Anupama 21st April 2022 Written Update Happy times

Anupama 21st April 2022 Written Update Happy times

Anupama 21st April 2022 Written Update Happy times Vanraj sees old papers and in this process Anupama’s old expired passport comes out. Baa reminds Vanraj how they stopped Anupama from going to America in the past even when she was determined to go and got her passport made. She tells Vanraj that it seems this time they won’t be able to stop Anupama from flying. Baa says a woman has to hear her mother-in-law’s scolding and scolds her own daughter-in-law. She says she is unlucky as she had to hear scoldings from her own mother-in-law and now is hearing from daughter-in-law too.

Baa tells Vanraj that her mother-in-law never let her live peacefully and now her daughter-in-law is making her life hell. Vanraj reminds Baa that Anupama is her ex- daughter-in-law now. Baa says whatever and Vanraj leaves from there. She thinks the last time she and Vanraj stopped Anupama from getting successful even in the presence of her mother-in-law, who used to support Anupama a lot. Baa smirks thinking that maybe her curse works against Anupama. At Anuj’s house, Bapuji starts feeling restless. He hides his worsening health condition from everyone, making an excuse of talking to pandit ji.

GK finds Bapuji drinking water and taps his shoulder asking what happened. Bapuji tells GK that he isn’t able to handle so much happiness all together. GK tells Bapuji that a similar thing is happening to him as he never thought that Anuj will even have such happy days in his life. Seeing Bapuji wiping the sweat from his forehead, GK asks him if he is fine. Bapuji says he is absolutely fit like Dara Singh. On the other hand, Baa tells her mother about whatever is happening at Shah house and whatever Anupama is doing. She requests her mother to reach Shah house, as soon as possible and end this drama.


At Anuj’s house, Samar washes Anuj’s feet as per the rituals with water and rose petals. Paritosh wipes Anuj’s feet using a towel. Everyone gets emotional as Paritosh touches Anuj’s feet. Anupama wards off the bad/evil sight, seeing this moment. Next Pakhi ties a handkerchief on Anuj’s head. Kinjal performs Anuj’s veneration. From behind Vanraj watches all this and feels shocked. He recalls his happy moments with Paritosh, Samar and Pakhi. Anupama recalls how Pakhi and Paritosh berated her and was against her marriage with Anuj. She thinks a mother’s marriage and happiness is incomplete without all her children’s support and happiness.

Anupama also thinks Pakhi and Paritosh may not be fully happy but are at least supporting her. She thanks God for giving her supporting children, daughter-in-law and for fulfilling her happiness. On the other hand, restless Bapuji is seen taking some medicines. Everyone one by one makes Anuj eat rasgullas. Anuj stops Samar and requests Anupama to stop them, otherwise he will come to the wedding as a fat groom. Anupama asks everyone to make Anun eat rasgullas. This shocks Anuj and everyone attacks Anuj with a lot of rasgullas. At Shah house, Vanraj recalls Anupama saying that now no one will be able to stop her and Anuj’s wedding. He also recalls everyone leaving to perform Anuj’s wedding ceremony/ritual.

Vanraj further recalls his children and daughter-in-law happily performing Anuj’s veneration. He keeps doing push-ups in anger. Baa witnesses a tense Vanraj from outside his room. Vanraj wonders how many things he should react or be tense about. He thinks if she should react because his work got snatched from him, or because his ex-wife is getting married or because Anuj is making Anupama as well as his children away from him. He thinks he gave divorce to Anupama but his children and daughter-in-law belong to him only. Vanraj thinks Anuj can’t have all the people who belong to him.

On the other hand, Bapuji says he hopes everything goes fine like today. GK tells him to not worry, everything will go fine. Devika makes everyone laugh by saying that she thinks GK is going to play the role of “roothe fufaji” in this marriage. Malvika says they should make a rule that whoever will get angry or rude in this marriage will have to face a blanket parade. Anuj says this way no one will go rude or angry in MaAn’s wedding. Samar asks what if the bride and groom get angry or rude. Malvika without realizing it says then the wedding will get canceled. Anuj explains to Malvika that such things should not be said even while joking.

Malvika holds her ears and apologizes. Anupama’s children and daughter-in-law threaten Anuj to keep their mother happy, otherwise he will have to face this anger. Kinjal tells Anuj that they know very well that he won’t let Anupama face any problem but still wishes to request him to keep their mother happy. Pakhi and Paritosh request Anuj the same. Everyone gets emotional. Anuj asks everyone if they can have a group hug. Pakhi says no they will have a family hug instead. Everyone smiles with mixed emotions. Anuj hugs Anupama’s children and daughter-in-law. Devika and Malvika ward off the bad/evil sight from them. Bapuji blesses them from far away.

GK and Malvika call Anupama’s family an always crying family. They say they made their son, Anuj senti too. Malvika asks Anuj to dance happily instead of crying. Anuj says he will dance, but with everyone. He convinces even Anupama to dance from the other side of the video call. Everyone dances with Anuj on the song, “Mujhse Shaadi Karogi”. Anupama also dances with everyone. On the other hand, Vanraj fears losing his children to Anuj. Baa sits angrily. Anupama feels overwhelmed after all the dance and fun. Anuj feeds dhokla and snacks made by him to everyone with his hands with love. GK tells Bapuji that relationships made with love are even bigger than blood relations. He asks Bapuji to wait and watch how Anuj will fill sweetness in all relations of Anupama. Bapuji tells GK that he fully trusts his to-be son-in-law.

Devika and Malvika remind Anuj to talk to Bapuji whatever he wants to. On the other hand, Anupama dances happily in the kitchen at Shah house. She gets shocked seeing her family returning to Shah house with serious faces on. Anupama asks Bapuji, what happened suddenly. Everyone tells Anupama that Anuj said something to Bapuji while serving food. Kinjal says Bapuji got angry after that. Baa gets excited and curious. Bapuji pretends to be very angry with Anuj. While Anupama feels worried, Baa and Vanraj feel hopeful of their wish that Anuj and Anupama’s marriage will get called off now.

Mamaji spills out the beans that they were just joking. This irritates everyone. Anupama says she got almost lifeless in fear. She asks Bapuji why he lied to her. Bapuji tells Anuj will arrive at 11 PM to pick her up as he has some important work with her. This shocks Vanraj while angers Baa. Baa asks Bapuji why Anuj wants to meet Anupama at 11 PM. Bapuji asks Baa to mind her own business. Baa talks ill about Anuj’s intentions. She asks Anupama to go now, not late at night as neighbors will talk ill. Bapuji allows Anupama to go and not think about others. Baa asks Vanraj to see that he didn’t use to take Anupama for an outing even after marriage but Anuj is doing all this before marriage.

Vanraj gets angry and asks Baa, by what right he should stop Anupama. He leaves angrily. Baa calls her mother and asks her to arrive at Shah house quickly. In the next episode, Anuj will take Anupama to a Jewelry store to buy a diamond ring for her. Shop staff will welcome Anupama grandly. Anupama will tell Anuj that he fulfilled her dream, which she never even had the courage to see. Anuj will see happy and emotional Anupama with love.

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