Anupama 9th May 2022 Written Update Anuj challenges Vanraj

Anupama 9th May 2022 Written Update Anuj challenges Vanraj

Anupama 9th May 2022 Written Update Anuj challenges Vanraj Mika tells Anuj that he will sing Anupama’s favorite song first. Devika tells Anupama that she told Anuj that Mika is her favorite singer and about her favorite song too. Mika asks everyone if they are ready, everyone claps and hoots in yes. Everyone except Vanraj dances with Mika Singh on the song “Sawan Mein Lag Gayi Aag”. After this Mika dances with everyone on the song, “Aaj Ki Party Meri Taraf Se”. Vanraj keeps feeling jealous, irritated and angrier. Anuj and Anupama dance like a true couple with each other.

Mika sings his third song, “Mere naal tu whistle baja”. Everyone dances, enjoying the beats and lyrics. After ending his third song, Mika wishes for Anuj and Anupama’s jodi to be always safe and together. He also wishes, “Best of luck” for Anuj and Anupama’s family’s life. Mika says now he is left to make a jodi for himself and for that he has to leave to find a girl. Samar tells Mika that his whole life has been musical and it isn’t possible that he would find a bride for himself without any involvement of music. Mika says then let’s keep a musical challenge. Mika sings the Title song of, “Swayamvar-Mika Di Vohti”.

Everyone claps for Mika and wishes him luck for his Swayamvar. Mika thanks everyone and gives best wishes to Anuj and Anupama for their marriage. Baa wishes Mika to always be happy. Mika asks Anuj about Vanraj’s introduction. Before Rakhi could introduce Vanraj as Anupama’s ex-husband, Bapuji says Vanraj is his son. Vanraj tells Mika his name and they shake hands with each other. Kavya says Anuj made Mika sing for Anupama. She tells Vanraj that he himself hasn’t sung any song for her for many days. Vanraj feels angry and irritated. Anupama takes out Anuj’s mother’s bangles from her hands, to get mehendi applied.


Anuj takes the bangles from Anupama and keeps them safely. Anupama shows her mehendi to everyone, in which she got Anuj as well as her both family’s names written. Vanraj feels jealous while Anupama’s mother wards off evil eye from Anuj, Anupama and their mehendi design. This surprises everyone. Anupama says she is incomplete without her love (Anuj) and her family too. Devika teases Anuj saying that she is sure that he would have got Anupama’s name written everywhere. On everyone, especially Anupama’s insistence, Anuj shows his mehendi design to everyone, in which he got Anupama, her 3 children, Devika, GK, Malvika, Baa and Bapuji’s names written.

This angers Vanraj, while surprises everyone. Anupama gets emotional seeing Anuj’s gesture. Anuj says even he wants both love and family. Dolly says Anuj and Anupama’s thinking also matches. Devika says even twins aren’t this similar. Pakhi, Meenu, Paritosh, Samar, Malvika, Devika and Dolly surprise Anuj, Anupama and the rest of their supporters by showing Anuj and Anupama’s name written on their hands with mehendi. Vanraj gets tense and more insecure seeing his children’s increasing bonding with Anuj. On Anuj’s insistence, an emotional Anupama controls her tears and expresses thankfulness to the people who got her and Anuj’s name written on their hands.

Devika tells Anupama that everyone thought that her and Anuj’s happiness colors should bloom on their hands too. Malvika tells Anuj and Anupama that everyone loves them. Vanraj feels jealous as well as disappointed. Anuj beats the drum and everyone dances around him and Anupama in a circle. After this, Samar plays the drum, Anuj and Anupama dances with everyone on the “Jugni Jugni”. Baa and Vanraj keep feeling angrier. Vanraj threatens Anuj to come outside with him for a talk otherwise, he would create a drama and mess in his sangeet cum Mehendi ceremony. He asks Anuj to cooperate as they will return in 10 minutes and leave a message for family members.

