Radha Mohan 6th May 2022 Written Update Mohan doubts Radha

Radha Mohan 12th December 2022 Mohan lashes out

Radha Mohan 6th May 2022 Written Update Mohan doubts Radha Radha burns her hand in the process of stopping Gungun to light a diya for a wrong wish. She asks Gungun why she is wishing life imprisonment for her own father. Gungun says her father is her mother’s killer and deserves to be imprisoned. She also says that she will have fun when Mohan will get imprisoned for life. Gungun says that she will turn adult till Mohan will return from prison. She leaves, saying that she will leave the house and vanish somewhere before Mohan’s return from prison.

Radha requests God to not hear Gungun’s wrong wish. She says her grandmother calls her half brained, according to which her age should be of a 10 year-old girl. Radha requests God to consider her a kid and fulfill her wish by helping Mohan get acquitted from Tulsi’s murder charges. At the same time, Mohan seems to be walking and talking on call with someone, nearby where Radha is sitting. He tells the other person on call that he is leaving for court and says that he discussed everything with the lawyer. Radha hears Mohan’s voice and hides herself recalling Damini’s words, that Mohan is already troubled and she (Radha) could trouble Mohan more. Flashback shows Damini asking Radha to not come in front of Mohan, if she wants Mohan’s goodness.


Kadambari on the other hand is seen talking to someone on calls. She asks the other person on call to cancel all appointments of today and reschedule them by her consent only. Ketki overhears this and tells Kadambari that she doesn’t need to cancel any appointments as she can handle them. Kadambari tells Ketki that she doesn’t need to be troubled as they can deal with appointments later on. Ketki’s real brother asks her why she is wasting her time as they have no value or status in Trivedi house. He says their mother (Kadambari) forgets that she is their real mother and Mohan’s step-mother.

Ketki’s real brother says Kadambari loves and values only Mohan and considers others as strangers. He asks Kadambari if he is right. Kadambari tells her real son that he is absolutely right that Mohan is her lovable son as he is a responsible person. She taunts her son by telling him that he should be considered a stranger/outsider as he kept sleeping during his brother’s engagement. Kadambari’s real son tells her that he became an outsider on the day when he got everything second hand, even being her real son, be it her love or their right on/in Trivedi house. He says that Mohan gets everything first hand, even being second hand (step son).

This angers Damini and Kadambari. As Kadambari’s real son turns, he gets shocked seeing Mohan standing behind him in anger. Mohan angrily asks his step brother to take out his shirt and show him how much body he has made in the gym. Step brother takes out his shirt. After this Mohan makes his step brother take out his vest too. Step brother gets embarrassed when Mohan makes him take out his pants too. Ketiki, Kadambari, Damini and Damini’s mother feels awkward and shocked. Mohan tells his step brother that he is living in Trivedi house, wearing designer clothes, traveling in expensive cars and just enjoying parties, because he is Kadambari Devi’s son.

Mohan explains to his step brother that being real or step son doesn’t matter. He tells his step brother that the important thing is that he is Kadambari’s son and she is tolerating all this because she is his mother. Mohan threatens his step brother that he will get him thrown out of the house, after taking off his boxers, if he will ever talk insolently with their mother. Worried Ketki requests Mohan to let their step brother go as he is childish. Damini feels irritated. Ketki takes her angry real elder brother away with his clothes. Mohan signs Kadambari that he won’t tolerate all this wrong behavior with her.

Gungun overhears Ketki’s real brother wishing that Mohan gets imprisoned. She tells God that she wishes the same. Radha is shocked to see how Mohan is facing the charge of killing his wife, the jealous nature of his younger brother and the hatred of his own daughter towards him.. She feels bad for Mohan’s and realizes why Mohan seemed sad and teary eyed even on his engagement day, when he should have been happy instead. Radha requests God to help Mohan getting acquitted from Tulsi’s murder charges. She decides to make Mohan have curd and sugar for his success in court case.

Mohan’s lawyers arrive and ask if it’s all set. Damini says yes. Lawyer takes blessings from Kadambari by touching her feet. He requests Mohan to not crack any joke in the court and have control on his tongue as he has made all the preparations for his case. Mohan cracks a joke saying that most probably he will have dinner in prison. Lawyer Damini and Kadambari ask Mohan to be serious. Damini promises Mohan that he won’t get punished. She takes Kadambari aside. Lawyer tells Mohan that he needs his signatures on some papers. Mohan asks the lawyer to take anything from him.

On the other hand, Dulari gets scared seeing Radha in the kitchen suddenly. Radha requests Dulari to give her some sugar as her grandmother says that a person should have curd sugar before leaving for some big and important work. Dulari asks Radha, what big and important work she is going to do today. Radha tells Dulari that she thought of feeding curd sugar to Mohan as he is going for his last hearing in court today and she wants him to get acquitted from court. Dulari angrily asks Radha if she has gone mad. Radha asks Dulari to feed curd sugar to Mohan instead of her. Scared Dulari runs out of the kitchen.

Radha wonders now, how she will feed curd and sugar to Mohan. Kadambari tells Damini that she has arranged a jaap for Mohan in Shiv temple, which should not be stopped. At the same time, Kadambari collides with Radha. She asks Radha why she hasn’t left till now. Radha tells Kadambari that her return bus is in the afternoon. She tries to talk to Kadambari, Damini and Ketki but everyone leaves hearing half of Radha’s words. Mohan returns to get his phone from his room. Radha from upstairs makes a sound to get Mohan’s attention. Mohan looks upwards to check who is making noises. Radha, without showing her face, throws/drops curd and sugar in Mohan’s mouth.

