Kundali Bhagya 9th May 2022 Written Update Preeta missing

Kundali Bhagya 9th May 2022 Written Update Preeta missing

Kundali Bhagya 9th May 2022 Written Update Preeta missing Preeta finally gathers a proof against Prithvi. Sherlyn and Prithvi forcibly oust Natasha from the house. Natasha sees Preeta talking to Shrishti and Sameer. She eavesdrops to know their plans. She learns that Preeta has found an evidence against Prithvi and Sandesh. Preeta tells Sameer that they have enough evidences against Prithvi now, they can prove Karan innocent in the court, and the real culprit Prithvi will be paying a price for his crimes. Natasha is shocked to know that Preeta is planning to get Prithvi jailed. Later, Prithvi reaches the court and finds the Luthras already there for Karan.

He doesn’t find Preeta. He tells that Preeta didn’t reach the court till now. He wonders where is Preeta and why didn’t she come, when she was challenging him that she will prove Karan innocent. Where is Preeta? Is there any kidnapping twist before the courtroom drama once again? Will Natasha get against Preeta again to secure her stay in the Luthra mansion? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Preeta is glad that she finally got a solid evidence against Prithvi. Sherlyn asks Natasha to pack her bags and leave. Natasha doesn’t want to go away. She pleads with Sherlyn to get a place in the house. Sherlyn tells that Natasha isn’t important that someone remembers her. She packs Natasha’s bags. She tells that she will not identify Natasha anytime later if they come across. She asks Natasha to get out. Sameer tells that he finally got what he wanted. Shrishti gives the money to Sandesh. Sandesh happily thanks them. He makes a leave. Preeta tells that Prithvi and Sandesh are disgusting to frame Karan in this manner. She wants to head to the court with the proof and save Karan.


Kundali Bhagya 9th May 2022 Written Update Preeta missing:

Sherlyn hurries with a bag. Kareena asks her where is she going. Sherlyn tells that she can’t go anywhere without informing Kareena, Natasha is going to meet Sanjana. Natasha tells that she wants to stay back. Kareena asks her to go, Sanjana is alone. She adds that they all will miss Natasha a lot. Natasha tells that she wanted to stay back till Karan’s case gets solved. Sherlyn tells that Natasha has got attached to Karan, but Karan has no attachment with anyone. Kareena tells that Karan is just attached to Preeta. She asks Natasha to visit them at the court. She hugs Natasha. Sherlyn takes Natasha and throws her out if the house. Natasha cries and leaves from there.

She finds someone following her. She heads back to the Luthra mansion. Shrishti tells Preeta that its Karan’s last day in the jail. Preeta tells that they shall use the evidences against Sandesh. She adds that if Prithvi knows this, then he will try to destroy the proofs, nobody should know about it. She tells that they shall go to the hotel and get a proof from there as well. Shrishti tells that they shall check the cctv footage. Preeta speaks to the hotel manager. She asks his help. She asks him if she can meet him right now. She tells that she has to check the hotel cctv footage.

He tells that the cctv camera room is sealed because the hotel is under repair. She tells that its really important. He asks her to come tomorrow morning and check the footage. He remembers that he met someone who looked like Karan. She thanks him. She tells that she will meet him tomorrow. She tells Sameer and Shrishti that she will head to the hotel first and get the evidence, they should go to the court. She tells them that once she finds Prithvi in the cctv footage, it will be a big help in the case. She tells that its certain that Karan will get freed tomorrow and Prithvi will get jailed. Natasha overhears them. Shrishti tells that she has to go home now. Sameer goes to drop Shrishti.

Natasha decides to stay quiet and not tell anything to Prithvi and Sherlyn. She wants to do something that she gets back in the Luthra house. Sherlyn opens the door for Preeta and thinks Preeta is really upto something. Preeta wants to tackle Sherlyn once she makes Prithvi out of the house. Natasha pleads with Sherlyn to let her stay in the house for one night. Sherlyn tells that Natasha is not important for anyone. She asks her to get out. Natasha tells that the family will find odd if she disappears suddenly. She asks Sherlyn to think of her image. Sherlyn agrees to allow her inside the house for one day. She tells that she will handle Prithvi. Natasha thanks her. She smiles thinking Prithvi will be leaving the house tomorrow, and then the history will change.

Next day, the police brings Karan to the court. Malkhani meets him and tells him that he has a big news, Karan will be proved innocent in the match fixing. He reveals about the mastermind of the conspiracy. Karan asks him who has framed him. Malkhani tells that he will present the entire truth in front of court, his assistant is getting the proof. Karan meets his family. Natasha hugs him and sheds tears. Sherlyn thinks why is she crying so much. Bani tells him that Rakhi is with Mahesh at home. Kareena tells that Kritika stayed back with Rakhi and Mahesh. Prithvi assures Karan that they will take him home today at any cost. Sameer and Shrishti meet Karan. Sameer hugs Karan and tells that Preeta is going to come soon.

Sherlyn takes Natasha aside. Shrishti asks Prithvi to hire a good lawyer for himself. Prithvi gets worried by her warning. He thinks why didn’t Preeta come to the court till now. He remembers seeing Preeta’s car parked outside the hotel. He thinks Preeta has gone to find a proof against him. He calls Sandesh. He asks Sandesh if he met Preeta. Sandesh tells that he didn’t meet anyone. Prithvi sends him pictures of Preeta, Sameer and Shrishti to know if he has seen them. Sandesh tells that he met Shrishti at the hotel. Prithvi runs to save his life. Preeta checks the cctv footage. Manager tells that he had seen someone like Karan Luthra, it was like an illusion for everyone, the guy really looked like Karan. He gets ready to record his statement to save Karan. He gives the statement in Karan’s favor. Preeta tells that Prithvi and Sandesh took pictures with Karan’s lookalike and framed Karan in the match fixing. She collects the pictures. She thanks them for the help. Karan faces the court trials. Karan stays silent on hearing the match fixing and fraud charges on him. The lawyer tells that it’s an open and shut case, the evidences are against Karan. Karan thinks he is right and has become wrong in front of everyone, if Preeta was with him, then he would have got some peace. He is confused. He tells himself that he is missing Rakhi, not Preeta. Sherlyn thinks where did Natasha go at this time. She doesn’t even find Prithvi. She wonders where did he go.

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  1. Preeta will not win they will drag this track and make the show garbage Prithavi and Sherlin will win only criminals win garbage show

  2. i hope the writer will change natasha character as positive role. she need to be kind and important in the show. don’t make her as another karan one side obsessional lover. she should be the one who will soon expose sherlyn and prithvi affair in front of family. and the writer should create a cold war between karan and preeta. this last should have some self respect. make karan realise his huge mistake let preeta help mahesh. let every one in luthra house realise that they have mistaken preeta except kareena and kritika because untill preeta is prithvi enemy she will also be kritika and kareena enemy. when mahesh will be fine let preeta left luthra house without telling to anyone and let karan go and find her in her mother house. made rhaki character more strong for his son and his daugther in law and sammy

  3. These stupid writers will not listen to public they only like criminals Preeta will not win Prithavi and Sherlin will win And Karan will not trust Preeta his character is very bad in the show not good husband at all Preeta should have self respect and let Luthra family go to he’ll and leave the house


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