Anupama 28th April 2022 Written Update Maan Engagement

Anupama 28th April 2022 Written Update Maan Engagement

Anupama 28th April 2022 Written Update Maan Engagement GK asks Devik if Anupama knows that she left a big project to be with Anupama in her wedding. Devika tells GK that Anupama will kill her if she tells her about this. GK tells Devika that she could have benefited so much from the project she left behind. Devika tells GK that profit and loss are considered in business, not in friendship. She says family members are chosen by God for us but they choose their friends on their own, like Anupama chose her. Devika says Anupama was with her when she broke down badly.

She tells GK that people think she always shields Anupama but even Anupama gave her the strength to fight in her difficult times. Devika says she can even leave her job for Anupama. She tells GK that Anupama is such a pure hearted person that if she will pray to God for her, she will get so many projects lined up in front of her. Devika leaves and GK receives a call that shocks and worries him. GK leaves informing everyone that he is going to bring veneration material/things. Anuj tells Malvika and Devika that GK wanted to go himself to buy veneration material because a cute aunty visits that shop.

Malvika and Devika jokingly say that they should get GK married too. Anuj leaves, asking Devika and Malvika to continue with his wedding preparations. At Shah house, Kinjal meets Anupama and tells her that she won’t spoil her mood by asking her what Vanraj said to her. She shows Anupama the saree that she is going to wear for her engagement ceremony. Kinjal asks Anupama to try saree’s blouse and tell her about its fitting. Pakhi enters Anupama’s room excitedly and tells her that she took out good jewelry for her. She tells Anupama that today she has to look better than Anuj. Kinjal and Pakhi decide to apply turmeric, sandalwood and gram flour’s pack to Anupama, thinking if other modern facial ingredients will suit her or not.


They say they can’t take any risk with Anupama’s skin during her engagement day. Pakhi leaves to bring the pack ingredients for Anupama. Kinjal feels bad seeing Anupama sad and getting more sad looking at her face’s skin. She texts something to someone and feels a little relaxed. Kavya asks Vanraj if he really went to make Anupama understand her responsibilities. Vanraj says Anupama can’t forget to fulfill his children’s responsibilities, even after marrying Anuj. He says even after marriage, his children will be Anupama’s priority, not Anuj. Baa overhears all this. She tells Vanraj that he could have talked this thing with Anupama at Shah house also.

Vanraj tells Baa that it was a talk between parents (he and Anupama). Baa reminds Vanraj that she is his mother and knows what goes on in his mind and when. She asks Vanraj to at least think about Bapuji’s health. Baa asks Vanraj why he is increasing Bapuji’s BP by giving him so much stress. Vanraj tells Baa that his brain’s nerve will blast, if he will start worrying about people’s BP. He also tells Baa that he always works according to her and Bapuji. Vanraj apologizes to Baa and tells her that this time he will do whatever he finds right. Kavya asks Vanraj to not do something wrong in his anger. Baa advises Vanraj to not do something, which makes him suffer a loss.

She asks Vanraj to let her do something to stop Anupama and Anuj’s marriage. Baa leaves asking Vanraj to not become a bad person in his children’s eyes by doing all this. Kavya says Baa is right. She tells Vanraj that Baa can fight or argue with Bapuji and even Anuj won’t say anything to her. She leaves requesting Vanraj to enjoy and not mess her life anymore. Vanraj decides to not let Anupama enjoy her wedding. At a park, GK meets Bapuji and handles his falling coconut. GK asks Bapuji what happened to him. Bapuji gives Anuj and Anupama’s swear words to GK and reveals about his worsening condition to him.

GK gets worried and scared for Bapuji. Anuj is seen outside the same park, where GK and Bapuji are talking to each other. He sees his house’s car parked near the park. He recalls that GK informed that he was going to buy veneration material. Confused Anuj searches for GK in the park. GK scolds Bapuji for talking wretched things. Bapuji asks GK to not tell anyone about his worsening health condition. Anuj thinks GK is dating someone. Bapuji tells GK that they will continue meeting with his doctor. He asks GK to keep his reports and medicines safely at his home. Bapuji also requests GK to not let anyone know about his worsening health condition. GK asks why.

Bapuji tells GK that everyone would get worried for him. He explains to GK that Vanraj and Baa will use his worsening health to their advantage and accuse Anuj and Anupama for it, making them feel guilty. Bapuji further explains to GK that Vanraj and Baa will surely create a big drama and try their best to stop Anuj-Anupama’s marriage. He says Anuj and Anupama already waited 27 years for each other and he doesn’t want them to tolerate anymore. Bapuji says Anupama and Anuj deserve happiness. GK tells Bapuji that they can’t stake his life for any reason. Bapuji says he can even sacrifice his life for Anuj and Anupama’s happiness.

