes him. Sandesh tells that he has Karan’s pictures all over his house. Karan gives him an autograph.

He hugs Sandesh. Prithvi clicks their pictures. Karan asks Sandesh to be happy. Sharma ji asks Prithvi not to park his car in Karan’s parking. Prithvi tells that he is also a player, he is a star. Sharma ji asks him to leave. Prithvi wants to know when will Karan stop troubling him. Sharma ji asks why will Karan trouble him. Prithvi boasts of his talents. Sharma ji asks Karan for the car keys to give to the valet. Prithvi hides from Karan. Sandesh meets Prithvi. He tells that he had made a temporary tattoo for Karan to fool him. Prithvi pays him money for the convincing act. Sandesh asks when should he meet Karan once. Prithvi asks him to meet Karan every day until the BCL starts.

Sherlyn summons Natasha for a meeting. Natasha argues with her. Sherlyn tells that Karan and Preeta have united once again, they are just fooling others, they love each other. She tells Natasha that she is useless, her plans have failed, she is free to go, Prithvi doesn’t need her now. Natasha tells that when Karan and Preeta fight and get distanced, then they can attack their relation. Sherlyn tells that she will call her when such rough patch comes. She asks Natasha to leave the house. She doesn’t need Natasha now. Natasha apologizes to her. She wants another chance. Sherlyn tells that she can’t tolerate her more. Natasha promises that she will separate Karan and Preeta. Sherlyn asks her to leave for the airport in the car.

Natasha begs her to get some time. Sherlyn gives her a week time. She asks Natasha to leave after a week. She feels Natasha is totally useless, even then she has given her a chance. She hopes that Prithvi’s plan makes Preeta and Karan away. She is hurt that she isn’t able to live with her lover Prithvi. She wants Preeta to also long for Karan. On the other hand, Rakhi stops Preeta for a talk. Karan comes home. He asks Preeta couldn’t she wait for him, when he is a celebrity. She tells that he plays the game for himself and his family. She asks him to play well if he is playing for his sake. He tells her that he is a good player, he is the best when it comes to a challenge. He asks her to just watch his match.

Rakhi asks them not to have ego fights. He tells that he has to rush and practice well for the final match. Preeta thinks to trigger his ego and challenge him to get the best out of him. Sherlyn thinks why is Preeta and everyone mentioning Rishabh’s name, like he is going to return. She understands that Preeta is motivating Karan to play well by acting of the ego fight. Preeta finds Karan working hard. She feels proud of him. She asks him to take some rest. He jokes that she wants excuses to touch him. She reminds him that she is a physiotherapist and can help him get relieved of the knots in the shoulder. She massages his shoulders. She wants him to work hard and prove that he can achieve success and name back for the family.

She prays that he plays really well. The family is really happy because of Karan. Kritika is glad to see them happy, but thinks nobody is caring for Prithvi. Karan meets the family. He tells that he woke up really late because of Preeta. She tells that she was relieving his stiff neck and back, he is able to go on practice today because of her. Karan leaves for the practice. Kritika asks Preeta why is she so happy. She doesn’t understand Preeta. Preeta asks her to understand that Prithvi had done wrong and went to jail. She advises Kritika to go to her room and cry, instead of spoiling everyone’s mood. She tells Kareena that they all know Prithvi is a disgusting man, Kritika shouldn’t forgive him. Sherlyn blames Preeta for making Prithvi steal the papers. Preeta asks Sherlyn why is she taking Prithvi’s side.

She tells that Kritika is his wife and can defend him, why is Sherlyn taking his side, is she also his wife. Sherlyn acts that she is devoted to Rishabh. Bani and Kareena tell that Kritika is Prithvi’s wife. Sherlyn apologizes to them that she spoke in Prithvi’s favor. Preeta knows that Sherlyn has ended the matter and left in a rush, knowing that she will get exposed. Bani tells that they want someone who keeps the family united. Rakhi believes that Preeta said such a big thing for a reason. Sandesh meets Karan again. He tells that he got something for him. Karan tells that he doesn’t take gifts from anyone. Sandesh gives him sweets and chocolates. Karan accepts it. Prithvi clicks their pictures. Karan asks Sandesh not to bring it next time.

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  1. Do not defame Karan. There is no happy moments in luthra house. Seems prithvi and Sterling are financiers of this serial because always Ekta Kapoor wants them as winners


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