Kumkum Bhagya 4th May 2022 Written Update Prachi in tears

Kumkum Bhagya 4th May 2022 Written Update Prachi in tears

Kumkum Bhagya 4th May 2022 Written Update Prachi in tears Ranbir and Prachi get into a heated argument. He tells her that they will have a relation forming between them when she tries to make it, he is going away from her now and he won’t come back to her. Prachi wants him to put efforts and earn her trust, while Ranbir want her to put efforts and win his love. Ranbir and Prachi have an ego clash once again, because of Rhea. Prachi tells Ranbir that she doesn’t want him to stay around her, he should go to his Rhea if he wants. They both go their own ways. Rhea smiles watching their big argument and rejoices on the success of her plan. Earlier in the show, Ranbir gets surprised seeing the family in the room for breakfast. He finds it a sweet gesture. Aaliya tells that it was Rhea’s idea. Ranbir tells that he would have come downstairs. Vikram asks him how is he feeling now. Ranbir tells that he is okay. Vikram asks about the work file. Ranbir tells that he was working on the project to pass time.

Vikram asks him to take rest. Ranbir asks them to have breakfast. Ranbir feels hurt in his arm. Rhea tells that she will feed him by her hands. Prachi reaches there. Pallavi and Aaliya ask Ranbir to have the food by Rhea’s hands. Vikram finds Prachi at the door and asks her to come in and have breakfast with them. He insists her to join them. Prachi joins them unwillingly. She gets to see Ranbir and Rhea’s moment. Ranbir gets speechless and tensed seeing Prachi watching him with Rhea. He feels answerable to Prachi. Ranbir chooses to leave from the room by making a work excuse. He ends the awkward moment. The family members leave. Rhea stops Prachi and warns her to not follow Ranbir.


Kumkum Bhagya 4th May 2022 Written Update Prachi in tears:

Pallavi asks Ranbir what is happening. Ranbir tells that he has to check some files, he doesn’t want his mind to be idle and troubled. She tells that work isn’t so important like his health. Vikram asks her to let him talk to his son. Aaliya keeps an eye on them. Ranbir tells that he wants to stay busy. He asks Vikram to allow him. Vikram understands that work stress is better than home stress. He asks Ranbir to work if he wants. Ranbir tells that he is going to study room to work. Vikram asks him to go. He finds Aaliya overhearing them. Aaliya tells that she was going that side.

Rhea angers Prachi by asking her not to follow Ranbir. Prachi tells that Rhea irritates her a lot. Rhea tells that its not fair that Prachi always breaks the promises. Prachi answers her that she is trying to stay normal under the same roof. Rhea insults Prachi again. She laughs on the way everyone is treating Prachi, like an outsider. Prachi doesn’t want to spoil her mood by talking to Rhea. Rhea tells that Prachi can’t save herself. Prachi clears that Ranbir has saved her life, not Rhea. She asks why did Ranbir risk his life to save her/Prachi when Rhea thinks that the attack was on her.

She gets dizzy. Rhea asks her to stop and let her complete the talk. Prachi leaves from there. She doesn’t want Rhea to know about her pregnancy. She calls Dr. Madhu and tells that she got dizzy. Dr. Madhu asks her to come to the clinic and meet her. Ranbir hears Prachi talking to the doctor. He grows worried for her. He asks her if she wants to tell him something.

Ranbir asks her to share the problem. Prachi tells that she doesn’t need his help. Ranbir and Prachi have an argument. He confronts her for not coming to meet him and getting her beauty sleep. She asks him to go away to Rhea, where Rhea will be ready to welcome him with love. Ranbir tells that he had lost his path for sometime, but thanks to Prachi, he found his path again. She asks him not to lecture her that she has changed, she is bad, he is good and he still loves her. She tells that he has nothing to justify himself, there is a big difference in his words and actions.

He angrily tells that he loves hurting her according to her. She tells that he always hurts her. He is tired of explaining her. He asks her why doesn’t she believe that he loves her. She tells that she will never believe the lie. He doesn’t like that she doubts his love and intentions. She blames him for doubting her first and bringing the suspicion in their relation. She confronts him for his big promises. She tells that he has married Rhea by his self-will. She feels that she lost her heart to him and then he broke her heart. She accuses him for cheating her.

She tells that Ranbir just loved Rhea and wanted to marry her, maybe he had a fight with Rhea and married Prachi in anger. She tells that its her loss throughout. Ranbir asks her to stop doubting his love. He asks if she didn’t wish to marry him. She replies that she didn’t wish to marry him. He is upset that she has ruined their relationship also. He wants Prachi to try and make the relation if she wants, he will go away from her. She asks him to go to his Rhea. The prolonged silence kills their relation further. Prachi and Ranbir cry and leave, recalling their past moments. Aaliya tells her next plan to Rhea. They hide from Vikram and Ranbir. Aaliya asks Rhea is she ready to fall down.

Rhea is ready for the little risk. Aaliya removes the railing for the fake accident. She asks Rhea to wear the knee pads so that she doesn’t get too hurt. She wants Rhea to act well. She wants the family to increase their anger on Prachi and throw her out. Prachi meets Dr. Madhu. She wants to know if her baby is okay. Dr. Madhu asks her not to worry, the baby is totally okay. She asks Prachi to live stress free like before. Prachi doesn’t want to live like before. Dr. Madhu asks her to take rest and be happy. She gives a smiley ball to her. Prachi thanks her and leaves.

Aaliya tells Pallavi that she is keeping the useless mattress aside. She places the mattress under the balcony railing. She signs Rhea to jump down. Ranbir and Vikram also come to the living room. Rhea fakes the accidental fall in front of them and shocks them. Rhea falls down and gets hurt. Ranbir and family rush to Rhea and get caring towards her. Aaliya as per the plan, shouts Prachi to accuse her for the accident.

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  1. Yes exactly when it will end I’m not watching it till I know prachi and ranbir get happiness…this is just the same thing with their parents now them comeee onnnnn no happy moments


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