Anuj leaves with Vanraj. Anupama follows them outside the Shah house but they leave, without saying anything. She gets worried thinking about what Vanraj will say or do to Anuj. Anuj asks Vanraj to drive slowly and carefully. Vanraj keeps driving fast in anger. Anupama grows worried and tells everyone that Vanraj took Anuj somewhere in his car. When Baa asks where, Anupama says she doesn’t know. Rakhi says her entertainment shifted somewhere else and it isn’t fair. This irritates everyone. Kavya says Vanraj can’t stay calm and peaceful. She says Vanraj himself doesn’t stay happy and doesn’t even let anyone else be happy.

Bapuji asks what Vanraj actually wants. Malvika says Vanraj just can’t see Anuj and Anupama happy. Devika angrily says that Vanraj is out of everyone’s understanding as well as tolerance. Kavya tries calling Vanraj, while Samar tries calling Anuj. Even Dolly and Malvika try calling both Anuj and Vanraj. Anupama recalls that Vanraj wanted to talk about something with Anuj even on her and Anuj’s college date day. She grows more worried as no one from Anuj and Vanraj picks up anyone’s calls. Anupama swears at her children and says she will cross all her limits, if Vanraj does something wrong this time. This shocks everyone.

Vanraj stops the car at a garden/park, where Anupama saved Anuj from falling into the chasm last time they visited and played badminton. Anuj asks Vanraj what he wanted to say. Vanraj tells Anuj that today he will speak and he (Anuj) will hear as well as understand him as he has no other option. Anuj tells Vanraj that there is always an option. He also tells Vanraj that he isn’t going for another option as it will give him wounds and his family will suffer pain. Vanraj smirks and asks Anuj to try. At Shah house, Paritosh and Pakhi try to make Anupama drink water and feel calm. Rakhi says water won’t go down Anupama’s throat as she is worried about her life, Anuj.

Malvika and Devika scolds Rakhi for her entertainment seeking mentality. Rakhi says something to make Devika react. Samar calms Devika. Rakhi asks why Shahs panic on each and every thing. Malvika tells Rakhi that Anuj is their everything, not entertainment like everyone is for her. Both Malvika and Rakhi argue with each other. Samar says what is Vanraj’s problem as he failed to keep Anupama happy himself and is even not letting Anupama be happy with Anuj too. Paritosh says what Vanraj wanted to talk to Anuj that he couldn’t talk about at home. Rakhi says that she is sure that Vanraj will be trying his best to not let Anupama and Anuj get married.

This shocks and tenses everyone. Rakhi says everyone knows that men can’t have control on their words as well as hands. She says she is worried about Anuj and Vanraj getting involved in a physical fight. Anupama grows more tense and stands at the entrance door. On the other hand, Anuj asks Vanraj to make it quick, whatever he wants to do as he has to return to his sangeet ceremony as soon as possible. Vanraj tells Anuj that whoever’s name is written in her mehendi, she belongs to him. Anuj gets angry hearing this and shouts at Vanraj. He tells Vanraj that Anupama only belongs to him.

He threatens Vanraj to not try displaying authority or entitlement towards his Anupama. Vanraj tells Anuj that he isn’t talking about Anupama. He says his children (Kinjal, Samar, Paritosh and Pakhi) only belong to him. At Shah house, Bapuji asks Kavya and Samar to call Vanraj and Anuj once again. Rakhi feels irritated while waiting for Anuj, Vanraj and their drama. In her irritation, Rakhi gets her hands on Bapuji’s medical reports, which he and GK were hiding from everyone. Back at the Garden, Vanraj tells Anuj that his children belong only to him. At Shah house, Rakhi opens Bapuji’s medical reports to read them.

In the next episode, Anupama will pray to God for Anuj’s safe return back home. Anuj will tell Vanraj that he doesn’t want whatever belongs to him. He will also tell Vanraj that he won’t let anyone put his/her evil eyes to what belongs to him. Vanraj will ask Anuj, what if anyone will really put his/her evil eye or wrong intentions on what belongs to him. Anuj will understand Vanraj’s wrong intentions towards Anupama and tell him that he has already become Anupama’s husband and will become his children’s father too. Vanraj will look angrily at Anuj, while the latter will smirk.

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