Mohan gets stunned and tries to check who is playing holi with curd and sugar in his house. Before he could check, Kadambari takes him, saying that they shouldn’t get late for court hearing. Radha smiles and feels happy seeing her success. She feels confident thinking that now Mohan cannot lose the case. She thanks God. At the court, a person signs about starting their plan to Damini. Later, Mohan, his lawyer and his family are seen getting out of the court from between a lot of media surrounding them. A voice-over of judge says that Mohan is acquitted from Tulsi’s murder charges because of lack of proofs. Voice over also says that now Tulsi’s murder case against Mohan is closed.

Outside the court premises, Tulsi’s mother tells Mohan that she and his own inner consciousness won’t ever acquit him as he has committed a sin by murdering her daughter. Mohan’s lawyer threatens Tulsi’s mother to get her arrested for mentally torturing Mohan. On the other hand, Radha writes a letter for Mohan telling him that his advice, words and Shrimad Bhagavad Gita helped her a lot in the past. She also writes to Mohan that she feels that now he needs the precious Shrimad Bhagavad Gita more than her and that is why she is leaving it for him. Radha puts her letter in Shrimad Bhagavad Gita for Mohan.

Radha tells God that she came to give Shrimad Bhagavad Gita herself to Mohan. She tells God that she is leaving and requests God to make her Shrimad Bhagavad Gita to Mohan. She wishes happiness and peace for Mohan. Radha prays to God to make Gungun give Mohan the love and respect of a father. She also requests God that Tulsi’s murder charges gets removed from Mohan. At the same time, outside court premises, Tulsi’s mother throws wet mud on Mohan by telling him that her daughter’s murder charges won’t ever removed from him. This shocks everyone. Tulsi’s mother tells Mohan that this blackness has touched his soul, not his face.

Frustrated Mohan addresses Tulsi’s mother as Maa and tells her that he and his family didn’t murder Tulsi. Tulsi’s mother tells Mohan that he and his family know the truth. She curses Mohan that he won’t ever get happiness of being a father. She tells Mohan that even his own daughter, Gungun hates him and considers him as her mother’s murderer. Tulsi’s mother tells Mohan that he will yearn for his daughter’s love like she is yearning for her daughter. This hurts Mohan but angers Damini. Damini tells Tulsi’s mother that the case has been closed, which means there is no more accusation on Mohan. She threatens Tulsi’s mother and her supporters to get them arrested for speaking against Mohan.

Tulsi’s mother’s supporters asks Damini to call police, telling her that they don’t fear police as they didn’t do anything wrong, instead Mohan is a murderer. Mohan’s brother-in-law defends Mohan. Tulsi’s mother’s supporters says that murderer Mohan has been freed and can kill anyone. Mohan’s lawyer and Tulsi’s mother’s supporters keep arguing with each other. Media records everything. Mohan recalls Tulsi’s mother’s and Gungun’s hurtful words and curse. He starts walking on the road in tension. Mohan’s family feels worried thinking about where Mohan disappeared.

In the street, people talk ill about Mohan seeing him set free by court. Some people capture Mohan with wet mud on his face and body. They say that rich people get free of any charges easily as both law and police favor the rich, being in their control. A person says Mohan’s name is contradictory to his nature. He calls Mohan a devil and a dangerous person. Mohan wipes his tears and walks past everyone. On the other hand, Radha puts milk in front of Lord Krishna’s idol. She tells Gungun that she has offered milk bhog to Lord Krishna and asks her to take holy offering (prasad) as they might not meet each other after this.

Gungun tells Radha that she doesn’t want to meet her again and also doesn’t want this milk. Radha tries various ways to make Gungun drink God’s prasad. Gungun makes Radha run behind her in the whole house. Mohan reaches outside his house and recalls Tulsi’s mother’s curse. In Gungun and Radha’s fight, milk prasad falls on Mohan’s face. Radha gets shocked and scared seeing this. Tulsi’s soul watches everything. Milk vessel falls from Radha’s hand. Whole family reaches home behind Mohan and gets shocked seeing his condition. Ketki’s husband says Mohan got acquitted from Tulsi’s murder charges and now Radha cleaned the wet mud from Mohan’s face.

Hearing that Mohan got acquitted of Tulsi’s murder charges, Gungun and Mohan’s step brother feel angry. Ketki’s husband praises Radha for purifying Mohan with milk by cleaning blackness of allegations leveled against him. Mohan keeps staring at tensed Radha. Ketki’s husband tells Radha that she made everyone happy. Radha apologizes to Mohan telling him that she didn’t see him coming. Mohan stops Radha’s hand, which she raised to clean the milk, she by mistake threw at him. This stuns everyone. Mohan repeatedly asks Radha who she is. He tells Radha that she has been troubling everyone since she entered Trivedi house. Mohan angrily repeats his question to Radha, scaring Gungun and Radha both.

Radha reminds Mohan that she is the priest’s daughter. Mohan fails to recognize Radha and asks who Radha and which priest. He asks Radha to get out of Trivedi house and never show him her face. This shocks and hurts Radha.


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