Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th April 2022 Written Update Rudra’s plan

Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th April 2022 Written Update Rudra's plan

Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th April 2022 Written Update Rudra’s plan Prisha tells Rudra that she is accepting her mistake and apologizing to him wholeheartedly. She requests Rudra to forgive her and bends down to touch his feet. Rudra steps back. He tells Prisha that he touched her feet in court because he seeked her forgiveness from true heart. Rudra also tells Prisha that he never deceived her like she gave him. He further tells Prisha that he even didn’t break her trust. Rudra tells Prisha that she was his misconception. He also tells Prisha that he broke his trust, misconception and their relationship.

Rudra further tells Prisha that nothing is left now. He tells Prisha that she hid such a big truth from him, because there was nothing between them ever. He doesn’t let Prisha say anything and tells her that he won’t ever be able to forgive her, even if she dies. Rudra leaves and Prisha breaks down in tears. Next morning, Revati is seen scolding her junior staff for not being able to find Dev since last night. Revati rudely asks her staff what they will do, if they can’t even find the commissioner’s son. Aaliya comes there. Revati says Dev’s last location is hospital only and now his phone is switched off.

Rakesh tells Revati that he is sure that Dev got to know that his reality came out in front of her and thus he has hidden himself to get saved from her punishment. Aaliya suggests Revati try getting some information about Dev’s whereabouts from Vicky as Dev shares almost everything with Vicky. Later at school, Revati questions Vicky about Dev’s whereabouts. Vicky tells Revati that he doesn’t know anything about Dev’s present whereabouts. Revati threatens Vicky by saying that she will call his parents and tell them what all wrong works he was doing with Dev.


Scared Vicky tells Revati that he saw and heard Prisha showing Dev’s confession video to Aaliya and planning to show it to her (Revati) as well. He says he told about all this to Dev in the hospital. Revati asks Vicky what was Dev’s reaction to this. Vicky tells Revati that Dev told him that he will visit school and do something with Prisha that she will never be able to reveal his reality to anyone. This shocks Dev’s parents, principal as well as police officials present in the room. Revati tells Vicky that Dev didn’t meet her or Prisha in school. She asks Vicky what Dev planned to do with Prisha. Vicky says Dev didn’t tell him anything about this but it is sure that Dev was going to visit school.

Revati asks Vicky how Dev suddenly disappeared, when he was about to visit school. Principal tells Revati that Rudra got CCTV cameras installed in whole school after bombs incident. He says VV security company was given the contract for security of their school’s CCTV cameras. Principal tells Revati that they can check through CCTV cameras if Dev came to school or not on the annual function day. Revati asks the principal to get CCTV footage arranged for her to check. Principal calls the VV company and arranges annual day CCTV footage to be delivered at school.

After CCTV footage arrives, Rudra and Prisha also reach school. Rudra asks Dev’s parents if they got to know something about Dev. Revati says not till now. She tells Rudra that Vicky told Dev planned to visit school on an annual day function to stop Prisha from showing his confession video to her (Revati). Revati also tells Rudra-Prisha that Dev got to know that Prisha was going to show his confession video to her. She says that they are checking CCTV footage to know if Dev visited school on annual day or not. Revati doesn’t find Dev anywhere in the annual function’s footage. On Revati’s questioning, Vicky says Dev’s plan was to visit school but maybe he would have changed his plan last minute or in between and went somewhere else.

Rudra and Prisha recall how Saaransh heard the principal’s conversation with Vicky, police and Dev’s parents and alerted them about it. They also recall how Rudra got Dev vanished/removed from school’s annual function day’s footage. Flashback ends and everyone gets confused thinking how they should reach Dev. Revati gets angry and asks her staff to get flyers pasted with Dev’s photograph at each and every nook and corner of the city. She also asks her staff to show Dev’s photograph to every person on the road as someone would have surely seen him somewhere during the annual function day.

Revati’s staff obliges to her orders. Later, Prisha and Rudra discuss that some or the other person will surely tell Revati that they saw Dev walking towards school. Rudra says then Revati will suspect them that they would have tampered the CCTV footage and they would get into a big trouble. Prisha tells Rudra that they forgot about Dev’s phone. She tells Rudra that Revati failed to find Dev’s location because she may be finding his phone switched off. Both Rudra and Prisha wonder where Dev’s phone is now. They run to the school’s terrace to find Dev’s phone but don’t find it there. After this, they run to the place where Dev fell down from the terrace and died. They don’t find Dev’s phone there either.