GK asks Bapuji why he is so melo-dramatic. Bapuji tells GK that he isn’t refusing to meet the doctor. He says he will do everything in his hands to save his own life. He folds his hands and requests GK to not reveal about his worsening health condition to anyone as this way Anupama’s happiness will get staked and targeted. GK supports Bapuji’s decision with a heavy heart. He tells Bapuji that he will take him to the best doctor. Bapuji says he doesn’t have that much money. GK scolds Bapuji and tells him that he also has the right to Malvika’s wealth. He convinces Bapuji to take his help and get treated properly.

Anuj sees GK with Bapuji at the park. He thinks that GK and Bapuji must have planned some surprise for them. At Shah house, everyone praises the engagement decoration. Everyone gets shocked seeing Baa decked up for Anupama’s engagement. Kavya comes and says that she doesn’t want to miss a party held at home after a long time. Rakhi comes and says that even she doesn’t want to miss Shah family’s drama. Everyone feels irritated. Baa smirks thinking that soon her mother will reach Shah house and end Anupama and her supporters’ happiness. Samar informs everyone that Bapuji and GK went outside for wedding shopping. Irritated Baa thinks Bapuji and GK are spending money for nothing, thinking that Anupama and Anuj’s marriage won’t take place.

On the other hand, GK and Bapuji are seen sitting inside a doctor’s cabin. Doctor tells Bapuji and GK that Bapuji’s reports are critical. He also tells Bapuji that his bypass surgery needs to be done soon. This shocks GK and Bapuji. Doctor says it’s serious and asks Bapuji if he is ready for surgery to be done either tomorrow or day after tomorrow. Bapuji asks the doctor if they can delay his surgery for some days as it’s his daughter’s marriage within a few days. This shocks, worries and angers GK. Doctor tells Bapuji that the risk to his life will increase if they delay his surgery. Bapuji asks the doctor if they can wait for 10 days. Doctor suggests Bapuji not to wait this long for surgery.

Bapuji tells the doctor that he will have to delay his surgery till 10 days as it’s his daughter’s marriage in some days. Doctor asks Bapuji, what if something happens to him in these 10 days. GK tells Bapuji that Anupama’s marriage will get affected even if something happens to him in the upcoming 10 days. Bapuji tells Gk that there is a possibility that nothing will happen. Doctor says they can hope so. Bapuji tells the doctor that he is ready to delay his surgery for 10 days as there is no guarantee of life even after operation at this age. He also tells the doctor that his daughter’s marriage would stop if his family gets to know about his worsening health condition.

Bapuji says he has decided first Anupama’s marriage will take place and then his surgery. GK asks Bapuji why he is putting his own life in danger. Bapuji tells GK that his life is not more important than her happiness. He says he has lived his whole life but Anupama hasn’t even started to live her life properly. Bapuji asks the doctor to prescribe him a medicine, which will keep him fine till 10 days. GK tries to make Bapuji understand that he is taking a decision in haste. Bapuji tells GK that it’s his last wish that no one should come in between Anupama’s marriage and happiness, not even him. GK feels shocked with Bapuji’s decision.

On the other hand, Anuj and Anupama are seen getting ready with their respective family’s help for their engagement. Dolly and Anupama’s children ward off evil from her. Both Anuj and Anupama are seen happily seeing each other’s engagement ring that they are going to make each other wear. Anuj congratulates himself for getting married to Anupama soon. Rakhi irritates Baa. Baa asks Rakhi how her business works, when she is seen wandering all the time at Shah house. Kavya asks Bapuji why Bapuji seems so tired after returning from somewhere. Vanraj says Bapuji will obviously get tired, running here and there for marriage preparations in old age. Baa accuses Anupama for all this.

Baa and Vanraj get angry at Anuj and his family’s arrival at Shah house. They feel a little shock seeing Anupama’s mother arriving with Anuj’s family and playing a big drum hanging around her neck. In the next episode, Anuj will hug Vanraj and tap his back. Anupama will wish to see her handsome Anuj. In Vanraj’s ear, Anuj will warn and threaten Vanraj to stop playing mind games with Anupama. He will tell Vanraj that his nonsense won’t affect his and Anupama’s relationship as he won’t let it happen.

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