Kumkum Bhagya 20th April 2022 Written Update Revelation

Kumkum Bhagya 20th April 2022 Written Update Revelation

Kumkum Bhagya 20th April 2022 Written Update Revelation Prachi pleads with Nick and asks him to leave her free, only then he can get money. Nick hides her inside some warehouse. He sends the location to Rhea and asks her to come with the money. He tells that he will expose her truth to Ranbir if she dares to double cross. Rhea tricks Shahana and sends her to get Vikram’s car keys. She leaves from the house by leaving Shahana behind, hoping that Aaliya handles Shahana’s accusations on them. Nick asks Prachi if he will get well-paid. Prachi promises to pay him well. He asks Prachi to stop crying, one has to do many things in life out of helplessness, not choice.

Ranbir breaks the door and gets inside. Ranbir tells Nick that he got to know his wicked intentions, rather than his helplessness. He asks Nick to demand any amount he wants. Nick is shocked to see Ranbir. He fears of getting caught, but tries to strike a deal with him. He asks what price will he ask for his love. Ranbir demands the name of the Kohli family member who hired Nick. Nick tells that the person who cheated Ranbir wants to kill Prachi, and that’s none other than Rhea. Ranbir and Prachi are shocked by Nick’s revelation.

Earlier in the show, Aaliya tells that it’s a stressful night. She asks Pallavi to get water for her. Pallavi goes to get water for her. Aaliya coughs and makes an excuse to send Dida away. She takes the money bag to throw it outside for Rhea. Rhea wishes that Aaliya doesn’t send the bag right now. Aaliya throws the bag. Shahana hears the sound. She goes to check. Rhea stops her. She tells that she has come to find Prachi. She starts lying to Shahana. She pretends in front of Shahana to convince her. She fakes her concern for Prachi. She sends Shahana away.


Kumkum Bhagya 20th April 2022 Written Update Revelation:

Rhea asks Shahana to ask Vikram for the car keys. She sends Shahana inside the house. She picks the money bag. She leaves in the car, while Shahana gets the car keys. Rhea fools Shahana and leaves. Shahana wants to find Prachi. Ranbir reaches Nick’s house and breaks things in anger. He wants to find out Prachi. He gets to see Preeti and Nick’s picture. He can’t believe it. He calls Preeti and asks about Nick. She lies to him. He asks her to tell him where can Nick take Prachi. He has to save Prachi. She tells that she doesn’t know anything. He asks her to not lie to him, else police will arrest her.

He compels her to help him. She tells him that Nick used to hide at a secret location. Ranbir asks the location. Nick tells Prachi that he has kidnapped her for the sake of money, he has no personal enmity with her. He calls his friend Tony at the place. Tony tells his friend that Nick has called him for murder, Nick can do little crimes, but not a murder. He gets Prachi’s picture. He goes to the location. Rhea goes mad in anger thinking that Nick will double cross her. Aaliya calls Rhea.

She asks Rhea if she has reached the location. Rhea tells that she is stuck in traffic. She regrets that she hired Nick for the murder task, he didn’t do the task, and he is blackmailing them now. Aaliya asks her not to worry, Nick will kill Prachi. Rhea tells that Nick will take the money and not kill Prachi, he will take money from Ranbir too, he is really greedy. She feels trapped. Aaliya asks her not to think negative. Rhea tells that something is wrong, Nick will double cross them. Aaliya asks her not to worry and send the location to her. She assures that she will protect Rhea. She checks the location.

Nick ties up Prachi. She fears that the stress can harm her pregnancy. Nick tells her that he is helpless to do these crimes to get money. Nick tells his aides that he can’t kill Prachi, so he has called Tony, he is a professional killer, Tony also works for money. He waits for Rhea. He tells that if he gets the money early, then he will kill Prachi, else he will take her to Ranbir and get money. His aide asks him to deal with Ranbir. Nick tells that he has committed to Rhea, he will wait for her and see if she will get the money. He calls Rhea. He gets her number switched off. He thinks of waiting for Rhea. Prachi prays that Ranbir comes to save her and their baby. Ranbir runs on the road to reach and save Prachi.

