Swaran Ghar Ajit’s promise 13th May 2022 Colors Spoilers

Swaran Ghar Ajit's promise 13th May 2022 Colors Spoilers

Swaran Ghar Ajit’s promise 13th May 2022 Colors Spoilers Swaran Ghar episode spoiler – Ajit promises Divi The owners of the cream manufacturing business give Swaran an order for making cream in 3000 bottles. The girls ask Swaran where will they get the ingredients to make the cream. She says that Ajit knows and he will bring it. Ajit asks Divi to not trouble him. She agrees and asks him to promise her that he will never enter Swaran Ghar ever again. Divi says that if he cannot promise then she doesn’t want anything from him. Ajit tries to convince her but she is adamant. Ajit agrees.

Sasural Simar Ka episode spoiler – Geetanjali Devi’s birthday:

Dhami goes with a bouquet of flowers to wish Geetanjali Devi on her birthday but she ignores her. Simar wishes Geetanjali Devi and arranges a sweet surprise for her. The Oswal family celebrates Geetanjali Devi’s birthday in a grand style. Geetanjali Devi becomes emotional. Dhami says that it is Simar’s last day in the Oswal Mansion. Geetanjali Devi is shocked to see Yamini Devi Oswal at her doorstep.


Choti Sarrdaarni episode spoiler – Jeeto slaps Mannat:

Mannat asks Seher and Rajveer if Kulwant got bail. Rajveer says that the police have told if Jeeto takes back the case then only she will get bail. Jeeto and Bittu make Gullu sleep. Mannat comes into the room and says that she wants to speak with Jeeto. Jeeto asks her to shut up and drags her out of the room. She slaps Mannat. Everybody gets shocked.

Spy Bahu episode spoiler – Yohan kept hostage:

Yohan finds himself tied to a chair and struggles to free himself. He demands to untangle him and shakes the chair hard. He constantly shouts for help and in an attempt to get released he falls down. Sejal opens the door and enters with a gun. She sees something and gets scared.

Shub Shagun episode spoiler – Shub’s condition for Yug:

Navya feels that neither Yug nor Shub cares for her and goes to commit suicide. Shub gets scared seeing Navya on the terrace. Navya doesn’t wish to be alive. Shub tries to stop her but Navya jumps. Shub tells Yug’s family members that Yug will stay in their house as Ghar Jamai. Yug refuses to go and seeks Shagun’s blessings. Shagun lectures Shub and says that Navya and Yug cannot be together. Shub is determined to make Yug his Ghar Jamai.


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