Kundali Bhagya 19th April 2022 Written Update Breaking news

Kundali Bhagya 19th April 2022 Written Update Breaking news

Kundali Bhagya 19th April 2022 Written Update Breaking news Karan takes Mahesh and Rakhi’s blessings on the big day before leaving for the first BCL match. They bless him that he wins and makes them proud. Karan tells that Mahesh will be proud of him. He promises Mahesh that this match will be the best match of his career. Rakhi thinks everything has got fine for the family. Karan reaches the stadium and gets ready to enter the field. He is called for the batting. The news reporters also praise Karan and wait for him to spread his magic on the cricket ground. Rakhi, Mahesh and Preeta get excited to see Karan batting. Police arrives there and arrests Karan on the charges of match fixing. Karan can’t believe it.

The other player asks who will play in Karan’s place. Karan tells that he will play the match. Karan is taken by the police. Karan’s arrest news shocks the family. Preeta isn’t aware of Prithvi’s conspiracy. She determines to save Karan from the ugly mess. Prithvi smiles seeing Karan arrested. He had promised to get Karan jailed and take his revenge. On the other hand, Mahesh makes a shocking revelation against Sherlyn that she has ruined their family. The family is puzzled. Sherlyn doesn’t want them to suspect her.

Earlier in the show, Preeta asks Sherlyn why is she taking Prithvi’s side. She tells that Kritika is his wife and can defend him, why is Sherlyn taking his side, is she also his wife. Sherlyn acts that she is devoted to Rishabh. Bani and Kareena tell that Kritika is Prithvi’s wife. Sherlyn apologizes to them that she spoke in Prithvi’s favor. Preeta knows that Sherlyn has ended the matter and left in a rush, knowing that she will get exposed. Bani tells that they want someone who keeps the family united. Rakhi believes that Preeta said such a big thing for a reason. Sandesh meets Karan again. He tells that he got something for him. Karan tells that he doesn’t take gifts from anyone. Sandesh gives him sweets and chocolates. Karan accepts it. Prithvi clicks their pictures. Karan asks Sandesh not to bring it next time.


Kundali Bhagya 19th April 2022 Written Update Breaking news:

Prithvi clicks Karan’s pictures with Sandesh. The reporters ask Karan about his return to the game. Karan asks them to watch his game and enjoy. He is excited and nervous as well. The reporter tells that Karan didn’t play the game since the last two years and is making a comeback with BCL. Prithvi thinks that Karan will disappoint them once again, he won’t be playing the game even this year. He calls someone and asks him to come on time. He wants a teach a lesson to Karan. He thinks to ruin Karan with his master stroke. The guy Prince comes to the hotel. Prithvi has called him because he resembles Karan in looks.

Prithvi doesn’t want to appear with Sandesh and Prince. He thinks to stay away from them and just communicate on chats. He goes to the room for a meeting with them. Police arrives at the hotel for a robbery case. Prithvi asks Sandesh to beware of the police and also the CCTV cameras. He messages Prince to not go to that room right now. Hotel manager sees Prince and gets mistaken that he is Karan. Karan meets Mahesh at home. He asks the nurse if Mahesh is okay. She tells that Mahesh will feel better soon. He thanks her. She tells that Preeta has taken care of her dad in the hospital, so she wants to return the favor to her. She asks Karan to spend time with Mahesh.

Karan greets Mahesh. He tells that it’s a big day for him, he will make Mahesh proud. He wants to pray that Mahesh is better tomorrow. He just wants Mahesh back with him. Sandesh asks Prithvi why did he drop the plan. Prithvi tells that its his plan, the outcome is important for him, so he will decide when to execute it. Prince asks why did Prithvi get scared of the police when they did nothing wrong. Prithvi doesn’t want them to get caught by the police, they have to execute the plan. Sandesh doesn’t understand his plan. Prithvi asks them to come to Luthra house backside, its not safe to get into anyone’s sight. He wants to play safe. He tells that they will do their work in Luthra house.

Prithvi sneaks into the house at night. He calls Sandesh and Prince there. Prince takes Karan’s get up. He tells that they will get caught. Sandesh asks him not to question Prithvi. He trusts Prithvi. He tells that he has worked with many people before, Prithvi is really smart and also carries the backup plan. He praises Prithvi. Prithvi likes his confidence and understanding. He tells that nobody should see them together. He asks them to follow him. Preeta reaches there. Prithvi and Sandesh hide. She sees Prince from behind and thinks he is Karan. She calls him out, but he walks away to get saved. She follows him.

Prithvi takes Sandesh with him. Sandesh knew that Prithvi is ready for any danger. Prithvi asks him to praise her later. He thinks if Preeta has caught Prince. He asks Sandesh to stay there until he calls him. Prince collides with Sandesh. They hide and wait for Prithvi’s sign. Prithvi doesn’t want to waste time. Preeta comes there calling out Karan. Prithvi hides from her. She feels really weird that Karan is nowhere. Prithvi smiles that his fate is the best. He wants to teach a lesson to the Luthras. He thinks his fate was bad when he was trying to marry Sherlyn and Prithvi, he has taught a lesson to Rishabh and now its Karan’s turn. Prithvi takes Prince and Sandesh inside Karan’s room. They really like Karan’s room.

Prithvi proceeds with the photoshoot to frame Karan as the match fixer. Karan tells Bani that he is a star already, he doesn’t want any photoshoot, he will play the game well and impress his fans once again. Rakhi tells that his fans will understand his personal issues and get pleased with his return. The family is also happy. He asks them will they watch the match on tv or stadium. Rakhi wants to watch the match on tv at home. Kareena and Bani recall a funny incident. Rakhi tells that Karan was going to hit a century, but got out at 99 runs because of the bowler. Karan tells that he loves Rakhi a lot. Preeta finds Karan with the family. She gives him an angry look and leaves. Karan gets puzzled. He runs after Preeta.

He asks her what’s the matter. She wants to know what happened to him. He asks her why is she angry. She asks him to behave as he wants. Sandesh and Prince shake hands, while Prithvi clicks their pictures. Sandesh gives the money to Prince. Prithvi is certain that now Karan will ruined. He tells that he has got superb pictures and videos, nobody will know that Prince isn’t Karan. He shares a laugh with them. He hears Karan and Preeta’s voice. Preeta finds the room locked. Prithvi stops Sandesh from opening the door. He wonders what would he do now. Sandesh tells that they will get caught if Karan and Preeta break the door and come inside. Karan tells that they both are outside, who is inside to lock the door.

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  1. Tell the writter to don’t spoil this tv show. And this track must be quickly not take one month like akshay case karan must be prouve innocent at time to play for the second round


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