Radha Mohan 12th May 2022 Written Update

Radha Mohan 12th December 2022 Mohan lashes out

Radha Mohan 12th May 2022 Written Update Mohan asks Radha if she loves him. Radha signs no but her grandmother says yes. This shocks everyone. Radha’s grandmother says Radha came to Vrindavan for Mohan only. She says all of them came for Mohan only. Damini’s mother asks if both grandmother and granddaughter have gone mad and loves the same person. She asks Radha’s grandmother to have some shame and respect her age. Kadambari asks Damini’s mother what she is saying. Radha’s grandmother says Damini’s mother is telling the truth.

She tells everyone that they came to Vrindavan for Lord Krishna’s worship. She says Lord Krishna is addressed with different names like Kanha, Banke-Bihari and Mohan etc. but all are the same. Radha’s grandmother asks what she heard Radha saying, that “she loves Mohan”. Damini’s mother says no. Kadambari shows anger to Damini’s mother. Radha’s grandmother asks Radha if she loves Mohan. Radha says no. Radha’s grandmother asks Damini’s mother how can she put such a cheap and big allegation on her granddaughter. She says such a big and cheap allegation can ruin Radha’s life.


Radha’s grandmother says they have suffered enough disrespect and can’t suffer anymore. She says they will leave for Barsana right now. Mohan stops Radha’s grandmother and asks Damini’s mother to apologize to Radha and her family. This shocks everyone. Damini’s mother turns to Radha and her family and apologizes to them. Radha asks Damini’s mother to not inflict a sin on her by apologizing to her. She tells Damini’s mother that she won’t leave the house for such a small thing. Radha says she will leave seeing Mohan’s wedding. Mohan leaves from there.

Kadambari convinces Radha’s grandmother to let Radha stay and see Mohan’s wedding. She also shows silent anger to Damini’s mother for ruining Trivedi’s image, by creating a drama/scene. Damini also leaves irritated by her mother. Rahul enjoys the drama. Later, Damini’s mother tries to calm an angry and irritated Damini in their room. Damini scolds her mother for embarrassing her in front of everyone. Damini’s mother asks Damini, can’t she see Radha’s inclination towards Mohan. Damini tells her mother that she didn’t notice that there is no match between Mohan and Radha.

She explains to her mother that Radha is an illiterate village girl, while Mohan is an educated town boy. Damini says her Mohan won’t even look at Radha with love. She leaves angrily. Damini’s mother wonders what about Radha’s eyes who always stares at Mohan. On the other hand, Radha asks her grandmother why she lied to everyone. Radha’s grandmother asks Radha if she should have revealed to everyone that she came to Vrindavan for Mohan. She tells Radha that if Trivedi’s would have got to know that she came for Mohan, everyone would think that she loves Mohan.

Radha asks her grandmother to stop saying all this as Mohan is going to be Damini’s husband and Gungun’s father. She says that Mohan is much older than her and is revered for her. Radha asks her grandmother why she is giving her reverent the name of love. She says Mohan is as equal to Lord Krishna for her. Radha tells her grandmother that like God helps his/her devotees in their difficult times, Mohan helped her by giving her Shrimad Bhagavad Gita after her mother’s death. She says Mohan gave her a reason to live. Radha reminds her grandmother that she handled Rameshwar after her mother’s death but it was Mohan who wiped her tears in her childhood.

She says maybe Mohan understood her pain as he also lost his mother, like her. Radha says relationships of pain are much deeper than relationships of happiness. Radha says everyone else can see a fake smile on Mohan’s face but she can see desolation behind his smile. Radha tells her grandmother that she is indebted to Mohan and has come to pay off Mohan’s debt. She says she has now got a chance to do something for Mohan. Radha tells her grandmother that if this devotee (Radha) can’t help her god (Mohan), then her life is not worth living. Radha’s grandmother gets stunned. She tells Radha that the world won’t understand her such deep words, not even Mohan.

