Kumkum Bhagya 27th April 2022 Written Update Surprise for Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 27th April 2022 Written Update Surprise for Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 27th April 2022 Written Update Surprise for Ranbir Rhea tells Aaliya that she will prove Prachi wrong in Ranbir’s eyes, she will prove that Prachi wanted to kill her. She adds that if Ranbir is finding the real culprit, then she will prove to him that Prachi is the real culprit. Aaliya asks Rhea how will she do this. Prachi throws Rhea’s clothes out of the room. Rhea is shocked to see her stuff on the ground. She asks Prachi what is she doing. Prachi answers that she is trying to show her rights of a legal wife, she is Ranbir’s wife and she will stay with him in the room to look after him. She locks the door on Rhea’s face.

Rhea didn’t expect this. She was planning to frame Prachi. Her focus shifted on Prachi, and hence she loses Ranbir. Rhea gets raging at Prachi’s move, while Ranbir is left stunned and surprised by Prachi’s unexpected claim on him. He gets glad in his heart that Prachi considers their marriage, and wants to be with him as his wife. He looks at Prachi surprised and expects an answer from her. Did Ranbir really hear about her pregnancy in the induced sleep state? Would he ask Prachi about their baby? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Prachi gets grateful to Ranbir. She thanks him that she is safe today because of him, he is going to become a father, he doesn’t know this, but he kept a father’s duty, he has come there to save them. She wants him to listen to her. Rhea thinks all is well that ends well, she has won in the end. Prachi apologizes to Ranbir that she fought him so much and hurt him, she didn’t wish to come close to him, she wanted him to stay away, she didn’t want to tell him that his third dream is fulfilled, it wasn’t her choice, she was helpless. She tells that he has to get up and talk to her, then she will tell him everything. She remembers their promise of love and hugs him. She tells him that their love is complete, it will get completed. She wants him to convince her and bear her tantrums, that he cooks food for her, takes her outings, pampers her, and loves her totally. She finds Rhea at the door.


Kumkum Bhagya 27th April 2022 Written Update Surprise for Ranbir:

Shahana recalls Rhea’s words. She tells that Rhea had hired Nick, he had come to kill Prachi but then Rhea showed her fake injuries. She knows Prachi is so good, she will also not believe Rhea’s crime. Prachi tells Rhea that she promised Pallavi that she won’t become a reason for their fight, Rhea is her sister, and her illegal Sautan also. She reminds Rhea that they are sisters, she has always forgiven Rhea, but she can’t forgive her now knowing Rhea had hired Nick to kill her. Rhea asks Prachi not to disturb Ranbir. She takes Prachi outside. She denies the blames. She tells that she just wants Ranbir, and nothing else matters to her. She leaves. Shahana tells that Rhea is strange that she left the matter incomplete. Prachi tells that Rhea didn’t blame her this time, like she always does. Shahana tells that Rhea wants peace in the house, that’s a dangerous thing for them. She tells that something big will turn out.

Pallavi asks Prachi to move aside, she has to go and take care of her son. She shuts the door on Prachi’s face. Shahana tells that they aren’t letting Prachi meet Ranbir, like they have much plans on their mind. Prachi grows worried. She also enters the room. Pallavi asks why did she come. Prachi tells that she wants to be with Ranbir. She apologizes to Pallavi. She tells that she will make an herbal ointment for Ranbir’s wounds. Pallavi tells Rhea that they will do as they have thought. Rhea agrees to her. Pallavi promises to safeguard Rhea and Ranbir’s relation and defeat Prachi. Rhea thanks her. Pallavi tells that Rhea and Ranbir’s happiness matters to her, she will never let Prachi’s black magic work on Ranbir. She wants to support Rhea. Rhea thanks her happily and hugs.

Vikram takes Dida out of the hospital and asks her to take care well by following the doctor’s instructions. Dida tells that Prachi and Ranbir will take care of her, she will get fine seeing Ranbir’s smile. Vikram and Dida have a talk on the way about Nick’s blame on Prachi. Dida tells that Prachi can’t get herself attacked to gain Ranbir’s attention. She asks why didn’t Pallavi ask Rhea about her arrival there. Vikram tells that he doesn’t know the truth, it doesn’t make any sense that Rhea got herself attacked, Rhea had real injuries, she is also a victim. She tells that very soon they will know the entire truth.

Ranbir awakens. He hugs Pallavi. He tells that he fell asleep on the way. She asks him to stay in Rhea’s room, he would be taken good care of. He asks where is Prachi. Pallavi and Rhea lie to him that Prachi went to sleep, she was feeling tired and sleepy. He can’t believe this. Prachi makes the lep for Ranbir. Shahana asks her not to take stress. Prachi tells that she isn’t stressed now because Ranbir is back home. Shahana asks Prachi to take rest. She feels bad seeing Prachi with fatigue. Prachi hugs her. she tells that everything is fine when Ranbir is fine, she is happy that he is back.

Shahana asks Prachi why isn’t anyone talking to her. Prachi tells that everyone is talking to her. Shahana tells that nobody discussed about Nick’s accusation on her. Prachi tells that they trust him, so they didn’t talk to her. Shahana tells her that nobody wants to waste time on her, like they are planning against her. Prachi asks her to let them plan anything, she will see how to face them.

Rhea shares her plan with Aaliya. She tells that Ranbir and Prachi’s relation is going to break, Ranbir didn’t say anything but he looked disappointed with Prachi, she will soon leave the house in seven days. She sounds confident. Aaliya asks her what is on her mind. Rhea tells that real surprise will begin when Ranbir fights with Prachi for her/Rhea’s sake. She tells that Ranbir is going to fight for her. She fears that if her plan backfires, then Ranbir will oust her from the house. She calls the plan risky. She is prepared to take the risk in love. Pallavi cries for Ranbir. He falls asleep again. Prachi tells her that she has got the ointment for Ranbir’s wounds. She remembers Shahana’s words. She asks Pallavi will she trust her. Pallavi tells that she will not argue, she will just request her to keep peace at home.

Prachi finds it strange that nobody is confronting her. She asks Ranbir if he is happy to fall injured. She sits near him and applies the ointment to his wounds. Rhea hinders her. She tells that Ranbir doesn’t need odd things. Prachi replies that she knows Ranbir’s betterment. Rhea argues with her, and asks her to leave. Prachi asks Rhea to apply the ointment herself. Rhea rebukes her and reminds their rivalry. Prachi reminds Rhea’s fake concern. She asks Rhea not to come between Ranbir and her. Rhea tells that Ranbir isn’t interested in Prachi, and she will soon know this. She insults Prachi. Ranbir is still asleep, amidst their long arguments happening.

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