Bhagya Lakshmi 9th May 2022 Written Update Rishi in peril

Bhagya Lakshmi 9th May 2022 Written Update Rishi in peril

Bhagya Lakshmi 9th May 2022 Written Update Rishi in peril Lakshmi reveals to Rishi about the Markesh dosh threatening his life. She tells that he needs to understand that his time is running bad, he is close to danger because of his stars. Rishi replies that he doesn’t believe in Markesh dosh, he is totally fine and he didn’t die till now. Lakshmi stops him from talking about death. They both get into trouble when the cave rocks start falling down. Rishi and Lakshmi get hurt by the falling rocks. He protects her and gets further hurt. Lakshmi shouts Rishi seeing him fall conscious. On the other hand, Neelam tells Virender that she wants to show their relation in a good frame in front of everyone, but they both know the truth of their marriage. Virender gets disheartened. How will Lakshmi rescue herself and an unconscious Rishi from the dangerous twist? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Rishi tells Lakshmi that Balwinder came to take revenge. Lakshmi asks did he really come. He tells that he doesn’t have a habit to lie like her. Virender scolds Karishma to not play dirty politics in his house. He asks Neelam to think of giving happiness to the children. He goes away. Neelam tells Kiran that Virender talks a lot sometimes, he doesn’t know right and wrong. Rishi looks for Juhi. Lakshmi gets scared thinking Balwinder has come to attack Rishi. She thinks if this is a coincidence or any threat on Rishi. Neelam tells that she will do what she wants. She thinks to leave Rishi in the resort, so that Virender gets glad that she agreed to him. Lakshmi wants to find the exit way. She gets hopeful that she will save Rishi.

Bhagya Lakshmi 9th May 2022 Written Update Rishi in peril:


Juhi shows some beer cans to Rishi. Rishi thinks who is living in the cave. He asks Juhi to stay there. He goes to find out. Lakshmi doesn’t find them. She looks for them. She gets to see some sound of water. She goes to see. She sees a stream flowing in the deep cave. She gets worried and runs to Lakshmi. Ayush calls Rishi. He fails to connect to Rishi. He tells Paritosh that he has to talk to Rishi first, he has also researched about the cave national calamity, the cave is 60 years old. Paritosh tells that the cave is near the garden, Rishi didn’t tell his decision till now.

Ayush asks Paritosh to get him check the new information. Juhi tells Lakshmi that Rishi has gone that side. Rishi burns the fire torch. He tells Lakshmi that this cave isn’t horrible for some time, it’s a picnic spot for some people. She tells that they have to follow the stream and find the exit of the cave. They go to the river stream. Rishi and Lakshmi like the sight. They argue. Juhi smiles watching them. Lakshmi gets to see some light source entering the cave. She goes to see it, while Rishi tries to reach the end of the stream. Lakshmi asks Juhi to stay there, and goes to see the light source.

She gets a hope. Rishi sees the waterfall and gets worried. He thinks they are badly stuck. He fears of telling Lakshmi that they can’t get saved. Lakshmi asks him if he found a way. He tells that there can be crocodiles if they go through the river way. Lakshmi tells them that resort garden is viewable from that round opening in the cave. Lakshmi tells that the cave is manmade, they can break the rock and go out. Rishi tells that he will shout for help and check. He shouts for help. He tells that there is no use to shout. He starts hitting the rocks.

Neelam is worried for Rishi. Virender asks her why is she stressed. She tells that Rishi isn’t answering. He asks her to stop taking tension for Rishi, he is okay, she should live for herself. She tells that Rishi isn’t okay, he is in trouble because of Lakshmi. He asks her to relax. She tells that she had listened to him in front of Kiran and Karishma. She asks him not to force her to remind him of their relationship’s truth. He asks her to move on instead being stuck at the same point of past. Rishi tells that they can go out if they break more of the opening. The rocks break down. Juhi calls him spiderman.

Rishi tells that he is hell man. She tells that they shall focus and go out of the cave. She asks Juhi not to worry. Rishi tells that they will send Juhi out first and then make the opening broader so that they can also go out. They make Juhi go out of the cave. Rishi asks Juhi to see his power. The rocks start falling down and the opening gets shut. Rishi protects Lakshmi by covering her up. He bears the hits of the falling rocks. They have an eyelock. She cries. Balwinder tells his friend that Rishi will die and then just he will be there for Lakshmi, he will marry Lakshmi. Rishi asks Lakshmi not to worry, Juhi will inform everyone about them. He tells that they don’t know if anyone will come to help them or not.

He wants to think of something. She asks him not to do anything, the place is strange, the rocks are strong but are falling like sand. She feels scared for their lives. He asks her why does she prove him wrong. He feels it’s a lie that she is true and good, he trusted her but she asked for divorce, she just wants money from him. Rishi asks her why is she getting silent when he wants an answer. Lakshmi asks Rishi not to do anything. He doesn’t listen to her. She tells about the Markesh dosh. He tells that he doesn’t want to feel scared of the Markesh dosh, he married her because of Neelam’s wish, Neelam thought Lakshmi will get him rid of Markesh dosh, but its all wrong. He doesn’t want to believe in Markesh dosh. He tells her that some people are accident prone, it doesn’t mean that its his Markesh dosh, he didn’t die after all. She stops him. Juhi comes to the resort in the terrible state.

Ayush finds her and cares for her. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he got the axe, he will use it and break the rocks to find the exit. Lakshmi feels tensed. Juhi tells Ayush that she wants help. Her grandma attends her and asks what happened to her. Juhi tells that she fell down in the cave, Rishi came to save her and fell inside, even Lakshmi is stuck inside. Ayush is shocked to know this. Rishi tries hitting the rocks. Rishi tells that its really tough. Paritosh asks the lady to take Juhi, he will see what happened to them. Juhi wants to see Rishi and Lakshmi. Lakshmi cares for Rishi. Rishi tells that they should not waste energy in talks, and focus on getting out of the cave.

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