Radha tells her grandmother that she can’t lie. Radha’s grandmother gives her her own oath to Radha and asks her to promise her that she won’t let anyone know that she came to Vrindavan for Mohan and what is in her heart. Radha promises her grandmother what she asked for. Radha’s grandmother prays to God to take care of her naive Radha as she isn’t understanding that she is in love with Mohan. Radha hugs her grandmother and tells her that she will take care of herself, Mohan and his whole family. Rameshwar and Vishwanath come there. Rameshwar asks Radha to take care of herself. He tells Vishwanath that Radha never remained away from him.

Rameshwar and his mother leave from Trivedi house as well as Vrindavan for Barsana. Next morning, Damini and Kadambari convince Mohan to come to office for their company’s press conference. Ketki comes and asks Kadambari if she can also come as it’s her business too after all. Kadambari tells Ketki that she just gets profit from their business but doesn’t put her efforts in it. She tauntingly tells Ketki that she shouldn’t come where she is not needed. This hurts Ketki but she smiles silently. Kadambari leaves. Damini tells Ketki that the difference between her and Mohan is that Mohan works and she enjoys the profit of his efforts.

Ketki again gets hurt and feels angry. On the other hand, Radha talks to her Lord Krishna’s idols. She tells God that her whole life is incomplete without him and on the other hand, Mohan stopped believing in him. She speaks some verse, which means that a person who doesn’t believe in god can’t ever be happy and peaceful. Radha decides to make Mohan believe in God once again. She also resolutes to bring back love in Mohan and Gungun’s relationship. At last, she resolutes to make the Trivedi family happy and peaceful before exiting/leaving Trivedi house. Radha leaves to get food for her Lord Krishna’s idol. On the other hand, Damini’s mother decides to get revenge on Radha for making her apologize to her.

She enters Radha’s room seeing her going somewhere. Damini’s mother decides to steal Radha’s Lord Krishna’s idol to teach a lesson to her. Damini’s mother starts to feel scared after touching Lord Krishna’s idol. She doesn’t want to commit a sin and thus steals Radha’s Shrimad Bhagavad Gita. While coming out of Radha’s room, Damini’s mother almost collides with Kadambari and immediately hides Gita behind herself. Kadambari asks Damini’s mother what she was doing in Radha’s room. Damini’s mother says she was searching for Dulari to tell her what to make for lunch/dinner. She escapes Kadambari by successfully hiding Radha’s Gita.

Later, Radha is seen making her Lord Krishna’s idol have food. Suddenly, she finds her Gita missing. Tense, Radha searches for her Gita in her whole room. After this, she runs outside her room to search for her Gita. On Ketki’s husband’s questioning, she tells him that she is searching for her Gita, which has gone missing. Ketki’s husband assures Radha that he will try his best to help her in finding her Bhagavad Gita. Radha collides with Dulari and asks her if she saw her Gita somewhere. Gungun finds Radha running here and there. She asks Radha if she is planning to rob something. Radha tells Gungun that her Shrimad Bhagavad Gita got stolen.

Gungun asks Radha to buy another Gita. Radha says she wants her own Gita as it shows her all ways of her life. Gungun tells Radha that her phone GPS shows her all ways of her life. Radha asks Gungun to return her Bhagavad Gita if she took it to send her back home. Gungun tells Radha that she doesn’t do such stupid pranks and doesn’t have her Bhagavad Gita. Later, Damini’s mother collides with Mohan and drops Radha’s Bhagavad Gita in the company’s old books box. She fails to pick up Radha’s Bhagavad Gita as Kadambari comes, interrupts her and takes her inside.

Radha comes outside and tries to tell Mohan that her Shrimad Bhagavad Gita got stolen. Irritated Mohan leaves with Damini for office. Radha tells God that she will end her friendship with him, if he won’t help her find her Bhagavad Gita back. Damini’s mother smiles seeing tense/worried Radha.

In the next episode, Radha will pledge to keep chanting mantras and stand on one foot in the out house temple till she gets her Shrimad Bhagavad Gita back. Everyone will get shocked seeing Radha standing on one foot. On the other hand, unaware of the fact that Radha’s Bhagavad Gita is in the company’s old books box, will order the workers to start shredding old books and printing new ones. Radha’s Gita will be almost near the shredder.


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