Kumkum Bhagya Prachi slaps Rhea 29th April 2022 Top 10 Spoilers

Kumkum Bhagya Prachi slaps Rhea 29th April 2022 Top 10 Spoilers

Kumkum Bhagya Prachi slaps Rhea 29th April 2022 Top 10 Spoilers Rhea tells that Prachi got her kidnapped after Nick escaped so that she gets rid of her. She says that when Ranbir reached the warehouse she got worried because Prachi’s plan fell flat on her. Rhea says that Prachi ordered her to shoot. Prachi gets angry and slaps her. Aaliya gets angry while Ranbir looks on calmly.

Meet episode spoiler – Babita insults Mrs. Meet:


Mr. Meet shouts at Mrs. Meet for her support to Isha and Deep. Babita tells Mr. Meet to not ask anything to her as running away is in her blood. Babita warns Mrs. Meet that Isha will get married tomorrow and asks her to not enter the house till she gets married. Ram and Babita drag away Isha while she tries to free herself. Mr. Meet angrily leaves the temple. Mrs. Meet gets crushed.

Mithai episode spoiler – Girish interrogates Mithai:

Girish shows the picture to Mithai and says that he knows why she has come into their house and warns her to tell the truth. Agrawal comes and offers Mithai three lakhs for opening her shop and agrees to pay her in advance. He asks her to make Aloo Jalebi for Agrawal sweets. He asks Mithai if the deal is final. Mithai lands up in an awkward situation.

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na episode spoiler – Vamika-Krisha’s face-off:

Vamika tells Krisha that till yesterday she was in love with Devraj but now she wants to be his wife. She says that she desires to take Krisha’s place. Krisha says that she cannot snatch Devraj from her and she will walk on fire to protect Devraj from her evil eyes. Vamika tells Krisha to walk on the glass pieces and take her mangalsutra. Krisha succeeds. The duo challenges each other to acquire Devraj.

Udaariyaan – Angad’s plan:

Angad speaks on the phone and tells that he is sure that the girl posing as Tanya is Tejo only and decides to speak to her. Tanya realizes that Angad is again stalking her and tells about a plan in her friend’s ears. Angad continuously observes Tanya. Angad burns some papers in front of her. Tanya gets irritated and threatens him that she is calling the cops.

Woh To Hai Albelaa – Chiranjeev to die?:

Chiranjeev asks Krishna to let him enjoy himself nicely and not to stop him today. They both are on a bike. Sayuri reaches the mandap and Saroj wonders where is Chiranjeev. Krishna warns Chiranjeev that the bike will disbalance and asks him to slow down. Sayuri sits down and Saroj is worried. A truck comes fast and Krishna shouts Chiranjeev’s name loudly.

Shub Shagun – Shagun’s entry:

Shagun makes a heroic entry into the Ganesh Chaturthi festival on a bike in a traditional Maharashtrian avatar. She wraps her dupatta around her and starts playing the drums with enthusiasm. Shagun gets fully engrossed in the festive vibes.

Gud Se Meetha Ishq – Neel praises Kaju:

Neel’s father insists Kaju to take the gold chain offered by him for his happiness. Kaju is about to take it but Bhoomi purposely slips it on the ground. He gets angry and asks Kaju what did she do and she says that it fell down by mistake. Neel tells Kaju that her dance was good or the photos he clicked are good. He says that Kaju manages events, works as a tour guide, and dances also beautifully.

Harphool Mohini – Harphoul-Mohini’s marriage:

Harphoul tells his mother that she was going to search for a beautiful girl for him. He is angry with her for choosing a Madrasi girl. Mohini is pissed with her parents that Harphoul has not made any achievements with his fair skin but she is the topper of her school. She says that she came first in her 12th board. Harphoul says that when an educated bride will dance on her head what will she do. Mohini sees that Harphoul respects his mother and will respect his wife too.

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal – Kashibai hugs Bajirao:

A girl tells Kashibai that Peshwa Bajirao must have found a new Peshwinbai. She says that if that would have been the case then the diya would have blown off a long time back. Suddenly the diya goes off. Peshwa Bajirao Ballal enters the room and Kashibai goes to him. She applies a black tikka to him so that no one should sets an evil eye on their relationship.


  1. lmao.kumkum bhagya dropping miserably n not even picking up.Stupid trashy disgusting story line n rhea alliya n pallavi sickning conspiracies against prachi .viewer are fedup of ranbir 2 wives.
    prachi n ranbir separation hiding pregnancy n alliya/ rhea committing crimes n winning.

  2. Shhhhhh, when will the writer end this rubbish story line. Aliyah was never exposed until this moment that she sent Abhi and Pragya into with all her conspiracies. Here comes Rhea getting away with all her dirty plans and turning the table around all the time without been exposed. Prachi having complicated pregnancy and hiding because of self respect. She wrote letter early in the film to Ranbir under the intoxication state and until now, letter is still hiding or has it been trashed. Anyway, I stopped my subscription with Zee5 because of these story of Bhagya ( Abhi and Pragya, Pretta and Karan).
    The writer is teaching rubbish and tarnishing Indian’ s image because EVILS always WINS and people that PRAYS always LOSE and RIDICULED. For more than 7 years I having watching his stories, Innocent people died leaving the evils to continue. DISGUSTING


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