Fanaa 21st April 2022 Written Update Pakhi’s rage

Fanaa 21st April 2022 Written Update Pakhi's rage

Fanaa 21st April 2022 Written Update Pakhi’s rage Daayi Maa explains to Agastya that reel life love can’t be found in real life. She tells Agastya to forget Pakhi as she won’t fall for him ever. Agastya tells Daayi Maa that since he understood love, he has loved only Pakhi. He says no one can take Pakhi’s place in his life. Agastya tells Daayi Maa that he will always love Pakhi only and is sure that someday, Pakhi will also fall for him. Pakhi overhears the whole conversation of Agastya and Daayi Maa.

She feels emotional with Agastya’s words. Aagstya hears her voice at the door. Pakhi walks back towards her bed, seeing Agastya, coming to her. She falls due to less energy and wounds. Agastya picks her up in his arms and takes her outside in the courtyard. He makes Pakhi sit on the swing in the hall. Agastya asks Pakhi why she was coming outside. Pakhi tells Agastya that she came out because she felt very hungry. Agastya feels a little happy and shouts happily asking Daayi Maa to bring food for Pakhi as she is finally feeling hungry. Daayi gives food for Pakhi to Agastya.

Agastya runs and gives the food plate to Pakhi. He realizes that Pakhi is weak and can’t handle the food plate. He starts calling Daayi Maa to make Pakhi eat food. Pakhi stops him and tells him that there is no need to call Daayi Maa. She asks Agastya to feed her himself. Agastya feels happy and starts feeding Pakhi. Pakhi also feeds Agastya, telling him that she knows that he has also not eaten anything since last night, because of her. On other hand, Ishaan tells Ranjit that he suspects it was Agastya’s some other men, who tried to take Yug away from prison. He asks who else would want to get Yug out of prison, except Agastya.


A technician or engineer named Harsh comes to the police station and tells Ranjit that Yug’s mobile sim has some advanced technology, which he and their system is unable to understand. Hars tells Ranjit that even he hasn’t seen such technology. He informs Ranjit that he just got to know the location of the number where Yug called some days ago. The technician says that Yug last called on a number located in Haryana. Ishaan and Sameer also hear this as they are also present in the police station at the same time.

Ishaan says Yug surely would have called Agastya. Yug feels a bit shocked and scared hearing that Ishaan, police and Sameer got Agastya and Pakhi’s location. They discuss that they should search Pakhi and Agastya in nearby districts of Haryana and especially areas near gurgaon border. He says they will get help from Haryana police too. Ranjit notices worry on Yug’s face. He understands that the technician gave him the right location. Ranjit informs Ishaan about it. He says it’s now confirmed that Agastya took Pakhi to Haryana. Yug feels a little angry as Ranjit, police, Ishaan and Sameer leave for Haryana to search for Pakhi and Agastya.

At Jhajjar, Haryana Pakhi tells Agastya that she isn’t able to understand him properly. She tells Agastya that at one side he is the person who cares for her like no one cared for her ever. Pakhi tells Agastya that on the other side, he is the same person, who deceived her badly. She also tells Agastya that her whole life changed because of him. Pakhi further tells Agastya that she won’t be able to trust anyone ever because of him. She asks Agastya if he thinks she would ever be able to fall for him after whatever happened. Pakhi tells Agastya that loving him may be impossible for her now. Agastya feels disappointed.

He tells Pakhi that he may have done 100 wrong works and deceived her but has loved her with full honesty. Agastya explains to Pakhi that his love for her is pure. He tells Pakhi that he will keep trying till she accepts his love. Agastya tells Pakhi that he doesn’t want anything in this world, except her love. He also tells Pakhi that whatever/whoever he is today is because of her only. Agastya further tells Pakhi that he earned name, fame, and money being Agastya Raichand, only to become worthy of her. “Fanaa-Ishq Mein Marjawan” title song plays in the background. Agastya feeds last bites to Pakhi and wipes her mouth with his hand. He stands up to bring water for Pakhi.

Pakhi stops Agastya and thanks him, holding his hands. Agastya asks Pakhi, for what she is thanking him. Pakhi tells Agastya that he took much care of her after she met with an accident. She tells Agastya that Daayi Maa told her that he walked on burning coals to save her life. Pakhi tells Agastya that she knows about his pyrophobia but still he walked on burning coals for her. She thanks Agastya. Agastya goes aside and starts dancing in happiness, like a mad lover. His burned foot hurts but he still dances happily recalling Pakhi’s thanks and soft behavior with him. “Udta Hi Phiru In Hawaon Mein Kahin” plays in the background.

He makes Daayi Maa join him in dancing. Daayi Maa also dances happily seeing Agastya happy. Agastya bends her down in his arms and imagines dancing with Pakhi. Daayi Maa screams and brings Agastya out of his imagination. She tells him that he broke her waist. Agastya politely asks Daayi Maa if she is fine. Daayi Maa asks Agastya why he is smiling so much today. She reminds Agastya that he used to be this happy seeing cartoon in his childhood. Daayi Maa asks Agastya to care and think about his burned feet too. Agastya tells Daayi Maa that his foot pain is nothing compared to the happiness his heart got today.

