Anupama Namaste America 29th April 2022 Written Update

Anupama Namaste America 5th May 2022 Written Update

Anupama Namaste America 29th April 2022 Written Update Vanraj recalls his latest meeting with Ritika at the restaurant. He feels upset recalling his refusal to Ritika’s offer of getting reunited with her. At Shah house, Dolly runs behind naughty Paritosh to get her book back from him. Anupama is seen waiting curiously for Vanraj. While riding the bike, Vanraj keeps on remembering Ritika’s words and her desire to be reunited with him. He stops the bike to calm himself down. But drives towards his house later on. Curious Anupama runs to Vanraj, hearing his bike sound.

Vanraj initially ignores her but later smells his perfume from Anupama. He rudely asks Anupama if she wore his perfume. Anupama tells Vanraj that she wore his perfume because she was missing him. Vanraj scolds Anupama and orders her not to wear his perfume from now onwards. Anupama tells Vanraj that she won’t wear his perfume and asks him what she did that made him so furious. Vanraj angrily asks Anupama if he is getting angry. Moti Baa overhears Vanraj and Anupama’s conversation. Other family members also come there.


Moti Baa tells Vanraj that, this is not the way to even yell at strangers, the way he is yelling at his life partner. Moti Baa shuts Anupama, when she tries to defend Vanraj. She makes Vanraj apologize to Anupama. Innocent Anupama also says sorry to Vanraj. Moti Baa explains to Vanraj that if he has issues with his wife, he should discuss and solve the matter politely with her in private. She tells Vanraj that yelling at his wife publicly is not right. Vanraj says he understood. Moti Baa asks Vanraj if Anupama’s audition result has been announced.

Vanraj says no. He asks Anupama to not keep her hopes high. Vanraj tells Anupama that it is good that everyone, especially his boss’s wife praised her performance. He tells his family that they need to think realistically as many housewives would be trying for this competition. Vanraj says it will be a little tough for Anupama to get selected as all the participants are getting trained for dance, while Anupama has been out of practice for a long time now. Anupama says she gave her best. She also says that her selection must be difficult but not impossible. Hasmukh tells Anupama that this courage of hers, will take her to America.

Anupama feels bad when Leela asks her to fly to America, sitting on her courage, instead of booking airline tickets. Anupama says she is sure that Vanraj’s boss will call. At the same time, Vanraj’s phone rings with his boss’s call. Dolly sees Vanraj’s phone’s screen and says it’s his boss’s call. This surprises everyone, but shocks Leela and Vanraj. Vanraj receives the call, his boss asks him if he sent Anupama’s audition tape. Vanraj remains silent. Boss tells Vanraj that it’s not needed anymore as his excited wife sent the party CD as Anupama’s audition. He asks Vanraj to understand that Anupama’s audition has been done.

Boss disconnects the call asking Vanraj to just wait for results. Whole family asks Vanraj what his boss said. Vanraj tells Anupama that the call was regarding his work, not her audition. Moti Baa cheers up a little disappointed Anupama. Anupama also tries to cheer herself up. At the same time, Ritika calls Anupama from behind. She asks Anupama if it’s Vanraj Shah’s house. Anupama says yes. Vanraj gets shocked and worried seeing Ritika at his house entrance. Anupama sees both Ritika and Vanraj with a questioning look. Vanraj tells Anupama that it’s his college friend, Ritika. Anupama greets Ritika in both modern and traditional ways.

Ritika finds Anupama less educated and from a small background. Vanraj feels embarrassed of Anupama. Anupama introduces herself as Vanraj’s wife to Ritika. She tells Ritika that she is glad to meet her as she never met any of Vanraj’s friends, she (Ritika) is the first one. Ritika tells Anupama that she also felt nice meeting her. She asks Anupama if she can come inside. Anupama permits Ritika and takes her inside the Shah house. She calls all family members outside and introduces Ritika to them as Vanraj’s college friend.

Leela looks at Ritika suspiciously. Ritika greets everyone. Hasmukh asks Anupama to sit. Anupama asks Paritosh to touch Ritika’s feet. Ritika says it isn’t needed. Moti Baa tells Ritika that children should always be taught values. She asks little Paritosh to touch his father’s sister’s feet (Ritika). This shocks and embarrasses Ritika and Vanraj. Little Paritosh expresses excitement on meeting his new aunt (father’s new sister). Ritika feels irritated and tells Paritosh that she is not his aunt (father’s sister). She looks at Vanraj with anger and expectations in her eyes. Vanraj feels helpless. Ritika finds Leela, looking at her with anger.

Vanraj tells Paritosh that Ritika is not his sister but friend. He asks Paritosh to go and touch Ritika’s feet. Ritika again refuses for this, saying it isn’t required. Moti Baa asks Vanraj why he never told anything about Ritika to the family. Seeing Vanraj stuttering, Ritika tells Moti Baa that she moved to the US after college. Anupama says she will return with water and walks towards the kitchen. Ritika tells Shahs that they are such a lovely family. Leela asks Dolly to answer Ritika in English. Dolly thanks Ritika for praising her family. She asks Ritika, for how long has she been in the US.

Leela tells Ritika that her daughter Dolly speaks American English, even after living in Ahmedabad. Ritika smiles. Moti Baa tells Ritika that America has become synonymous with their house and family now. She says someone is coming to their house from America and someone is going to America. Ritika asks Vanraj if he is going to America. Moti Baa addresses Vanraj with his house nickname Gutlu. She tells Ritika that not Vanraj, but their Anupama is going to the US. Anupama tells Ritika that her going to America is not confirmed, but possible. Moti Baa tells Anupama that she will surely go to America.

