Kumkum Bhagya Major twist 6th May 2022 Top 10 Spoilers

Kumkum Bhagya Major twist 6th May 2022 Top 10 Spoilers

Kumkum Bhagya Major twist 6th May 2022 Top 10 Spoilers Kumkum Bhagya Ranbir protects Prachi Prachi feels hurt by Ranbir’s words. He proves to her that he will care for Rhea, and not for Prachi until Prachi makes him feel that she needs his care. He feels insulted by Prachi’s indifference. Prachi is jealous seeing Ranbir and Rhea pose as a couple in the police station. Ranbir is assumed to be Rhea’s husband. He doesn’t tell the Inspector that he is Prachi’s husband. Inspector doesn’t believe Rhea completely, because there is no such proof against Prachi. He tells that if Prachi really wanted to kill Rhea, then she would have made a bigger plan, nobody dies by falling down the first floor. Rhea tells that Prachi really wanted to kill her, and that’s why she wants Prachi arrested.

Yeh Hai Chahatein – Revati VS Rudraksh:

Revati pledges to destroy Rudraksh. Revati’s team of police officials search for Rudraksh but he escapes disguised as a beggar. Preesha pours water on Rudraksh and the black paint from his face is washed off. Revati declares that Rudraksh can do whatever he wants to but she will punish his entire family. On the other hand, Rudraksh also vows to not let his family bear the consequences of a crime that they have not committed.


Kaamnaa – Sakshi loves Manav:

Sakshi remembers Manav’s sweet gesture towards her and gets emotional. She also remembers their nice talks and strong bond. She seems disturbed by Manav’s rejection and is lost in thoughts. Sakshi’s mother asks her why is she crying. Sakshi gets startled and says that Manav and Yatharth’s presence has made her forget her past and the present doesn’t remind her of her former days.

Sasural Simar Ka – Simar begs Geetanjali Devi:

Geetanjali Devi tells Aarav that he is not her grandson and asks him to go away. Dhami holds Aarav’s hand and prepares to leave the house. Simar cries and calls Aarav loudly which makes him stop. Simar informs Geetanjali Devi that Aarav is in some difficulty or is blackmailed. She finds his behavior fishy and says that something is wrong and requests Geetanjali Devi to stop Aarav. She says that they cannot lose Aarav. Geetanjali Devi asks Simar what kind of lady she is and on what basis is she believing in Aarav. Simar says that she trusts Aarav.

Mika Di Vohti – Mika’s talks with car:

Mika Singh enters his car. The car wishes him a good evening. Mika calls the car his sweetheart and admits that only she understands his feelings. He expresses to his car that it is not only a car but his life. He confesses to his darling that every day there are so many weddings and parties going on at his songs. He says that lakhs of relationships and hearts are connected but he never thought about his heart’s connection. Mika wishes to get married and his car stops.

Banni Chow Home Delivery – Banni’s special service:

Banni sets on her bike with her aunt who wants to meet Vimala Madhani. She takes a different route and her aunt stops her. Banni informs her aunt that Madhani’s daughter is admitted to the hospital and will have her delivery there itself. She says that it is a matter of 3-4 days. Banni reminds her aunt that name can be earned through the taste of the food and respect can be achieved through service. Banni delivers her food to hospitals, temples, offices, schools, and homes.

Udaariyaan episode spoiler – Tejo accuses Fateh:

Tejo cries and tells Fateh that she hates him. An injured Fateh tries to calm her down but she keeps pushing him. Tejo asks him to stay far away from her life. Fateh meets Jasmine and Amrik and tells them about his fallout with Tejo. Jasmine wonders who wanted to kill Tejo and whose planning it was. Amrik doubts Angad. Tejo mistakenly dashes Angad which makes Jasmine, Amrik and Fateh shocked.

Meet episode spoiler – Mr. Meet supports Mrs. Meet:

Mr. Meet informs Mrs. Meet that they will find her father’s killer. An unknown guy covers his face and sneaks into Mr. Meet’s room. He switches off the light and takes out the pen drive while Mr. Meet is sleeping. Mrs. Meet comes into the room and switches on the light. She walks towards the man and uncovers his face. Mrs. Meet is surprised to see him.

Swaran Ghar episode spoiler – Ajit helps Swaran:

Swaran cheers up her tenants by doing a small act on the benefits of a facial cream. The girls become amused by Swaran’s antics. She acts as a male and female character and tells that the skin will become bright and radiant with its use. She gets stuck after telling the advantages. Ajit helps her and says that the cream’s name is Swaran’s Nikhar. Swaran gets confused.

Fanaa episode spoiler – Neelima accepts Bulbul:

Naveli wakes up Bulbul and says that someone might see her. She suggests her to run out from the back door before everybody wakes up. Meera makes her way to unlock Agastya’s room. Naveli asks Bulbul to leave forcibly but she resists. Neelima stops Naveli and says that Bulbul will stay with them. Meera asks Neelima if she is planning to seek revenge on her. Bulbul comes out of the cupboard and declares that she will make a grand entry into this house.




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