He tells Daayi Maa that Pakhi talked to him in a good way today, after so many days. Agastya also tells Daayi Maa that Pakhi even thanked him for walking on burning coals in the temple for her. He further tells Daayi Maa that he is sure that in some time, Pakhi herself will tell him that she loves him. Agastya says he is very happy today. Daayi Maa asks Agastya to not be so blind in love. She advises Agastya to be alert and careful, as Pakhi may again cause a problem for him, like last time. Agastya tells Daayi Maa that nothing wrong will happen.

On the other hand, Ranjit, Sameer and Ishaan reach Haryana police station. Ranjit shows the in-charge inspector a photograph of Agastya and Pakhi. He tells the inspector that Agastya is a big criminal. Ranjit also tells the inspector that Agastya has brought Pakhi here by kidnapping her. He further tells the inspector that they suspect Pakhi and Agastya to be in Jhajjar, because after Gurugram, Jhajjar comes first and near the Haryana border. The in-charge inspector asks Ranjit to not worry as he will get photos and details of Agastya-Pakhi circulated everywhere. He says Jhajjar being a very big area, consists of various police stations.

Inspector says they will try their best, even if it’s a little difficult work. Ranjit thanks the in-charge inspector. Sameer tells the in-charge inspector that now they have hope and some expectation of help from him only. Inspector replies ok. Ishaan says there would not have been much problem if Yug would have opened his mouth, but he still is saving Agastya. Ranjit reveals that he increased Yug’s security. He tells Ishaan that Yug can’t get bailed out as he has nothing to do with anyone, except Agastya. Ranjit says Agastya can’t himself come in front of police to bail out Yug. He also tells Ishaan that no one else will spend this much to bail out Yug. Ishaan agrees to Ranjit’s words.

In Delhi, a lawyer arrives at the police station and bails out Yug. Yug laughs unaware of the truth of who bailed him out. At Jhajjar, Haryana Ishaan, Sameer and police decide to themselves also search for Pakhi and Agastya in the district. On the other hand, Pakhi feels scared of someone in her dreams. She asks the person in her dream to leave her. Agastya hears Pakhi’s painful voice and runs to her. He wakes up Pakhi. Thinking that Pakhi saw a nightmare, he asks Pakhi to not be scared as he is with and near her. Pakhi stops Agastya from leaving and requests Agastya to stay with her.

Agastya caresees Pakhi and makes her sleep. In Delhi, Yug will get shocked to see that it’s Agastya’s step-mother, who bailed him out. Next morning, Agastya wakes up and finds Pakhi missing from the bedroom. He runs outside in fear to search for Pakhi. Suddenly he stops at his place, seeing Pakhi in the kitchen with Daayi Maa. Pakhi tells Agastya that she came outside as she woke up early today. She tells Agastya that she can go back to room, if he has any problem. Agastya stutters and tells Pakhi that he has no problem. He asks Pakhi if he should make pancakes or cheese pakoda for her. Daayi Maa leaves asking Pakhi-Agastya to cook.

Pakhi offers help to Agastya. Both of them are shown cooking together in the kitchen. Agastya imagines being romantic with Pakhi in the kitchen. Seeing Pakhi crying while cutting onions in the kitchen, Agastya makes Pakhi eat sweets and puts the onion on the cutting board aside. Daayi Maa smiles seeing Pakhi and Agastya together. She says Pakhi didn’t love Agastya being his friend and wife but it’s strange that she started falling for him when he held her captive and away from everyone.

On the other hand, Ishaan, Sameer and Ranjit are seen searching for Pakhi and Agastya in the market of Jhajjar, where they were last seen. A shopkeeper recognizes Pakhi and says it’s strange that everyone is searching for her. Ranjit shows him Agastya’s photograph. The shopkeeper tells Ranjit that this was the man who was searching for Pakhi earlier in the market. Ishaan tells Ranjit that he is sure now that Pakhi was running away from Agastya and they will be found somewhere nearby. All three of them run to find more clues to reach Pakhi and Agastya.

At the bungalow, Agastya sees Pakhi sleeping. Daayi Maa tells Agastya that she is going to the market to buy groceries and vegetables. Agastya requests Daayi Maa to bring Pakhi’s favorite Gulab Jamun for her. He says he is at home, to take care of Pakhi. Daayi Maa wards off bad sight from Agastya and leaves. Agastya wonders why Yug didn’t call him, since the last 24 hours. He worries, thinking, if Yug got caught in some problem. In the next episode, Pakhi will be seen walking towards a sleeping Agastya with a knife in her hand. Agastya will wake up and get shocked seeing angry Pakhi about to stab him.

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