Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th April 2022 Written Update Twists

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th April 2022 Written Update Twists Saaransh taps on the locked terrace door. Ruhi screams telling Saaransh that yes she is inside. Dev covers Ruhi’s mouth and hides behind a water tank with her. Saaransh searches for Ruhi on the terrace. He returns outside on not finding Ruhi. Dev makes fun of Ruhi, telling her that her elder brother went away, leaving her. On the other hand, Rudra and Prisha understand why police came so early in the hospital on Revathi’s call as she is the police commissioner. Prisha says that’s why Dev doesn’t fear anyone as he thinks no one will say anything to him as his mother is a police commissioner.

Rudra tells Prisha that now there is no use of showing Dev’s confession to Revathi or police as they won’t help them in bringing the truth outside, instead they will save Dev anyhow. On the school terrace, Dev scares Ruhi by telling her that he will throw her down to get revenge on her mother. He tells Ruhi that he is helpless to punish her for Prisha’s mistake of messing up with him. Saaransh reaches there with a stick and warns Dev to leave his sister, Ruhi. He threatens to beat Dev with the stick, if he hurts his sister. Dev threatens Saaransh to throw Ruhi down, if he comes near to him, even one more step.

Saaransh stops at his place. Ruhi asks Saaransh to save her. Dev asks Saaransh how he came back, as he went away on not finding Ruhi. Saaransh tells Dev that he just acted to go away, to bring him out of his hiding. He also tells Dev that he very well knew about his presence on the terrace. Saaransh further tells Dev that he found/saw Ruhi’s hair clip/headband on the terrace. He tells Dev that he already informed Rudra that he is on the terrace. Flashback shows Saaransh informing Rudra that Dev took Ruhi with him on the terrace with some evil plan. Rudra runs to the terrace without informing Prisha about it. Flashback ends.


Dev tells Saaransh that even Rudra can do anything to him and he will surely do what he came to do. He tells Saaransh that now Prisha will know what happens on messing with Dev. Saaransh runs towards Dev but falls down badly as the latter throws marbles in his way. On the other hand, Rudra’s fans surround him for selfies. Rudra manages to escape them and runs towards the terrace. Ruhi cuts Dec’s hand using her teeth. Due to pain, Dev leaves Ruhi and the latter falls down hitting her head hard. Saaransh gets shocked and worried as Ruhi gets injured and unconscious. Dev laughs and looks evilly at unconscious Ruhi, saying that his work got easier.

Saaransh warns Dev to not walk forward towards his sister. He asks Dev to not dare touch his sister. Dev smirks and walks towards Ruhi. Saaransh gets up and tries to stop Dev from hurting Ruhi anymore. He grasps Dev tightly in his hands. Dev tries to get out of Saaransh’s grasp and gets pushed backward. Due to his own marbles, he gets disbalanced and falls down from the terrace. Saaransh shouts Dev’s name and Dev sceeams asking Saransh to save him. But it gets too late and Dev falls down and his head hits hard on the ground, leading to a profuse bleeding from his head. Saaransh gets shocked and scared.

Rudra reaches there and asks Saaransh where Ruhi and Dev are. Saaransh points down from the terrace. Rudra gets shocked seeing Dev lying in the school compound in a pool of blood. He asks Saaransh how Dev fell down. Saaransh tells Rudra that he never wanted to push Dev down the terrace, but he fell down himself. He says Dev wanted to kill Ruhi and he just wanted to save his sister. Rudra asks Saaransh, where Ruhi is. Saaransh points towards unconscious Ruhi. Rudra runs to Ruhi and gets worried about her. He picks up Ruhi in his arms and requests her to open her eyes.

