Kumkum Bhagya Prachi slaps Shahana 18th May 2022 Spoilers

Kumkum Bhagya Prachi slaps Shahana 18th May 2022 Spoilers

Kumkum Bhagya Prachi slaps Shahana 18th May 2022 Spoilers Kumkum Bhagya episode spoiler – Prachi slaps Shahana Prachi demands for an ambulance quickly as Ranbir is wounded badly. She sees him going blank and Prachi shouts in fear. Dida informs everyone that Ranbir is stabbed. Everybody gets shocked. Shahana asks Prachi when she knows that Ranbir is with Rhea then why is she praying for him. Prachi slaps her. Shahana is shocked. Prachi is disgusted by Shahana’s view.

Meet episode spoiler – Mrs. Meet bashes Abhay:
Abhay tries to suffocate Tej and silence him forever. Harshvardhan comes home and asks where is Mrs. Meet. Babita tells him that Mr. Meet has decided to kick her out of the house. He is stunned. Mrs. Meet comes out of the bedsheet and pounces on Abhay. She comes to know that Abhay killed her father and ruined Tej’s life too. She bashes him black and blue.

Bhagya Lakshmi episode spoiler – Rishi-Malishka’s marriage:


Lakshmi tells Shalu and Bani that if Rishi wants to marry Malishka it is okay. Lakshmi cries in pain and says that she considered her one year’s marriage as seven birth’s companionship. Rishi informs Aayush that he is marrying Malishka and she is happy. He asks if he is happy. Rishi remains silent. Lakshmi asks Rishi if he is making her jealous but he says that he loves Malishka. The designer volunteers to give a good outfit to Lakshmi but Malishka says she is not important. Rishi says she is important.

Mithai episode spoiler – Aditya-Bhura’s planning:
Mithai informs Indu that Bhura was behind the conspiracy of giving stale sweets to them during Ekadashi. Karishma informs Rohan that their engagement post has gone viral. Aditya Agarwal tells Bhura that he will use Karishma to bring Mithai out of the house. Mithai tells Indu that her father has taught her to tackle every problem. She decides to talk to Bhura face-to-face. Indu gets worried.

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na episode spoiler – Devraj to divorce Krisha?:Jaya tells Devraj that she was thinking about Vamika’s unborn child the whole night and doesn’t want the baby to be tagged as illegitimate as she is the last hope to make the royal family royal in reality. Jaya advises Devraj to stop loving Krisha blindly and fulfill his responsibility. She says that she has made the divorce papers ready and asks him to divorce Krisha and marry Vamika. Vamika becomes happy and Krisha cries.

Anupama episode spoiler – MaAn’s musical wedding:
Anuj and Anupama get ready for their wedding. He says that he was hers only but today he will officially become hers. Anuj is excited to experience the fun. Kavya informs Vanraj that Anupama had sent him to the mandap instead of the jail. She asks him to pay off her debt. Anupama says that she is ready to be Anuj’s wife. Anuj comes dancing to the song Meri Shadi Karao. Vanraj looks on angrily.

Pandya Store episode spoiler – Gautam rejects Dev’s offer:

Dhara declares that they will sell the leftover stuff outside the shop but the shop will not be closed. Dev says that they don’t have to do anything. He offers some money to Gautam and says that in this amount the shop will get repaired and the house expenses will also get covered for time being. Gautam says that if the store has been ruined it will stand back again but he will not take Janardhan’s money even if he is the last option.

Imlie episode spoiler – Aryan-Imlie’s treehouse date:

Aryan lights up a treehouse and surprises Imlie. She asks him why did he build and decorate it for her. Aryan says that she is very special to him. They dance together inside the treehouse. Jyoti cuts the branch of the treehouse angrily and Imlie falls down.


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