Kundali Bhagya 17th May 2022 Written Update Rishabh is back

Kundali Bhagya 17th May 2022 Written Update Rishabh is back

Kundali Bhagya 17th May 2022 Written Update Rishabh jailed Preeta holds the door to check the grease. The goon tells that his boss can kill Rishabh easily and show it as his suicide. He asks Prithvi to give 50 crores else wait till Rishabh gets hanged. Prithvi tells that he doesn’t have so much money. The goon threatens him of Rishabh’s death sentence. Preeta is shocked to hear Prithvi. He angrily breaks a glass. He tells Sherlyn about the 50 crores demand. He adds that the goon was threatening him about Rishabh. Preeta can’t hear it well. Prithvi tells that if Rishabh dies, then they won’t get any of the Dubai properties from him. Sherlyn asks what would they do. Karan tells the police that Preeta is his wife, not Natasha. She tells that they will go home and talk.

She promises to the inspector that she will drive carefully and not do any mistake. Inspector asks her to talk to the driver to dismiss the case. Natasha lies to the driver about Karan. She convinces the driver to forgive her, she is like his sister. She gives her jewellery to settle the case. The driver takes back the complaint. Inspector asks Natasha and Karan to leave. Natasha takes Karan with her. He asks her why did she lie that she is his wife.

She tells that she had to tell the lie to the police to save themselves. Prithvi calls the manager Saurabh to take his help. Preeta tries to keep an eye on Sherlyn and Prithvi. She thinks what is Sherlyn seeing on the laptop. Prithvi asks Saurabh for 50 crores amount. Saurabh tells that he would need Preeta’s permission for such a big transaction. Prithvi doesn’t want Preeta to know anything. Preeta sees the video on the laptop screen. She is shocked to see Rishabh in the jail. She can’t believe her eyes. She realizes the big game played by Prithvi and Sherlyn.


Kundali Bhagya 17th May 2022 Written Update Rishabh is back:

Karan tells Natasha that Preeta used to ask him to quit the alcohol, he was convinced by her, but he isn’t convinced by Natasha’s fake stories. He thanks her that he didn’t get arrested because of her help. She tells that she just lied to save him from the jail, he got out of the jail in the morning and he shouldn’t go back, he should stay with the family in his house. She tells that everyone knows that Preeta is his wife, nobody will remember what she said. He tells that Preeta spoke to the media when he was in the jail. She asks him to sit in the car, while she drives.

She wants Karan to get trapped in her plan. Preeta calls Sameer and Shrishti. She tells them that she has a breaking news. They ask why did she call them in an urgency. Preeta tells them about Rishabh, she has just seen him, they can find him finally. Sameer asks where did she see Rishabh. She tells that Prithvi and Sherlyn have this information, only they know about Rishabh’s location. Sameer loses his cool and shouts Prithvi.

Preeta stops him from overreacting like Karan. Shrishti tells that Sameer is reacting right, they should beat Prithvi and get the truth out of him. Preeta tells that Prithvi will hide everything if they ask him. She reveals how she got this information. She tells them that they went after Karan to stop him from driving when drunk, but Karan didn’t listen and left, then she saw an intruder in the house, he had thrown a packet in Sherlyn’s room, she saw the same grease marks there, Sherlyn took the parcel to Prithvi to discuss about it, Sherlyn was with Prithvi and talking about Rishabh.

She tells the shocking thing that she has seen Rishabh in the video, Rishabh was in trouble, he appeared to be in the jail, it was some foreign jail. She cries that she got a new hope that they can find Rishabh, they got a clue now and have to gather all the information. She tells that they have to get the CD from Prithvi and Sherlyn, then they will get all the answers from it. She wants to find a way and reach Rishabh. Sameer sheds tears. Preeta tells Sameer that they will get all the details and get Rishabh home. She asks him to calmly decide their plan and not let Prithvi and Sherlyn know anything.