Saaransh tells Rudra that Ruhi was trying to escape/run away from Dev, but slipped in between and her head got hit by some bricks and went unconscious. Saaransh tells the whole incident between him, Dev and Ruhi to Rudra. At last he tells Rudra that Dev slipped on his own marbles and fell down the terrace. Saaransh tells Rudra that everyone will think that he pushed and will misunderstand him. He also tells Rudra that he is feeling very scared as police will arrest him. Saaransh says he doesn’t want to get arrested. Rudra asks Saaransh to trust him, he won’t let anything happen to him.

He instructs Saaransh to go home with Ruhi, he will handle everything here. On the other hand, Sharda and Prisha wonder where Rudra went suddenly. Revathi is called for saying something to guests and students’ parents. Revathi thanks principal sir and everyone for inviting her as a chief guest. She says she really enjoyed, kids’ performance very much. Everyone claps for Revathi. Prisha goes behind Revathi to show her Dev’s confession video. Rudra calls Sharda in the parking lot and asks her to take Ruhi and Saaransh home as Ruhi got injured. Sharda asks Rudra how Rudra got injured.

He requests Sharda to please do quickly whatever he is asking her to. Rudra disconnects the call and instructs Saaransh to not reveal whatever happened here to Sharda. He asks Saaransh to tell Sharda that Ruhi slipped and got injured. Rudra also asks Saaransh to trust him, he won’t let anything happen to him. On the other hand, Prisha shows Dev’s confession video to Revathi. Revathi gets shocked hearing all this. She breaks down knowing Dev’s reality. Prisha tells Revathi that Dev’s friend, Tarun helped her in recording Dev’s confession. She also tells Revathi that Dev threatens Tarun and uses him for doing all of his wrong work.

Prisha further tells Revathi that she can confirm all this from Aaliya as she very well knows about Dev’s reality. She tells Revathi that Aaliya never revealed about Dev’s wrong doings to her as she feared that she is a heart patient. Aaliya comes there and tells Revathi that Prisha is right. Revathi blames her upbringing for Dev’s wrong doings. Prisha asks Revathi to not blame herself as even Aaliya is her upbringing. She explains to Revathi that after an age, children choose their personality on their own. Revathi feels deceived and betrayed by Dev.

She gets determined to get Dev punished for all of his misdeeds. On the other hand, Sharda gets worried for Ruhi, seeing her condition. Rudra lies to her that Ruhi slipped and injured herself. Sharda asks why Saaransh looks scared. Rudra tells Sharda that Saaransh got a little scared seeing Ruhi injured. Rudra in a lower voice, once again instructs Saaransh to not tell the truth to Sharda or anyone right now. He says he will tell Sharda everything later on at the right time. Rudra sends Saaransh with Sharda. After he runs to check Dev. He gets shocked on finding that Dev is dead now.

Rudra gets worried for Saaransh and his future. He says everyone will misunderstand Saaransh, if they find out about Dev’s death. On the other hand, Revathi asks why the principal didn’t tell her anything about Dev. Prisha tells Revathi that Dev made everyone, even principal, scared with/using his parents high position and status in society. She tells Revathi that Dev keeps taking advantage of her trust in him and her position and status in society. Prisha tells Revathi that Rudra wanted to get Dev punished by taking his confession video to police. She says being a mother, she wanted to tell her the truth first. Prisha asks Revathi to make Dev realize and understand his misdeeds and make a decision about what to do with Dev ahead.

At the same time, Prisha gets Rudra’s call and decides to tell Rudra that she told Revathi everything. Rudra asks Prisha to forget everything and immediately come behind the school building. He also asks Prisha to not tell anyone that she is coming behind the school building. Prisha wonders why Rudra is behaving weird like this.

In the next episode, Prisha and Rudra will hide Dev’s dead body in a sack in someone’s car’s trunk. Soon, they will get shocked on knowing that it’s none other than Revathi’s car. Revathi will convince Rudra and Prisha to let her drop them home. Later, Revathi’s car will be checked at the police check post. Constable will go to check Revathi’s car trunk and call his senior saying there is something in the car. Rudra and Prisha will sweat heavily in fear.

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