Radha Mohan 11th May 2022 Full Written Update

Radha Mohan 12th December 2022 Mohan lashes out

Radha Mohan 11th May 2022 Full Written Update Radha recalls Mohan’s words and feels upset because of Mohan’s non-belief in God. Damini’s mother follows Radha and finds a paper on the floor, which fell from Radha’s Gita. She picks it up and reads it. Damini’s mother finds Radha’s love for Mohan in the words of the letter that she wrote for Mohan, while leaving Trivedi house earlier. Upset, Radha gets shocked seeing Gungun blackening Mohan”s face in his and Tulsi’s marriage photo frame. She stops Gungun and asks her why she is doing this. Gungun tells Radha that she is doing this because she hates Mohan.

Radha tells Gungun that she shouldn’t say such words. Seeing Radha upset, Gungun asks Radha what happened to her. Radha says nothing. Gungun tells Radha that she knows that Mohan is the reason behind her sadness. Radha says she is confused and doesn’t know how Mohan changed so much. She tells Gungun that Mohan doesn’t remember her or the Gita he gave her. Radha says now Mohan doesn’t even believe in God. Gungun tells Radha that this is why she is blackening Mohan’s face. She says Mohan is mean and stopped her from leaving Trivedi house, using her mother’s name.


Radha tells Gungun that Mohan stopped her at Trivedi house, because he loves her. Gungun tells Radha that Mohan doesn’t love her and has killed her mother. Before Gungun could say something further, Radha stops her by keeping her hand on Gungun’s mouth. Radha tells Gungun that all this is a lie. Radha picks up Gungun in her arms and makes her sit somewhere. She tells Gungun that she understands her sadness and anger. Radha narrates her childhood story to Gungun. She tells Gungun that she also lost her mother in childhood. Radha also tells Gungun that she also used to accuse and blame everyone for snatching her mother from her.

She further tells Gungun that one day everything got fine/alright, when she read Shrimad Bhagavad Gita. Radha tells Gungun that Mohan gave her this Gita. She also tells Gungun that there are solutions to every problem written in Shrimad Bhagavad Gita. Radha reads a shlok/verse from Gita for Gungun. She tells Gungun that this verse means that the body can die but a person’s soul never dies. Radha explains to Gungun that her mother is still with and near her. Tulsi’s soul watches Gungun and Radha with a smile. Gungun tells Radha that her mother is not with her like everyone has.

Tulsi cries hearing this. Radha politely tells Gungun that she will read a verse for her, which will make her feel better. Gungun gets angry and tells Radha that no one cares that she doesn’t have her mother. She runs away telling Radha that even she doesn’t care about her being an orphan. Radha thinks about how to explain to Gungun that God gives pain but also gives the strength to tolerate it. Tulsi feels emotional hearing this. Radha cleans the Mohan’s photograph, which Gungun blackened. She picks up her Gita and leaves Mohan’s room. Tulsi’s soul says that Radha explained Gungun just like she would have.

She also says that she is happy with Radha’s entry in Trivedi house. While exiting Mohan’s room, Radha collides with Damini. She apologizes to angry Damini. Damini asks Radha what she was doing in Mohan’s room. Radha stutters while answering Damini. Damini asks Radha if she came to steal stuff from Mohan’s room. Radha in her chatterbox and loud tone asks Damini how she can even think so bad about her. Damini feels irritated and says that she just asked. She tells Radha that she won’t tell Mohan about it and asks her to go and rest in her room. Radha starts leaving by limping. Damini thinks that Radha entered Mohan’s good books by saving Gungun.

She says just because of this Mohan is letting Radha live for some days in Trivedi house. Damini wonders why her mother is feeling tense about Radha and her intentions. She thinks that her mother is overthinking as Radha gets scared of small things and seems naive, who won’t be able to come in between her and Mohan. On the other hand, Mohan’s father takes Radha’s father and grandmother for Vrindavan’s famous Lord Krishna’s temple visit. Later, Damini’s mother makes Damini read Radha’s letter which she wrote for Mohan, while leaving Trivedi house earlier. She asks Damini to believe her that Radha is in love with Mohan.

Damini asks her mother where Radha wrote in her letter that she loves Mohan. She says Radha just wanted to gift “Shrimad Bhagavad Gita” to Mohan. Damini’s mother asks Damini to understand Radha’s feelings in her letter for Mohan. She tells Damini that gifting Gita is just an excuse, in reality Radha wants to make Mohan hers. Damini’s mother asks Damini to send Radha away with her family from Trivedi Niwas, before Mohan falls in love with Radha. Angry Damini leaves asking her mother to not sow her seeds of doubt in her mind.

Damini’s mother thinks it would have been good, if Gungun would have died coming under Mohan’s car. She says that this way she and Damini would have got rid of Gungun as well as Mohan’s condition for marriage. At the same time, Damini’s mother gets scared by getting slapped by someone (maybe Tulsi’s soul). On the other hand, Radha wonders how Mohan doesn’t believe in God. Radha breaks the glass while trying to apply ointment to her sprained foot. Mohan sees this and asks Radha where is her presence of mind. Thinking that Mohan left, Radha again tries to apply ointment to her sprained foot but feels pain in her knee and leg.