Sameer agrees. Natasha drives Karan home. She asks him what does he like in Preeta. Karan cries while answering her. He tells that he loves everything about Preeta. Natasha reminds that she took a big risk to save him. She tells that even Preeta would have taken the risk to save him, but fate wasn’t on her side. She asks him to patch up with Preeta. He tells that its his relation and he will decide what to do. He asks her not to mind. She tells that she won’t mind, because she isn’t the third person in his marriage. He compliments her for driving safe. She tells that she didn’t drink.

Preeta tells Sameer that they will reach Rishabh, but have to find some way to get the CD. She is sure that Prithvi will take the CD with him if he leaves the room. She wants to do something that Prithvi rushes out of the room, without picking the CD. Shrishti and Sameer also brainstorm to find the way. She tells that they will lie to Prithvi about his mom, then they will get a chance to get the proof. Preeta finds the idea risky. Sameer tells that he will beat Prithvi and admit him in the hospital. Shrishti disapproves his idea. Preeta tells that they will scare Prithvi by lying that the house is on fire, then he will run out of the room.

She asks Sameer to steal the CD from Prithvi’s room, she will later get back the family inside the house. She asks Sameer and Shrishti to call her when they get the CD. They like her idea. Sameer tells that he will ignite the fire in the kitchen. Preeta tells that everybody will run out of the house knowing about the fire. Sameer goes to the kitchen. He looks for the matchbox. He burns a kitchen cloth. He takes the fire source towards the smoke detector to raise the alarm. The fire alarm rings. Sameer gets glad. He shouts about the fire. Prithvi hears the fire alarm and wonders what’s happening.

Sherlyn and the family members leave their rooms, when Preeta informs them about the fire. Kareena and Bani blame Preeta for the fire. Shrishti tells Mahesh and Rakhi that she doesn’t know anything, they just have to leave the house. Prithvi thinks where is the fire caught. Sherlyn doesn’t want to get stuck. Sameer hides from the family. He asks them to run away, there is fire in the kitchen. Preeta asks them to run out. Rakhi tells that they should put off the fire. Preeta asks them to evacuate the house first. The family leaves the house. Sameer tells Preeta that everyone has come out.

Shrishti tells that it was her plan. She lies that she wanted to get them out of the house safely. The family wants to check the fire spreading. Preeta asks Sameer to go and check the fire. Kareena stops Sameer from going in. She asks Shrishti to go instead. Rakhi tells that they should call the fire brigade. Kritika tells that Sameer won’t go out. Shrishti asks Prithvi to go inside and check, he is strong and powerful. Preeta tells that she will go. Prithvi refuses to go inside. He gets into an argument with Shrishti. He tells that he will call the fire brigade. Sameer and Shrishti enter the house to get the CD, while Preeta keeps the family engaged by initiating an argument with them.

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  1. Why bring rishab back in such a low act.He should come back brave and bold with another wife and a kid.
    To throw sheryln out from the luthras house.
    Mahesh should regain his memory and be a gentle man.
    Pritivi and sheryln wedding photo should reveal to kritika and kareena
    They should be a male entry who would fall for kritika and make her happy.Buy roses and take her out for dinner.
    Mahesh is suffering alot.
    Time for him yo be strong.
    Karan need to know that preeta is fighting for the luthars to save the name property and business.
    Where is kareena husband?
    Kareena need to find out that preeta is with the luthras and learn that prithiv is the one to ruined the luthras.

  2. This is nonsense. Rishabh should be strong. It is so idiotic to glorify the villians and belittle the so called heroes.. Silly serial where evil rules I stopped watching this

  3. It is always ridiculous that every time bad thing is happening with preeta rishabh should be seen strong like some mafia and take revenge from prithvi and sherlyng and throw that girl out of the House

  4. It is a nuisance, no story line only same story repeats, Preeta dying for a family who doesn’t trust her, Karan has no brain of his own and evil will always win, such an irritating serial, have left seeing long ago


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