Little innocent Paritosh asks Ritika which chocolate she brought. Anupama asks Paritosh to not speak like that. Paritosh says that Moti Baa says that one should never go empty handed in a house with children. He looks at Ritika and says that a person should bring something for children, while visiting their house. Anupama asks Paritosh to get quiet, but others laugh silently. Anupama and Vanraj apologize to Ritika saying that Paritosh is a little naughty. Everyone thinks in silence what they should talk about. Anupama breaks the silence and tells Ritika that they are living in a rented house, right now. She also tells Ritika that Vanraj is getting another floor to their original house.

Anupama explains to Ritika that how beautifully, Vanraj is getting their old house renovated. She tells Ritika that they have made a separate place for Laddu Gopal. Ritika asks Anupama if Vanraj’s father’s name is Laddu Gopal. Bapuji tells Ritika that his name is Hasmukh. He explains to Ritika that Laddu Gopa means God/Lord Sri Krishna. Moti Baa tells Ritika that Lord Krishna Ji’s child avatar is called Laddu Gopal. Ritika says it sounds nice and cute. Paritosh makes fun of Ritika saying that she doesn’t know even this much. Family makes him quiet.

Hasmukh asks Ritika if she and Vanraj were in the same class. Leela feels disgusted, when Ritika tells everyone that she and Vanraj were very close friends. Anupama asks Ritika if she meant best friends. Ritika says yes. Vanraj asks Anupama to get him ginger tea, as he is having a headache. Anupama says okay. Vanraj tells Ritika that Anupama’s handmade tea fixes everything. He says Anupama is the solution to every problem. Anupama feels happy hearing her praises from Vanraj’s mouth. Both Ritika and Leela feel angry hearing Anupama’s praises from Vanraj. Anupama happily runs inside the kitchen to prepare tea.

Ritika says Anupama is so nice as she keeps smiling, even working all day in the kitchen as a housewife. Moti Baa feels angry towards Ritika for calling Anupama, only a housewife. Before she could say anything, Vanraj speaks up for Anupama. Vanraj tells Ritika that Anupama keeps smiling as she is proud of being a housewife and she should be. He tells Ritika that if housewives start drawing a salary for their work, then they would earn even more than any big CEO. Leela feels confused, while others feel proud of Vanraj, thinking that he is proud of having Anupama as his life partner. Vanraj tells Ritika that Anupama is almost perfect in every character like wife, daughter-in-law and a mother.

Anupama smiles in happiness. Water glass by Paritosh’s mistake falls on Vanraj. He leaves towards his room to clean it. Leela follows him to his room. She stops Vanraj and asks him if Ritika is the same girl who ditched him in the past. Leela asks Vanraj why she came to their house. Vanraj tells Leela that Ritika came to meet him. Leela tells Vanraj that she understood that he went to meet Ritika, getting all decked up. She explains to Vanraj that women can see everything. Leela tells Vanraj that Anupama can’t detect the connection between him and Ritika, because she blindly trusts him. She asks Vanraj to not forget that his mother is very clever.

Leela warns Vanraj that his family can break due to his wrong actions. Vanraj tells Leela that nothing is happening between him and Ritika. Leela tells Vanraj that obviously he and Ritika shouldn’t have anything between them. She also tells Vanraj that she saw him and Ritika staring at each other. Leela further says that she also understood that he was praising Anupama to make Ritika feel jealous. She asks Vanraj to not forget that he is father of two children. Leela threatens Vanraj that no one will be able to save him from her, if he gets into any relationship with Ritika. Vanraj gets shocked and tense.

Moti Baa asks Ritika, how many children she has. Ritika tells Moti Baa that she has no children of hers. Vanraj comes and sits with everyone. Moti Baa asks Ritika about her husband’s profession. Ritika replies that she has got separated from her husband. Leela asks everyone to see that wives are tortured in America too. Ritika tells Leela that her husband is a nice man and doesn’t beat her. Leela asks Ritika then why she got separated from her husband. Ritika says she got fed up with that relationship. She also says that love ended between her and her ex-husband. Leela ruthlessly tells Ritika that it’s love, not a buffet that will end. Ritika explains to Leela that a person realizes his/her mistake of entering into a wrong relationship after entering into that relationship.

Both Vanraj and Ritika look at each other. Ritika tells Shahs that she and her husband got separated after understanding their mistakes. Leela asks Ritika if not even a single argument or fight occurred between her and her husband. Ritika replies no. Moti Baa tells Ritika that in India, one can’t even get married without a fight. She says there is always an uncle or some relative, who picks up a fight in every marriage. She tells Ritika that she is feeling amazed, knowing that people get separated without any fight or argument in America. Anupama also feels surprised knowing this. Ritika looks at Vanraj. Vanraj’s phone rings. When he sees who is calling, Dolly also sees it from behind. Dolly tells everyone that it’s Vanraj’s boss’s call.

Everyone asks Vanraj to pick it up. Vanraj thinks he can’t even hang up his boss’s call as Dolly saw it. He thinks to do something and walks aside. Whole family runs and surrounds Vanraj. Everyone asks Vanraj to pick the call. Vanraj feels stuck in the situation and picks up his boss’s call in front of everyone. Little Paritosh crosses his fingers in hope to hear good news. Boss congratulates Vanraj, telling him that Anupama got selected and she is going to America. This news shocks Vanraj.

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