Prisha tells Rudra that Dev’s phone may still be in his pocket. They run to their house’s store room, where they have kept Dev’s dead body. Prisha tells annoyed Rudra that she bought so many frozen snacks as they told Sharda and kids that they are going to throw a party and thus brought such a big freezer to keep frozen party snacks. She says this way no one will suspect them. Rudra praises Prisha’s smart thinking. Rudra opens the freezer. Both Rudra and Prisha feel guilty seeing Dev’s dead body. Rudra checks Dev’s pockets and finds his phone. As per his and Prisha’s plan, Rudra texts Revati from Dev’s phone, informing her that Dev is going to Goa and will return when Revati’s anger will calm down. He also writes from Dev’s side, that he is apologetic for whatever wrong works he did.

They think Revati will calm down reading this text. Prisha says she hopes that Revati will believe this message. Rudra says Revati will surely believe this message as it is sent to her from her son’s phone. Both Rudra and Prisha start putting frozen snacks above Dev’s dead body. On the other hand, Revati approves Dev’s flyers and asks her staff to get them pasted all over the city. Inspector tells Revati that they have made their informers active and now they surely find Dev’s whereabouts. Revati receives Dev’s message sent by Rudra-Prisha. She stops her staff from leaving and tells everyone that Dev texted her, informing that he is Goa.

This shocks everyone. Rakesh reminds Revati that he told her that Dev would have hidden himself to wait for her anger to calm down. Revati says her anger won’t calm down this way. She also says Dev committed crimes and thus he should get punished. Revati further says that Dev is doing more wrong by running away like this. She asks her staff to trace Dev’s location as he obviously would have switched on his phone to text her. Revati’s staff calls someone to get Dev’s phone traced. After sometime, inspector receives a call and tells Revati that Dev can’t be traced as his phone is coming switched off right now. He tells Revati that Dev’s phone was switched on to just text her and it isn’t possible to trace any phone in so less time.

Revati gets angry and Rakesh calms her down. He sends the inspector to leave for now. Rakesh tries to calm Revati and requests her to give some time to Dev. He tells Revati that they will punish Dev and make him understand his mistakes, once he returns. Rakes also requests Revati to not increase the matter so much that Dev may not return to them. Revati gets quiet but still feels tense. Aaliya also tries to calm Revati. Revati feels suspicious about the information that Dev ran away to Goa. At Khurana mansion, Sharda asks Prisha why she and Rudra have kept the new freezer locked. Prisha tells Sharda that they locked the new freezer as it contains expensive drinks in it. Sharda feels suspicious but doesn’t say anything. She asks Prisha to give her the keys to the new freezer as she has to keep some frozen snacks in it. Prisha takes snacks from Sharda and tells her that she will keep them in the new freezer. Prisha thinks that she has to tell Rudra that Sharda was asking for keys to the new freezer. This way, Sharda’s suspicion on Rudra-Prisha increases. She wonders what Rudra-Prisha are hiding from her and why. On the other hand, Aaliya calls Saaransh and tells him that Dev texted Revati that he is in Goa. She says Dev ran away to Goa fearing Revati’s anger and punishment. This information shocks Saaransh.

In the next episode, to end Sharda’s suspicion on them, Rudra and Prisha will hold a party at their house. Revati will also enter Khuranas party, shocking Saaransh, Rudra and Prisha. Rudra and Prisha decide to take Dev’s body somewhere else from their home as it can make them caught red handed. On knowing that Dev went to Goa, Ruhi will ask Revati to scold Dev more as he was beating her. Saaransh will get scared and shocked, while Revati will get confused. Rudra and Prisha will get shocked and worried seeing that someone opened their new freezer and saw Dev’s dead body. Revati will walk towards Khurana’s store room, calling Prisha. She will reach the store room and smile seeing Rudra-Prisha. Rudra-Prisha will get shocked and worried seeing Revati in the store room. They will stand near each other hiding Dev’s dead body.

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