Yeh Rishta 11th May 2022 Written Update New beginning

Yeh Rishta 11th May 2022 Written Update New beginning

Yeh Rishta 11th May 2022 Written Update New beginning Abhimanyu and Akshara take the elders’ blessings one by one after their marriage completion. For formality and for keeping up his image in front of wedding guests, Harsh smiles and blesses Akshara too. Abhimanyu wipes Suhasini’s tears as well as cleans her specs. Suhasini caresses Abhimanyu for his caring and loving attitude. Everyone blesses Abhira, the newly wedded couple. Abhimanyu and Akshara also hug their siblings and younger ones. Everyone wishes them luck for their upcoming married life. Akshara gets stunned seeing her sandals on Neil’s feet.

Neil apologizes to Akshara and tells her that her family, in spite of being a business family, couldn’t crack a deal with Birlas. Abhimanyu tells Neil that he is looking weird wearing Akshara’s sandals. Neil tells Abhimanyu that he can do anything for him. Akshara hugs Aarohi too after everyone. Younger ones ward off evil eye/sight from Abhimanyu, Akshara and their upcoming married life in a traditional way. Abhimanyu and Akshara make each other eat sweets. Neil takes out Akshara’s sandals and says that he can’t wear them anymore. He says his back is gone. He tells women that they are rock stars as they wear such stressful heels for a long time.

Akshara addresses Neil as brother-in-law and asks him if he is satisfied now. Akshara asks Neil if he will take money or return her sandals normally. Neil tells Akshara that they never wished for money and did all this with the intent of changing this ritual, which has been going on for years. Kairav praises Neil’s thinking and credits Abhimanyu for this. Neil makes Abhimanyu and Akshara sit. He makes Akshara wear her sandals with his own hands. Neil tells Akshara that from now onwards he is her Lakshman and she is his mother Sita. Akshara gets emotional and agrees.


Swarna with happiness says that for the first time, they are seeing a brother-in-law making his sister-in-law wear her sandals. Suhasini agrees. Akshara caresses Neil’s cheek and asks Neil what he wants as his nek (gift amount). Neil says he might sound cheesy but he wants nothing. He tells Akshara that Abhimanyu got his love/life, Manjiri got her daughter and he got a lovely sister-in-law. Neil says he, Abhimanyu and Manjiri don’t want anything else. After this Neil, Nishtha, Manjiri, Parth and Shefali start dancing on the song, “Waha Waha Ramji, Jodi Kya Banaai”. Vansh, Reem and Aarohi too join everyone in this song.

Kairav also joins them. Everyone claps as the song ends. Reem takes a family photograph of Birlas and Goenkas together. Suhasini says now Groom and Bride can sit and rest in the room till they prepare for their next ritual. Harsh asks Goenkas to hold on as they have a plan. Harsh reveals that they have organized/kept a cocktail party and cake- cutting ceremony. Manish and Akhilesh ask Harsh when did he make this plan as they aren’t aware of it. Harsh says he and his team made this plan. He reveals that there is a joint conference of investors and medical practitioners happening in Jaipur. Harsh says that they thought of introducing Abhimanyu to everyone as he is the face of the future of Birla hospital.

This disappoints Mahima. Harsh says work and celebration both will be done together. He asks everyone to not take tension as his guests won’t take much time and will leave soon, as they had to attend a conference tomorrow. Harsh tells Goenkas that after that they can carry on with their rituals. Everyone feels either disappointed, upset or angry. Noticing this, Harsh asks if there is a problem. Suhasini says no problem. She tells Harsh that they would have planned accordingly, if he would have informed/told them beforehand. Harsh says even he wasn’t aware of the conference earlier. He reveals that the team suggested this to him and he gave them a go ahead. Harsh says that the team arranged everything immediately.

He asks Abhimanyu, Mahima and Anand to come with him quickly. Irritated Abhimanyu asks Harsh if his team brought their doctor coats. Harsh tells Abhimanyu that it’s a private party not a conference. He reminds Abhimanyu that he got married. Abhimanyu asks Harsh if he remembers that he got married, he would also remember that Akshara is his wife. Abhimanyu makes Harsh invite everyone for a cocktail party and cake cutting ceremony. Anand also reluctantly invites Goenkas. Manjiri says both families will always be there with Akshara and Abhimanyu, in whatever they do. As everyone leaves, Suhasini and Swarna try to calm angry Manish. They explain to Manish that making Abhimanyu’s family upset or angry is like creating problems for Akshara.

Manish says that they didn’t even perform Akshara’s farewell (bidaai) but it feels like she became a stranger and is gone. Everyone gets emotional. Later, Akshara and Abhimanyu cut their wedding cake. Harsh opens a champion bottle. Alcohol spills all over making them upset. Harsh says congratulations and asks the staff to serve champion to everyone. Akshara calms angry Abhimanyu. Akshara and Abhimanyu make each other have cake. Swarna and Suhasini feel awkward seeing Harsh making staff serve alcohol to everyone on the day when veneration took place at home/resort. Swarna asks Suhasini to let Birlas do whatever they want too.

