Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th May 2022 Written Update Revati’s suicide

Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th May 2022 Written Update Revati strikes

Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th May 2022 Written Update Revati’s suicide Prisha calls Nalini inside. Seeing Nalini alive, Rakesh gets shocked. Rakesh asks Nalini how she is alive as he himself witnessed her dead. Flashback shows Rakesh feeling worried and scared seeing Nalini with Prisha outside the temple. To end his fear forever, he calls Budhiya and orders him to kill Nalini in a way that seems like an accident. Rakesh tells Budhiya that his name shouldn’t get involved in Nalini’s murder/accident case. Budhiya asks Rakesh what about his family.

Rakesh assures Budhiya that he will take care of his family and secure his son’s future. On getting assurance, Budhiya hits Nalini with his truck. Rakesh watches the news of Nalini’s death on tv. Flashback ends. Prisha tells Rakesh that she lied and intentionally told the media that Nalini is dead. She also tells Rakesh that she used the child’s DNA report, news to bring him here. Prisha tells Rakesh that now she is sure that it’s him, who is responsible for Dev’s murder. Rakesh screams and asks Prisha if she has gone mad. He asks why he will kill his own son. Prisha tells Rakesh that Dev was strangled to death. She also tells Rakesh that as the fingerprints reports arrive, it will be revealed who killed Dev, Rakesh or Nalini.

Prisha shows the button found in dead Dev’s hand. She says this button is from the jacket/blazer, which Nalini wore during the accident. Prisha says this button is from the jacket/blazer which Nalini was wearing at the time of accident. Nalini tells Prisha that Rakesh killed Dev. Rakesh asks Nalini to not lie. Nalini tells Prisha that she will tell her the whole truth. In a lower voice, Rakesh threatens Nalini to keep quiet and not utter a word. Nalini addresses Rakesh as a murderer. She tells Rakesh that she gave her everything to him in love and in return he tried to kill her.


Nalini says she won’t stay quiet anymore and will tell the truth to everyone. Nalini tells Prisha that Rakesh and her relationship started two months ago and Dev caught them red handed. Flashback shows Dev and his friends coming out of a restaurant. They sit in Dev’s car and are about to leave, when Dev sees Rakesh closer to Nalini. He rudely sent his friends away. Dev recalls Rakesh telling him that he is in Mumbai for work. He calls Rakesh and the latter lies to him that he is in a meeting. Dev disconnects the call and captures Rakesh and Nalini’s close moments photographs. He feels that Rakesh is exactly like him as they both lie to each other. Dev decides to take advantage of Rakesh’s lie/secret.

Next morning, Rakesh returns to his home. As Revati leaves from home, Dev reveals to Rakesh that he saw him with another woman in Delhi, yesterday night. He shows Nalini and Rakesh’s photographs to Rakesh. In exchange for keeping Rakesh’s affair a secret, Dev asks for 1 lakh rupees from Rakesh. When Rakesh shows reluctance, Dev threatens Rakesh that he will leak his photographs to the media. He tells Rakesh that he will get defamed everywhere and lose Revati as well as elections. Rakesh gives money to Dev to keep his secret. Dev tells Rakesh that he will come to him whenever he will be in need of money. Flashback ends.

Nalini tells Prisha that Dev’s monetary demands kept on increasing day by day. She says Dev kept blackmailing them. Prisha asks Rakesh and Nalini, no matter whatever happened, why they killed Dev. Nalini tells Prisha that last time Dev crossed all his limits and asked Rakesh for something for which he wouldn’t have agreed. Prisha asks Nalini what Dev demanded from Rakesh last time. Nalini tells Prisha that Dev came to take money a few days ago. Flashback shows Rakesh telling Dev that he is doing wrong by blackmailing his own father. Dev asks Rakesh how a son can be right, when his father is wrong. He also asks Rakesh to double his money from next time.

While getting out of Rakesh’s hotel room, Dev sees Nalini and starts misbehaving with her. Nalini pushes Dev and slaps him hard. She calls him ill-mannered. Dev grabs Nalini’s hand tightly, hurting her. Rakesh sees this and slaps Dev. Dev threatens Rakesh and Nalini of leaking their affair news to the whole world. Flashback ends. Nalini tells Prisha that Dev wasn’t ready to listen to anyone. Flashback starts again, Rakesh meets Dev at the hospital. There he tries convincing Dev to not ruin his so many years’ efforts as elections are on the way. Rakesh even promises that he won’t ever meet Nalini and will ask her to go away.

Dev tells Rakesh that he has decided to tell his reality to Revati in the school annual function. This worries Rakesh. He once again goes to convince Dev but sees him running away to school from the window. Flashback ends. Rakesh tells Prisha that he followed Dev to school. He says he couldn’t enter school premises as he told Revati that he is out of town for business work. Rakesh tells Prisha that to not come in Revati’s eyes, he went to the school’s back side. He says he found Dev lying in a pool of blood but was alive. Flashback shows injured Dev threatening Rakesh to save him, otherwise he will reveal his truth to Revati.

Rakesh uses the opportunity and strangles Dev to death. Flashback ends. Prisha asks Rakesh if this means he really killed Dev and escaped from school. Rakesh says yes, he tells Prisha that Dev was ruining everything, his many years of effort. He accepts that he killed Dev. Prisha tells Rakesh that it’s good that he himself confessed his crime. She also tells Rakesh that fingerprints on Dev’s neck have been ruined and she lied about the fingerprints report to him. Prisha shows a camera to Rakesh, telling him that she recorded his confession in it. She tells Rakesh that now she has enough proof to get him punished for his crimes.

Prisha tells Rakesh that Rudra is getting punished for his crimes in prison. She also tells Rakesh now he will go to prison and Rudra will get released. Rakesh asks Prisha how dare she trap him. He asks Prisha why he will spare when he doesn’t spare his son and lover. Rakesh takes out a gun and points it at Prisha’s forehead. He tells Prisha that he will kill her as well as Nalini and then no proof will be left against him. Rakesh says he has been fooling Revati for many years and will fool her once again. He says Revati will blindly trust him. Before Rakesh could shoot Prisha, Revati comes and points a gun at Rakesh.

She tells Rakesh that now she understood/realized how Dev turned out so evil. Revati says the son will obviously be a cheater like his father. She tells Rakesh that she didn’t believe Prisha initially but still came to hospital seeing Prisha’s tears. Revati tells Rakesh that it’s good that she came to hospital, as this way she got to know his evil reality. She also tells Rakesh that she survived two powerful shocks given by him and Dev, even being a heart patient. Revati tells Rakesh that Dev got punished for his crimes by getting killed by his own father. She further tells Rakesh that she will surely get him punished by law for his crimes.

Rakesh gets shocked, when Revati tells Rakesh that she is arresting him for murdering her son Dev Choudhary. In the next episode, Revati will apologize to Rudra and Prisha. Rudra will ask Revati to not apologize and instead try to move on in life. Ruhi will tell Rudra and Prisha that she wants to see them marrying each other on their anniversary as she didn’t see their wedding. Revati will feel depressed and alone without Dev. She will cut her wrist and faint. Rudra will attend someone’s call and get shocked.

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