Shahana calls him. He tells her that he got to know the location, he is going to save Prachi and will return home with her. She asks the location so that she can get help for him. He shares the location with her. Vikram tells Shahana that he will drive the car and take her there. Pallavi hears them and tells that she also wants to come and save Prachi. She shocks them. She tells that she is doing this for Ranbir’s sake, Ranbir will never listen to her, she doesn’t want him to risk his life. Vikram tells that he is glad that Ranbir won’t listen to her. He also worries for Ranbir.

Ranbir wants to punish Nick. Nick tells that Rhea didn’t come in time, the deal is cancelled. His aide asks Nick to call Ranbir and strike a deal with him. Nick calls Rhea for the last time. Rhea’s car breaks down. She thinks of informing Nick. She finds her phone switched off. Nick thinks Rhea was playing a game with him. He wants to expose her truth. Rhea wonders what’s happening with her, there is nobody with her to help. She shouts to get some help. Nick tells Prachi that he is helpless to not let her free, but he can just untie her if she promises that she won’t make any noise. She offers him money.

She tells that Ranbir will give him any amount if he frees her. He gets glad. He tells that he will call Ranbir, he will take the money, but Ranbir has to promise that he will take the police complaint back. Prachi promises him. She asks him to please leave her. Nick asks her to think she is free now. He goes to call Ranbir. He wants to get the money from Ranbir and set his life. Ranbir reaches the place. Nick calls Ranbir. Ranbir identifies his voice. He tells that he knows everything about him. Nick tells that his location isn’t the same always.

Ranbir tells that he will cut his wings and not let him flee. Nick asks him not to get angry. He asks Ranbir for money and also keeps his condition. Ranbir comes in front of him and shocks him. Ranbir asks his condition. Nick asks for his freedom. He asks Ranbir to take back the police complaint. Ranbir tells that he will accept the condition, but on one condition, Nick has to tell who has hired him. Nick tells that he will reveal the name, he also wants that person to get punished. He asks is the deal final. Ranbir nods. Nick tells that he is ready to tell the name. Aaliya distracts Ranbir. She takes away Nick with her. She slaps Nick. She asks Nick why can’t he stay loyal to his client.

Nick tells that he has given time to Rhea, but she is missing, she cheated him so he has cancelled the deal with her. She tells that Rhea has also reached, her phone is off. Rhea meets Nick. She tells that she came late, but got the money. Aaliya asks Nick to cancel the deal with Ranbir. She wants Nick to fulfil the task and kill Prachi. Rhea slaps Nick for his deal with Ranbir. She asks him not to reveal her name to Ranbir. He threatens of exposing them if they slap him again. He asks them to behave with manners. Aaliya threatens him about Preeti. She shows him the video. He is shocked to see Preeti kidnapped. Aaliya asks Nick to decide, clear the mess, else he will lose everything. Nick is left shocked.

Ranbir looks for Prachi. He doesn’t see her in darkness. Prachi and Ranbir shout to get heard by each other. He tells her that he has come to save her, they will get free. He promises to save her life and take her home. Vikram, Pallavi and Shahana also reach the godown. Vikram and Pallavi start arguing. She asks him if he wants to blame her. Vikram asks her to calm down. He tells that they shall go inside the place silently, else they will also get caught.

Aaliya asks Nick to go to Ranbir and then find a chance to kill Prachi. Ranbir asks the goons to find Nick. He shouts to summon Nick. He asks Nick not to play the game with him. A goon hides Prachi from Ranbir. Nick is in a dilemma. Aaliya tells Rhea that they shall hide from Ranbir. Ranbir asks Nick to come in front of him, else he will break the deal and kill him. He gets Prachi’s anklet. He looks for Prachi. He fights a goon. Ranbir gets to see Prachi tied up there.

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  1. Iam enjoying to warch this movie of kum kum bagia but the problem is your giving alot of power s to killers write your script properly that’s why people don’t warch indian movies


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