Later, Akshara accidentally overhears Guests telling Harsh and Mahima that a brilliant doctor like Abhimanyu would/could have got the most brilliant doctor as his wife. Harsh and Mahima says Abhimanyu did a love marriage. One of the guests says that Abhimanyu might not want his wife to be a doctor. She says it would have been like a competition at home. Another guest says it depends on how a person takes it, as competition or cooperation. He says understanding gets better if both husband or wife belong to the same profession. Harsh tells the guests that Abhimanyu rejected all the marriage proposals he got and didn’t try. Mahima notices Akshara standing nearby and smirks.

She calls Akshara and makes her meet Dr. Dayal and Dr. Madhu. Akshara greets the guests. Manjiri comes and tells guests that Akshara is a music therapist. She further tells guests that Akshara’s music therapy treatment has benefitted many patients in Birla hospital. Dr. Madhu asks Birlas if they even have a music therapy department at their hospital. She also asks Birlas if this is just a marketing gimmick or if it really benefits people. Akshara tells Dr. Madhu that music therapy is a science in itself. She explains that even researchers have proven that listening to and playing music brings down the stress level of the body, which heals depression, anxiety, stress and anger. Akshara says this even uplifts the mood naturally.

Dr. Madhu says it’s interesting. Harsh and Mahima take guests away making an excuse. Abhimanyu comes there and notices Akshara and Manjiri’s expressions. He asks them if Harsh said anything. Akshara smiles and signs in no. Manjiri sends Abhimanyu and Akshara to have (eat) something. She thinks that she won’t let Akshara suffer what she has suffered in the past. Manjiri says she is sure that even Abhimanyu won’t let Akshara suffer like her. Abhimanyu and Akshara perform veneration and take God as well Kartik-Naira’s blessings. Suhasini asks Akshara to let’s go home now. Abhira gets confused. Abhimanyu asks Suhasini and Manjiri if Akshara won’t go with him after her farewell (bidaai) ceremony.

Suhasini and Swarna explain some customs and rituals to Abhimanyu and Akshara. They tell them that Akshara can leave for her in-laws house after 11-12 days with the pagh pehra ritual completed. This shocks Abhira. Abhimanyu asks Suhasini if there isn’t any ritual in which the son-in-law can live these 11-12 days with his in-laws. He tells Suhasini that he is very good, when it comes to venerations. Abhimanyu says he will handle everything well. Suhasini, Kairav and Swarna laugh hearing this and say that Abhira can’t live without each other even for a minute. They reveal that they were just kidding.

Suhasini tells Abhimanyu that Akshara is now his. She asks Abhimanyu to take his wife home at the auspicious time. Manjiri says she understood Suhasini and Swarna’s prank earlier. Manish says he wishes that there would have been a ritual or custom in which a married daughter wouldn’t have to bid farewell to her maternal family. He sadly says his daughter will leave him today. Suhasini tells Abhimanyu that he can take Akshara with him only after reciting a poem for them. Abhimanyu says he doesn’t know any poetry. He also says that he knows that they are again pulling his leg as such custom doesn’t exist. Manjiri tells Abhimanyu that this ritual exists.

Abhimanyu says he doesn’t know any poetry. Vansh tells Abhimanyu that Akshara can’t go with him, if he won’t recite a poem. Abhimanyu immediately starts reciting a poem full of medical terms. This stuns everyone. Akshara gets emotional hearing such adorable poetry. Everyone claps for Abhimanyu. Suhasini says Akshara can’t find anyone who can love her more than Abhimanyu. She allows Abhimanyu to take Akshara with him. Akshara’s farewell (bidaai) starts. She recalls her moments with each and every family member. Akshara hugs Swarna and cries a lot. Kairav and Akshara have an emotional moment.

Akshara tells her family that they will stay near/in each other’s hearts forever. She hugs Kairav. After this, Akshara hugs Vansh and tells him that she will keep watching his vlogs. One by one Akshara hugs each and every family member of hers and shares an emotional moment with them. She tells her family that she will miss them a lot. Even Abhimanyu gets emotional seeing all this. Akshara tells Swarna that she is feeling scared and she won’t be able to live alone without Goenkas. Swarna calms scared Akshara and tells her that Manjiri will help her in everything. She explains to Akshara the duties she will have to fulfill in her in-laws house.

Akshara tells Swarna that she won’t be able to do it and says she is not so capable. Swarna tells Akshara that she is Kartik and Naira’s daughter. She tells Akshara that Kartik-Naira valued every relation more than their own lives and she will have to do the same. Swarna explains to Akshara that she will have to bind the whole family together. She says the beauty of relations lies in togetherness. Swarna tells Akshara that she trusts her that she will not let any family apart. Akshara breaks down into tears, saying that she will not be able to do this. This shocks and worries everyone.

In the next episode, Abhimanyu will take Akshara to his home on bike. Akshara will be seen driving the bike. She will tell Abhimanyu that her heart is beating in excitement. Both Abhimanyu and Akshara will get shocked on finding that no one is available at home to welcome Akshara as new daughter-in-law of Birla family. Abhimanyu will tell Akshara that the profession their whole family is in gives most priority to the patient. He will also tell Akshara that people’s life is a doctor’s first priority. Abhimanyu will further tell Akshara that the doctor belongs to everyone else after his patients. This will shock Akshara.

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  1. Ohh good they are finally married, hopefully now they will live their life away from those oldies with always some ritual at auspicious time, geez, never before seen or known all these nonsense things in life.
    The Goenkas have now outgrown this show


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