Udaariyaan 9th May 2022 Angad shoots Tejo Colors Updates

Udaariyaan 9th May 2022 Angad shoots Tejo Colors Updates

Udaariyaan 9th May 2022 Angad shoots Tejo Colors Updates Udaariyaan episode spoiler – Shocker for Tejo Fateh, Jasmine, and Amrik chase Tejo to make her understand. Tejo runs from them and dashes Angad. She asks Angad to help her as the trio has come to kill her. Tejo cries and requests Angad to take her away with him. Fateh and Jasmine are shocked. Angad tells on a call that if Tejo is alive it will be risky for him so it is better that she dies. Tejo is shocked listening to Angad’s words. Tejo realizes that it was Angad who tried to kill her. She secretly makes a plan with Fateh to get Angad caught for the crime. Tejo meets Fateh, while Angad’s fears come true that he is getting exposed. Angad shoots Tejo in rage to kill her, while Fateh watches the incident in shock. Will Tejo die this time?

Fanaa episode spoiler – Bulbul angers Meera:

Bulbul enters the house as a servant and volunteers to help Mamta with the housework. Shanaya feels amused seeing Bulbul dance more and clean less. She stands on the table and starts cleaning the jhoomar but the head of the broom becomes loose and hits Meera. Neelima and Naveli get scared. Meera drags Bulbul down from the table. The cover of her face is slightly up and Mamta and Shanaya see her face. They get shocked to see Bulbul.


Swaran Ghar episode spoiler – Swaran gets throttled

Ajit and Swaran enter the school exhibition together but suddenly her dupatta gets stuck in the big fan and she struggles to breathe. Ajit goes running towards Swaran and tries to free her but she feels suffocated and strangled. Ajit becomes worried seeing Swaran choking.

Choti Sarrdaarni episode spoiler – Manpreet is Mannat:

Seher places Mannat’s picture below Bitto’s picture in the family tree chart. Jeeto admits that Manpreet looks like Bitto and her daughter but why did she put her picture under Bitto’s picture. Seher informs Jeeto that Manpreet is only Mannat and she is Bitto’s daughter. Jeeto’s world crashes down. Mannat and Bitto are stunned. Kulwant gets tensed. Jeeto looks at Bitto in anger.

Sirf Tum episode spoiler – Ranveer behaves strangely:
Suhani puts the ring on Ranveer’s finger and asks him to put the ring on her also. Ranveer declares that he threw the ring away because he is not worthy of this relationship and cannot bear the responsibility. He says that some of his family members are here for his sake but they don’t want him to get married to Suhani. Suhani asks him why he cares about his family now when he didn’t ask them before falling in love with her. She asks him if he doesn’t trust their love and he replies that he trusted it till yesterday.


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