Mohan hears Radha’s slow scream and returns. He tries calling Dulari and Ketki. When he doesn’t find them, he wonders where everyone vanished. Radha tells Mohan that Dulari went to buy vegetables and her family and his father went for Lord Krishna’s temple visit. Before Radha could explain to Mohan about others whereabouts, he stops her. He goes and tries to apply ointment to Radha’s foot but Radha stops him. Mohan asks Radha what happened. Radha tells Mohan that he can’t touch her foot. Mohan asks Radha how will her pain lessen, if she won’t apply ointment on the sprain. He feels irritated when Radha says she will do Lord Krishna’s chanting and her pain will vanish.

Radha asks Mohan to not touch her feet, otherwise she will incur sin. Mohan tells Radha that he can do at least this for her as she saved his daughter. He somehow convinces Radha to let him apply ointment on her sprain. Radha keeps staring at Mohan, while he applies ointment to her sprain. Radha asks Mohan if he really doesn’t believe in God. Mohan feels irritated, when Radha says that God is the only truth. She speaks a verse for Mohan, which goes ahead of his understanding. He asks Radha if she has gone mad as her words are incomprehensible. Mohan tells Radha that he feels like watching Mahabharat while meeting her and addresses her moving Bhakti channel.

Radha stutters while explaining herself to Mohan. Mohan stops Radha’s bickering and mimics her. He leaves asking Radha to apply ointment herself. Radha’s grandmother gets shocked and angry seeing Mohan leaving from Radha’s room. On the other hand, Tulsi’s soul scares and continuously slaps Damini’s mother for wishing ill about Gungun. Kadambari comes there and gets shocked and worried. She shields Damini’s mother. Tulsi recalls Mohan’s promise that she won’t ever be able to hurt his family or be visible or audible to them. Kadambari asks Tulsi to stop. She also asks Tulsi to let them live peacefully.

Tulsi’s soul tries telling Kadambari that she is binded by Mohan’s swear, otherwise she wouldn’t have even kept her respect today. She says today Kadambari saved Damini’s mother, otherwise she won’t let those people be alive, who thinks or speaks ill about/of her daughter. Kadambari takes scared Damini’s mother with her. She tells Damini and her mother that she is thinking of telling Mohan about Tulsi’s soul as danger is getting increased day by day. Damini refuses Kadambari’s thought. She tells Kadambari that they shouldn’t do anything that changes Mohan’s mind about marrying her. Kadambari asks Damini to try understanding that Mohan is in great danger.

Damini tells Kadambari that if there is an issue, there is a solution too. She also tells Kadambari that she doesn’t want to lose again to Tulsi. Damini says she won’t let Tulsi come in between her and Mohan, once again. She says she will win for sure. On the other hand, Radha’s grandmother asks Radha what was Mohan doing in her room. Radha tells her grandmother that Mohan was just applying ointment to her sprained foot. Radha’s grandmother shows orthodox nature and scolds Radha. She asks Radha to return home with her. Radha tells her grandmother that Mohan has asked her to stay at Trivedi house till his marriage.

Radha’s grandmother tells Radha that Mohan won’t ever get married for the second time if she will stay at Trivedi house. She tells Radha that everyone will soon get to know what is in her heart. Radha tells her grandmother that Mohan is almost equal to Lord Krishna for her. She explains that she worships Mohan and only wants to see him happy. Radha’s grandmother tells Radha that in this age of hers, the world will misunderstand this happiness. She tells Radha that she doesn’t worship Mohan, but loves her. Shocked, Radha apologizes to God and asks her grandmother what rubbish/nonsense is talking. Radha’s grandmother tells Radha that only she knows that her intentions are pure, but the world will address her worship as love.

She asks Radha what people will think about her character, when they will get to know that she ran away from Barsana to Vrindavan for Mohan. Radha and her grandmother get shocked and worried seeing that Damini’s mother heard their conversation. Damini’s mother screams and collects everyone at one place. She tells everyone that Radha is not as innocent as she shows everyone. Mohan’s father asks Damini’s mother to remember that she is talking about his special friend’s daughter. Damini’s mother tells everyone that Radha came to Vrindavan for Mohan as she loves him. This shocks and confuses everyone.

Damini’s mother asks everyone to question Radha. Kadambari’s real son (Rahul) tells Kadambari that she should have kept his name from one of Lord Krishna’s names, so that girls would have wandered around him like they are wandering around Mohan. Rahul asks Kadambari to see how many girls like Tulsi, Damini and Radha are wandering around her favorite son Mohan. He says Mohan has fun and beauty all around him. Mohan asks Radha if Damini’s mother is telling the truth. He asks Radha if she came to Vrindavan for him and loves him. Everyone looks at Radha with questioning eyes.

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