Yeh Rishta Abhira in Jaipur 28th April 2022 Spoilers

Yeh Rishta 5th May 2022 Written Update Abhira Wedding begins

Yeh Rishta Abhira in Jaipur 28th April 2022 Spoilers Yeh Rishta episode spoiler – Abhira in Jaipur Abhimanyu and Akshara pray that their companionship and marriage should both remain perfect. The Goenkas and Birlas find Abhimanyu and Akshara missing. Harshvardhan wonders where are they. Abhimanyu and Akshara have fun and spend quality time in the beautiful pink city of Jaipur. They explore all the captivating places of the city, dance, and romance together.

Choti Sarrdaarni episode spoiler – Bittu’s old shirt:

A man handovers Manpreet’s bag to Kulwant. She finds Bittu’s old shirt and it gets spoiled. She washes it and hangs it for drying. Bittu sees his shirt and asks Kulwant where did she find it after so many years and says that it was his favorite shirt. Kulwant looks angrily at Bittu and he gets scared. Mannat also goes blank.


Swaran Ghar episode spoiler – Vikram’s annoyance:

Kiran tells Vikram that Ajit Lamba is staying in Swaran Ghar. Vikram gets furious and declares that he will kill Ajit at any cost today itself. Kiran asks him to do what they have thought and go according to the plan. She suggests to Vikram that they all three will go to Swaran’s parental land to find out about her and Ajit’s connection. Swaran cries and says how can Nakul think that she can give his to anybody else.

Spy Bahu episode spoiler – Tanhaji spots Sejal:

Sejal asks Tanhaji to grant her five minutes to talk to Sohail. He says that he cannot give her permission for it. Sejal decides that if she is not given permission then let it be but she will meet Sohail today only. Sejal covers her face and goes into the police station. She asks Sohail if he knows Fareed and asks him to tell her where is he. Sohail looks strangely at her. Tanhaji sees Sejal and gets doubtful.

Imlie episode spoiler – Imlie’s decision:

Aryan catches Imlie’s hands and informs her that he knows that she is up to something. He holds her hands and takes her to the dance floor. He asks her how many more tests and challenges she wants to conduct. They both start dancing. Aryan asks Imlie why is trying to prove again and again that Sundar is right for Arpita. He feels that Imlie cannot see Arpita’s happiness. She says that she cannot be silent and see all this. Imlie declares that she is not a member of this family anymore and doesn’t have any reason to stay here.


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